Detox Yoga Fusion Day 1: Upper Body Yoga Workout (40-Min)

YogaSutra – First Text On Yoga

Patanjali was the first person to compose yoga into a text called Yogasutra around two thousand years ago. He did not create anything new with yoga but rather outlined the art and summarized it in an organized fashion. The metaphysical base for his book consists mainly the sankhaya theory, but he made considerable changes to it.

Finding and Releasing the Energy of the Mind

One of the advantages of meditation, yoga, tai chi and other physical/mental pursuits is that we learn to heighten the awareness of our vibrations and the resulting energies. Like any other learned skill, the energy of the mind can be mastered, just as we master the asana’s of yoga.

Learning Focus and Concentration Through Yoga

Performing yoga enables you to decrease your brain’s activity from Beta to Alpha, to focus on the poses and your breathing. The Alpha state by it’s very nature is quiet, calm and concentrative. Your body reacts to the poses more efficiently; stretching properly and slowly revealing your inner, grounded self for confidence and strength.

Yoga and The Da Vinci Code

What can a Yogi learn from the Da Vinci Code? Many lessons can be learned, when you understand the power of absolute control and misinformation. What are the present and past agenda’s? How can the truth be sorted out? What good can come out of all this?

3 Quick and Easy Pre-Yoga Stretching Techniques

Yoga is a fun and exciting exercise. Learn a couple quick preyoga stretches.

Yoga and Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and are already in yoga classes, don’t be afraid to take a break from your current classes or to take a class that is less strenuous. Even if you haven’t gone public with your pregnancy yet, you should have a confidential talk with your instructor let him or her know of your pregnancy, the instructor will then be able to assist you with less strenuous postures or teach you poses that you aren’t doing that will help you.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Assisting, Demonstrating, and Verbally Cueing

There are many methods for teaching Yoga, but students either learn by seeing, feeling, hearing, or a combination of senses. With this in mind, there is no right or wrong method, but Yoga teachers should be aware that some students may have a dominant sense when it comes to learning.

Origins of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art of physical and spiritual well being that originated in India. Even today in India it is a vibrant living tradition, it is also seen as a means to attain enlightenment.

Yoga: Truth about Your Health

The human body, which contains imbalances of physical and mental level, develops disease either of body or mind eventually. Many people, if they do not feel any pain or discomfort, do not realize this and go on with their lives. Yoga has the ability to cure these underlying imbalances and keeps a person healthy and also helps the person from contracting any diseases in future.

Techniques For Solving Everyday Stress Using Yoga

Do you feel stressed all the time? 24 hours in a day not enough? Don’t have any personal time to do your personal projects? Co-workers driving you crazy? Don’t worry. Yoga and meditation can provide the answer. For the stress can be reduced by managing and controlling it. Our mind controls whether we adapt to live with stress or reducing it and living a stress free life.

Yoga and Your Heart

The leading cause of death for both men and women in United States according to American Heart Association is Coronary Heart Disease, Which causes approximately 1.5 million heart attacks each year. Recently research has shown that yoga and meditation have been known to reduce blood pressure, regulate heart rhythm, improve the elasticity of the arteries, lower pulse rate and increases the heart’s stroke volume.

Yoga and Self Analysis: The Right Time and Place

So, how, and when, do you make the time for a self analysis session? Much like Yogic meditation, you need a quiet time and place. Try to allow one hour per week; and if you come up with a blank, at a certain point, finish your session with meditation.

Yoga: How to Develop a Home Practice

Learn how to develop a home practice including when to practice, which postures to practice, how often, etc.

Yoga Down — Twist This Mess Around

Westerners find yoga one of the most accessible and profound of the Eastern disciplines. Yoga’s goal is to “yoke” together the body and the mind; the more spiritual, esoteric, forms of yoga emphasize clearing the mind, calming the spirit, and enhancing the body-mind connection. Through yoga total wellness, both body and mind, can be achieved.

Yoga for Pregnant Woman – Journal, Exercise and Position – Control of the Body, Part 1

If you eat ghee and butter, you become fat, but in yoga the more ghee and butter you take, the thinner you become. Yoga is a course of related exercises and postures intended to promote control of the body and mind and to attain physical and spiritual well being. Yoga’s preserving effect of body is so profound that daily yogic routine can make a huge difference to one’s ageing process.

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