Easy Prenatal Bedtime Yoga Routine For Better Sleep (30-min)

Do Yoga Teachers Struggle for Success?

A Yoga teacher, who is trained to instruct the public, in this way, could not even help him/ or herself. How could this person be qualified to help his or her Yoga students? In a quick Yoga certification program, you do not have to learn about Yogic philosophy, meditation, Pranayama techniques, japa, the subtle body, mudras, nadis, chakras, or the causal body.

Get Into Asana Twists For A Yoga-Calm Mind

Asanas are simply the physical poses done in yoga. This article discusses one of the major categories, the twisting postures. Find out the benefits and cautions associated with them.

Will Yoga Improve My Personality?

Does yoga improve personality. The answer is yes and no, there is nothing wrong with your personality, but if you don’t love you, then yoga offers an effective practice for increasing self esteem.

Yoga Clothes Need To Move With You, Your Favorite Jeans Will Not Do It

A pair of jeans and a button up shirt and the full lotus position is not a pretty picture and worse still, if you do get there, getting back to your start position could be worse. Your normal street clothes are not what you want when practicing the art of yoga. Your body builds up in flexibility while you are doing yoga and so must your clothes.

Three Steps Before Doing Pranayam

Before doing Pranayam One needs to follow certain rules. Let us find it out in this article.

Community, Culture and Yoga

Create an environment at your studio where students will want to come early and stay late. A warm community at the yoga studio will also help to generate more students not only by word of mouth but by overall experience before, during, and after classes. Having charismatic teachers that care about students and make them feel comfortable will ultimately add to the already wonderful yoga experience.

Are Yoga, Samadhi, and Universal Tolerance, Dangerous?

Rudolph Hess spoke of world peace in a speech he gave on July 8, 1934. Some people, who heard or read it, believed his words. Unfortunately, the world “paid the price”, for believing his words, during World War II.

Yoga-Based Education System

If anybody has to practice yoga at a young age, people would remark, “Yoga, so early?” Even now many people still think that yoga is only a pastime for retired people, but I always felt that yoga has more to do with the evolution of the human mind and the human body.

Yoga and Emotional Health for Longevity

Let’s look at the sequence of events, which create extreme anxiety, and learn how Yoga can help your emotional health. Firstly, you receive a thought, which creates images, within your mind. If they are good, your heart feels fine, but if they are not, you feel a “heartache.”

How To Talk About Your Studio’s Services In A Way That Will Grab Someone’s Interest

Have you ever lost a potential student because you couldn’t explain your services in a way that was meaningful to them? Don’t lose new business ever again with these tips on making the best first impression for your studio and yourself. Show potential students the benefits you will provide for them to improve their lives.

Fitness Routines & Yoga Practices

Today, yoga is more popular than ever – even outside of the studio. Increasingly, personal trainers, fitness professionals, and fitness-minded exercisers are incorporating yoga moves and equipment into their routines.

Yoga – A Matter of Common Sense

There are many mistaken concepts about Yoga – its philosophy and its practices. But when we stop and consider the explanations of an expert teacher, it all seems so natural. Instead of being mysterious, Yoga seems to be just common sense.

Understanding Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – 16-18

Yoga teachers, from all the Hatha sub-styles, should reflect on the Yoga Sutras of Maharishi Patanjali. Perhaps, beginner students will not gain much from them, without the guidance of a Guru, but an experienced Yoga teacher should be able to transcend the physical plane of Hatha Yoga practice.

Will Yoga Help Weight Loss?

Are You Having Problems with Your Weight? Have You Thought Of Trying Yoga to Burn Off Those Stubborn Calories? Find Out Why it IS the Most Effective Option…

Pregnancy Yoga

The ladies sit cross-legged in a circle, bumps bulging towards each other. Calm, focused. Rhythmically moving at a pace they have created. It is as though the world outside has ceased to exist. Just them, and the new life growing within them.

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