Detox Yoga Fusion Day 13: Balance Flow for Warrior III Yoga Pose (30-Min)

Getting Started with Yoga Quickly And Easily

There are lots of amazing things about yoga, but one of the best is that there’s basically no cost involved in practicing yoga. You don’t need any specific, expensive training equipment required in order to get the desired results, and there’s no one perfect environment necessary to practice yoga properly.

Yoga and Gratitude

Gratitude: it’s something we all try to have, but most don’t possess. In today’s hussle and bussle, it’s easy to forget to take gratitude along for the traffic-filled ride. However, gratitude is important and yoga can help make it a part of your life.

Strength, Flexibility, and Balance

Strength, flexibility, and balance are all something we want to have. Some of us are born more prone to having it than others, but all of us can obtain it and reap its rewards.

The Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

Spirituality is something all of us have within us; but, not all of us know how to use it. Yoga is one way to summon your spirituality to the surface, where it’s at your disposal.

Structural Integration

Structural Integration is probably not something a lot of people think about. However, thinking about it and participating in it can greatly enhance life and health.

Getting Aligned with Yoga

Alignment may sound like something that has nothing to do with our health, but it actually has everything to do with it. Through yoga, people are taught proper alignment, and rewarded with proper health.

Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Corpse Pose In Yoga

Corpse pose has many benefits, but it can be neglected because of its apparent simplicity. Learn how to get the most out of this restorative pose, the two types of breathing you can do, and more.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Is a Hatha Yoga Teacher a Karma Yogi?

When any Hatha Yoga teacher answered the calling to teach Yoga, it was not because of the money. If money is the prime motivating force behind teaching Yoga, this type of Yoga teacher will not last long. There is too much giving of one’s self involved in teaching Yoga.

Aurobindo on How to Do Yoga and Why he has Rewritten Savitri Ten or Twelve Times

Maharishi Aurobindo was hearing constantly the voice of Swami Vivekananda speaking to him for a fortnight in Alipore jail in his solitary meditation and felt his presence. One person asked him how to do Yoga for which he replied,” Make your mind quiet first”. He also answered why he had to rewrite Savitri ten or twelve times. Read the article to know his answer.

Should an Obese Person Become a Yoga Teacher?

Consider this: Any style of Yoga causes lifestyle changes. Hatha Yoga students, and Yoga teachers, make gradual changes that result in weight control. These are not the changes of “instant gratification” that we are so familiar with.

Yoga Can Enhance Your Exercise Program and Your Life

Yoga is an ancient form of expression in movement, and these days, more and more people incorporating it into their modern lives for a number of reasons. Among the various reasons people practice yoga are: it can help athletes improve their game, serves to benefit mental well-being, provides a physical challenge, increases core strength and flexibility, intensifies focus, and improves overall health. Many people benefit spiritually from it as well, but this article will focus mainly on the physical benefits and how it can really enhance your exercise routine.

Secrets To Performing Yoga Postures

Learn 3 of the most popular yoga postures that will help to improve your health, strengthen abs and improve your digestive system

The Benefits Of Yoga – Efficiency In Work Is Yoga!

Sometimes what a voluminous book can not explain can be explained in a single sentence! It is true about yoga. Yoga is not mere a word; it is a vast subject with many dimensions.

Swami Ramdev Takes Yoga And Breathing Exercises To Another Level

Information on Swami Ramdev, an ever growing yoga master who is helping millions in India with simple breathing exercises.

The Benefits of Power Yoga

Today’s power yoga basically branched out from the Ashtanga Yoga of the Hindu tradition and religion of India. Power yoga is emphasizing the development of one’s flexibility and the nurture of the desire for a vigorous whole body workout. The activity most of all facilitates for concentration and mental stability.

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