Easy 5 Minute Meditation to Calm Down & Relax

Chant OM And Free Yourself From All Ill-Thoughts And Disease

In Upanishads the fountainhead of Indian spiritualism OM is described as Brahman which is the ultimate reality or divinity. While chanting OM one practices all the eight limbs of Yoga.

The Purpose of Yoga- Getting Rid of Negative Thoughts

The next time you dwell on a negative thought, try to be a realist, and consider the real problem. The real problem is we worry ourselves sick about the unknown. Sometimes, change causes us to worry. We anticipate the worst, and most of the time, it never happens.

Different Poses For Yoga

Today brings the yoga of India into the known realm of many households. You are not without people who are wanting to lose weight using the yoga to do it. If yoga has been a mystery to you then you will like checking out the poses below.

The Purpose of Yoga- Yogic Walking for Anxiety

Let’s look at more solutions, which Yoga can give you, for anxiety and stress management. All of these solutions will take a bit of practice, and in some cases, you may need the guidance of a competent Yoga teacher.

The Purpose of Yoga- Transforming Anxiety into Self-Mastery with Pranayama

How can Yoga help you convert anxiety into something positive? How can you take charge of your life and declare self-mastery? Can Yoga really empower you to master anxiety?

Even More about Communication Skills for Yoga Teachers

Who are some of the best teachers a Yoga instructor could have? The answer should not surprise you, but it is our Yoga students who create the best Yoga teacher from within us. Consider this- Random questions develop complete knowledge of any given subject.

More Communication Skills for Yoga Teachers

When Yoga teachers gather in a workshop to hear a lecture about communication – what is the first topic that comes to mind? Is it cueing skills, voice inflection, or when to ask a student for permission to assist? Those are important issues for anyone who teaches Yoga, but let’s take a look at many more areas that could use some work.

Yoga and the Gift of Communication

Yoga teachers are some of the best “story tellers” of our time. Telling stories, and capturing the imagination of a crowd, is an art. In ancient times, this was the way news traveled from village to village. Cultures differ, but stories, prayers, and songs, were a big part of ancient communication.

The Benefits Of CORE Structural Integration For Yoga Practitioners

At a stand still in your Yoga practice? Trying to find a way to deepen your poses and practice? Learn how other Yogi’s have used Rolf Structural Integration to get through the blocks in their Yoga practice.

What Is Yoga

The Sanskrit word ‘Yoga’ has two meaning, because it is derived from two roots – one is ‘yujir yoge’ and other is ‘yuj samadhou.’ A good, regular yoga practice will go far in relieving the stress and tension that sometimes cause mild back pain, and in fact, studies have shown that yoga is the number one most effective exercise for relieving back pain.

How To Reduce Your Asthma with Yoga

Yoga is a natural way to help reduce your asthma. Learning yoga is simple and effective. Discover how you can start to use yoga today to help reduce your asthma.

5 Misconceptions About Yoga

No more excuses! Five powerful reasons to not procrastinate and start practicing Yoga for your health’s sake.

Florida Yoga Certification

Looking to improve your life? How about yoga certification? Your love of yoga can reach beyond your weekly class to a daily career with Florida yoga certification. You’ll be working with people who really need your expertise, and enjoying the reward of improving their health!

The Different Types of Yoga

Confused by the many types of yoga? With all the different styles and variations, it’s no wonder. Don’t let it get you down. This article will give an overview of the eight most popular styles of yoga – iyengar, kundalini, bikram, ashtanga, power, hatha, kripalu, and sivanda. Let us shed some light on these and you’ll be a yoga pro in no time!

Yoga Instructor Certification in Idaho

Yoga is great for everyone, no matter where you live. If you are a yoga lover in Idaho, yoga instructor certification is a great option for you. There is no need to relocate, yoga can be taught anywhere. Get your yoga instruction certification in Idaho, and you will have a flexible job that contributes to your good health.

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