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Benefiting From Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is not only an extremely popular form of exercise, but depending on the form you practice, can be exciting or calming, social or meditative, energizing or relaxing. No matter which of these best describes your yoga class, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of every class you attend.

OOBE- Out of Body Experience is Real!

OOBE means out of body experience. Sage Ramana never moved out of Thiruvannamalai, India. Once he experienced that from his heart a ray of light rose and darted through his head outside. Along with it Ramana went up the sky traveling on the path of the luminaries. He went to Thiruvotriyur. Astral body can be explained as an exact replica of the physical body but composed of finer matter The OOBE experience is a step in Yoga siddhi (meaning one of the benefits of Yoga).

Yoga History 101

When you practice yoga, it is, of course, not necessary to have a full understanding of yoga history in order to fully benefit from your practice. A brief understanding of the history behind yoga, however, may increase your spiritual practice and inspire you to find out more about the tradition behind the discipline.

Magic, Science & Poetry – The Alchemy of Yoga

What is science? What is magic? And how do these two, in combination with one other “secret” ingredient, allow a Yoga practice to become “alchemical” ~ infused with a sweetness, joy & ecstasy quite beyond what might be expected, were it not something more than the “sum of its parts”?

Yoga and the Breath

Yoga practice and the way you breathe are intertwined. You won’t fully experience the benefits of yoga without first learning how to breathe properly.

My Beginning Yoga Experience

As I walked out of the Bikram Yoga studio toward my car after my first class, I found myself declaring, “If I can actually do this yoga, it will totally change my whole life.” I had only been able to attempt half the postures, with the rest of the time lying down, just dealing with the heated, humid room. But it was a revelation as to the sorry state of my body’s condition, and the pathetic condition of my mind-body connection.

The Secret of Karma Yoga

What is nishkama karma or selfless action? Sage Ramana maharishi explained it very simply by a small interesting incident. Bhagavat Gita explains karma yoga in detail. Lord Krishna declares:”Your right is to work only, but never to the fruit thereof.” Man has a right to action alone, not to the renunciation of action. One who knows this secret is a real Karma Yogi

Yoga For People Who Don’t Do Yoga!

This article summarises the transformational experience of a reluctant attendee at a yoga retreat in Spain.

Yoga in Practice: In Search of the Perfect Yoga – Part 3

This is the last in this series of answers to statements about Yoga students who are searching for the perfect Yoga, or the perfect Guru.

Knowing More About Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti means devotion or faith. It can be devotion towards your fellow men as well as for the need we are living in this world. The devotion towards your god no matter which faith you are. It is the faith towards the Supreme Being which some may believe and some may not.

Yoga in Practice: In Search of the Perfect Yoga – Part 2

Shouldn’t we just be happy that someone else is trying, or practicing, Yoga – instead of sitting on the couch? If you are a Yoga teacher, do not encourage this kind of thinking.

On the Strangeness of Writing About Yoga

For a little over a month now, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time in front of a computer screen, composing short essays on yoga-related topics. And in a way, this feels like a fairly natural, easy and mostly-enjoyable thing to be doing: I love to write, and have been exploring Yoga (in its Taoist, Buddhist & Hindu varieties) for long enough that finding aspects of these practices ~ or their related philosophies ~ to present in this way, is not a problem. Yet there’s also a feeling of “strangeness” about it … this little gnawing sensation in the pit of my belly … something which seemed to be asking for its own “exploration”.

Yoga in Practice: In Search of the Perfect Yoga – Part 1

What is the perfect Yoga? Is it hot Yoga, based on correct alignment; Vinyasa Yoga, only to be performed with props; or do props take something away from Yoga practice? What about Yoga styles which are not from the Hatha Yoga tree? So – what exactly is the right Yoga for you?

The Paradox of Prana & Citta

One of the fundamental principles of Yoga/Qigong practice is that “prana” (energy, life-force, qi) follows “citta” (mind, intention, focus). We see this principle at work in every aspect of our lives: when we’re focused on something (a project, our work, a relationship), our energy flows into that activity, and it tends to grow … This article explores applications & paradoxes of this principle as it unfolds within a yoga/qigong practice.

Beyond Flexibility – The Health Benefits Of Yoga

To many, yoga is a great form of physical exercise that develops flexibility and strength. But it does so much more, and these hidden benefits can give us the insight, courage, and strength to develop a life in which we are truly fulfilled.

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