Easy Kundalini Yoga Practice for Beginners (30-min) Kriya, Poses, Breath of Fire, & Meditation

Discover How Yoga Will Help You Reach Your Goals – Part 1

Time is valuable and there are a number of successful methods for goal realization. Yoga will cross train your mind and body for maximum potential. Imagine being able to optimize your attitude in one hour, per day, or less.

What is Self Mastery? – Part 3

The next large component of self-mastery is mental health, and this is much trickier than physical health, due to many pitfalls that affect the mind along the way.

What is Self Mastery? – Part 1

Self Mastery, alone, sounds like a selfish term; but if you cannot help yourself, you will have limited ability to help others. Self mastery is the ability to make the most out of your physical, mental, and spiritual health. In other words, to be the best you can be.

What is Self Mastery? – Part 2

Some of my clients have literally shed weight away with regular use of an elliptical trainer, Yoga classes, and a moderate diet.

Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

Finally, some of the “Yoga and Weight Loss” studies have come in, and even, a little bit of Yoga is much better, than none, for weight control, but there are a number of reasons why.

Total Concentration (Samadhi) of Mind

Presently Yoga is viewed as a therapy for various ailments. Yoga has a therapeutic value, but the aim of it is to realise the true self through total concentration (samadhi) of mind. True self is the true home of all where one gets real bliss. In this blissful state one gets everything for which all are running here and there.

Understanding the Different Types of Yoga

Confused about the different types of Yoga? Read this quick guide to find out what’s right for you.

Yoga for PMS

Most women experience PMS symptoms at different points of their lives. PMS (premenstrual symptom) is usually characterized by anxiety, irritability, depression, craving sugary foods and feeling bloated. There are many homeopathic and nutritional solutions for relieving the PMS, but a regular yoga asana practice can be tremendously beneficial as well.

How to Find the Right Yoga Class For You

With yoga becoming the “next big thing” and studios poping up on every corner, one can feel overwhelmed. Which yoga class is the best to take? This article helps you sort through the options and find the yoga class that suits your personality and needs.

Yoga in the Office

Spending eight or more hours a day in an office chair, staring at the computer screen can cause backaches, hunched shoulders and painful neck. Try these yogic stretches a few times throughout the day to feel better in the office.

Yoga and Pregnancy

Every woman wants to have a healthy baby. Yogic practices, when done with care, can make a woman’s body stronger and more flexible. Yoga poses tone your muscles, improving the overall balance and circulation, while making your joints more limber.

Yogic Way of Controlling Thoughts

Patanjali in his Yogasutra described that there are fifty kinds of thoughts. However thoughts based on proof are to be accepted. He describes that thoughts may be controlled through practice and detachment.

Yoga – The Solution for Insomnia

If you are continually staying awake over trivial matters, these solutions will aid you to get a good night’s rest. Remember – not every solution will work for everyone, so try the easiest ideas and make them fit into your lifestyle.

The Fountain of Youth & Your Hormones

Everyone has heard of the mythical “Fountain of Youth”, but very few realize that it actually does exist. And even fewer realize that it exists inside every one of us. Yes, it’s there right within you, just waiting to be activated!!

Yoga is a Safe Solution to Weight Control

One more study tells the world, that Yoga can help with weight control and weight loss. The latest study was held by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington.

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