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The Anatomy of a Cheap Yoga Mat

The easiest way to purchase cheap yoga mats is the Internet. The web abounds with trading sites, which deal especially in cheap yoga mats. All you need to do is pick a sample out of the several, which are on display and order it.

The Health Benefits of Yoga For Gay Men

Yoga is often overlooked as an extremely effective complement to regular exercise. Adding yoga to your workout routine will improve your total fitness.

Yoga Exercises and Ayurveda – Adjusting Your Pace of Yoga Exercises and Yoga Breathing For Balance

When you know your Ayurvedic constitution you can make important choices regarding your speed and style of practice of yoga exercises and yoga breathing. While Yoga Exercises means a lot more than physical movement, this focus is on the physical aspect of yoga. The principles given here can be applied both while in the yoga pose, and in day to day living to achieve comfort in the body and a quiet mind.

Styles of Yoga – A Quick Guide to the Most Popular Styles of Yoga

Yoga works on all aspects of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. But if you are new to yoga it can be difficult to know where to start. Here is a quick guide to the most popular styles of yoga.

Yoga Exercise – How I Changed From Feeling So Tired to Feeling Good

Yoga exercises and techniques can be used to change our feeling state from negative to positive. Journey with me as I share the steps I’m taking to change from feeling so tired to a feeling good state while I write this article past my bedtime.

Yoga and the Reality of the Perception of Love

Many opinions, perceptions, thoughts, concepts bounce about in the cosmos like the atoms and molecules we are made of, along with all of which we do not know. Chaos is structured, though how is the question, and our perceptions of the realities of life and also the chaos are infinite.

Hatha Yoga – How Can it Benefit Me?

Hatha Yoga is a particular system of yoga, introduced in the 15th century in India. The word “HATHA” includes 2 words, which separated stands for solar-“HA” and lunar-“THA”. But when the 2 words are combine together are meant to join your sun-masculine, active energy with your moon-feminine, receptive energy.

Yoga Techniques For Slimming

According to Ayurveda being overweight is an indication that the vata, kapha and pitta doshas in the body are out of balance. In obese persons, meda(fat) is nourished excessively, while other basic elements get malnourished. Lack of physical exercise, sleeping during daytime, consuming fatty and sweetened food items and the wrong diet and lifestyles, which increase Kapha are the common causes of obesity. Yoga has a effect, which is permanent in nature for weight reduction. It helps achieve control over mind and behaviour(one can easily control food habits and change life style to reduce the obesity.) Yoga deep breathing helps in increasing the oxygen intake to the fat cells resulting in burning up of fat cells.

Yoga Therapy – 4 Steps to Turn a Frown Into a Healing Prayer With Yoga Therapy

Take these 4 steps that will help you be at peace with negative feelings and turn them into self healing using your own meaningful prayer. The length of this healing path that connects with the heart depends on you. Find out how A.B.L.E. you are.

The Eightfold Path of Yoga

Yoga as described by him is not only about asanas or postures and well being. Yoga according to Patanjali is a way of life. His book is basically an ethical outline for living a principled life and includes the science of yoga into your daily life.

Control Your Thoughts – The Yoga Way

What are our obstacles to achieving Yoga? What thought patterns do we need to cease to achieve our divine self?

What is Yoga?

Understanding the real Yoga. Yoga means connecting the body with the mind through the breath.

How to Possibly Achieve the Spiritual Aspect of Yoga

Yoga is not something we can just do without a result of some sort. Delving into the spiritual aspects of the practice is a bit more complicated though than perhaps some may think, or the spiritual aspects are not thought of at all in some respects, at least on a conscious level.

Eight Keys to Physically Assisting Hatha Yoga Students

Physically adjusting a student, into the best possible skeletal alignment, is a skill that is passed from teacher to student. With so many questions about assisting and adjusting students for proper alignment – below are eight keys to guide Yoga teachers in the art of assisting.

Yoga Therapy – Practice, Patience, and Persistence – 3 P’s For Body Mind Healing

Losing patience and ignoring your practices for body mind healing? Are you about to completely give up because it is getting rough? Here are some tips for using 3 Ps – Practice, Patience and Persistence – to stay balanced. See how practice, patience and persistence connect body mind spirit.

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