Detox Yoga Fusion Day 12: Lower Back Strengthening Vinyasa + Yin Yoga (40-Min)

A Little Chit Chat About Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are becoming more and more popular as days pass by. That is because people are so eager to learn more about it and practice the exercise to improve their health and emotional well being.

Getting Started with Yoga

Yoga may seem scary to the person who has never tried it. But, with a few pointers, even a novice can take yoga to the mat in no time.

Yoga’s Influence on Stress

Stress is something to which we have no escape; it has us cornered. Though there is no cure for it, there are ways to decrease its impact on the human mind and body. One way to decrease it is through the practice of yoga.

Yoga and Circulation

Circulation isn’t something to which many of us give much thought, but it’s a vital part of your body. Essential to keeping things run smoothly, circulation needs to flow smoothly. Yoga assures this happens.

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training is NOT something I would normally write about as a hard nosed health writer but after spending two weeks at Viniyoga Teacher Training as an observer I feel compelled to tell you about what I believe is the finest yoga teacher training in the western world.

How To Create An Accurate Client Profile For Your Yoga Studio Business

There is probably a certain type of person that makes up the majority of your clientele. By knowing this person, you can run your studio to cater more effectively to them. In doing so, you will get more of them, be able to better serve their particular needs, and make more money in the process.

Yoga Meditation Technique

Is ancient yoga practice relevant in our modern world? Find out in this article about the ancient yoga secret to washing your dishes.

Tutorial: Learning Yoga

Learning yoga is the second most in thing nowadays, next of course to doing or executing the yoga exercises itself. There are many ways and measures how yoga is taught to different people across the world.

Learning Yoga Online

The yoga is definitely a spin off or a branch out of a series of spiritual activities or practices that originated from India. Yoga has become a vibrant tradition over the years.

Yoga Insights: Walking Yoga Meditation

Walking meditation is more difficult for most Yoga students, than breath awareness meditation, but it is very beneficial to those students who have difficulty sitting still. Some Yoga practitioners are more restless than most of us, so this is when walking Yoga meditation comes in handy, but we should all give it a try. You will find walking Yoga meditation to be a very rewarding practice for your mind, body, and spirit.

Basic Yoga Exercises

Here are some basic yoga exercises that can easily be executed at home anytime. These exercises are so simple. People can conveniently perform them whenever they have time.

The Chakra Song

I wanted a better focus to help with my chakra cleansing visualizations and decided to write a chakra song. The music is borrowed from the ‘Popcorn’ part of the soundtrack for the movie “A Clockwork Orange”. I chose this music because it is so happy, light and energizing.

Satya – The Gentle Strength of Truth

A truth that’s told with bad intent Beats all the lies you can invent. – William Blake “Auguries of Innocence” The second Yama in yoga practice is Satya, which means Truthfulness of speech, thoughts and deeds. As with many yogic practices, Satya can be difficult to maintain when you also consider the first yama, Ahimsa (non-harming, non-violence).

Weight Loss and Yoga – Estranged Bed Partners?

When you primarily want to significantly and rapidly lose weight, experts and fitness gurus attest that yoga is not the exercise of fitness regime for you. But is there any reason why yoga would not be highly recommended for weight loss?

Tips For Finding The Right Yoga Teacher

Each yoga teacher will bring to a class their own history, character, and teaching style. Find out some things to consider in your search for a yoga teacher that best fits your needs, outlook, and personality.

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