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– Hello everyone and welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is sweet Benji and today we have a detox and reset practice for you, for us, for the now. So this is perfect for kind of letting go, exhausting, molting, kind of getting lighter so that we can build with more goal or rehabilitate with more meaning. So hop into something comfy and let’s get started.( upbeat music) Okey doke your best friend, let’s begin on our backs.


So come on down to the ground, take your time getting there. Extend your legs out long. Rest your foreman, unwind your shoulders. Take a penetrating breather in as you land here. And as you evaporate, really must be considered this breath out as an opportunity to release, to let go.

enji has now attached us , now we’re all laying down here on the earth. Lying down here on the earth, close your eyes. And again, take a deep breath in. And all throughout this practice today expend the expel, truly ascertaining it as an opportunity for a big release. Now followed up with gently deepen your wheeze on your own.


Nice full wheeze in.And overdoing that breath each time, recognizing it as chances for a release. Thank you for affiliating me for this practice today. I invite you to really stand present with your sigh. Remember, it’s okay to have a little fun.


And in the spirit of the reset today, see if you can maybe forget what you think you know about yoga, genuinely allowing yourself to have a experience, go on a experiential passage through these best practices. What do “youre telling”? Alright. On your next big breath in, application your expel to grip your lower ribs down. You feel your abs kind of turn on here and we’re gonna lift one knee up, then the other.

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Can breathe passionately now as “youre walking” the heels up simply a bit, toes moment forward. Good, then press your palms into the earth and now we’re gonna lift the shins so the knees are over the trendy extents. Shins parallel to the ceiling and just take a second to send the knees out and in a duet era and actually find that connection to the abdominal wall.So the abs are getting some compassion here in the warmup. And eventually we will want to maybe challenge ourselves by aligning the knees over the hips, but if your abs need some strengthening and the low-pitched back is kind of come through here , not patronized, it’s really not worth it.


So you can hug the knees in, start to strengthen the abdominal wall and we’ll develop it from there. Alright, dipping the right toes down now as you prevent that connection to your core and filch’ em back up. Good. Dip the left toes down now as you keep connection to the abs and lift up, and now we’re just intersperse now, retaining the shoulders relaxed.You keep moving at a tempo that feels good for you.

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Neck is nice and long. So you can tuck your chin somewhat if that’s supportive. And we’re just dip the toes down. You can close your eyes now that you got the ditty and just imagine dipping your toes in a little water and it creates this ripple effect in the sea. Breathing deep here.


Beautiful, one last-place time. Now we’re gonna do both toes dipped down together and you can bring the knees together for this one. So you can really zip through the legs a bit. Both feet down. We won’t do as many of these.


So knowing that connection. This one you should really feel in the low belly. Continuing to fasten those low-pitched ribs down, feeling the upper abs though as well. Okay, let’s do one more, you got it. Press into the palms, do one more.


Beautiful , now wrap the arms around the shins and cliff a little gently side to back. Let’s take a deep inhale in together, nice full breath. And exhale out together. Again, an opportunity to let go. Drop the left foot down to the ground, we’re gonna make the sole of the right foot up towards the sky, right knee stays bent.


ou can grab your claim ankle, right shin, or interlace the fingertips behind the title thigh. You can also grab the outer side of the paw or the big-hearted toe. So we have lots of options now. A little half Stirrup Posture now. You’re gonna really draw down with your liberty knee , reform and opening up through that right trendy, genuinely breathing late into the belly now.


Nice, then send your right foot straight up towards the sky. This right knee can be bent as generously as you need here as we just point and flex the foot, item and flex. And then revolve the ankle one practice and then the other. Beautiful , now cross the right ankle over the top of the left thigh, strand thy needle now, you’ll interlace the fingertips behind the left hamstring and you can rock a little gently place to side here if that feels good.Stay active in your paw now.


And I like to press my right elbow into my privilege internal high, simply encouraging that right hip wrinkle to remove, saving the side of the torsos nice and long. And then the alternative here to inhale in deeply. As you breath, describe your bellybutton to your prickle and lift the head up, try to reach your snout towards your right leg and then let it all go, unravel, right hoofed comes back down to the ground and we’re gonna repeat on the other side. So as you’re ready, left foot up towards the sky, you’re gonna find your half Stirrup Posture, your account. With the left leg, breathe deep.

Really drawing the left shoulder, left knee down, your left hand hamstrings coming some sunlight here.( chuckles) Beautiful, then release. Send the left toes up towards the sky. Point and flex, quality and flex. And just notice if you’re kind of gripping in your left glute, left trendy now, truly crave kind of gravity to help us draw this wire, remove the femur down into the hip, pluck the left hip crease back and down.


Rotate the ankle one behavior and then the other. So great, great to kick the foot up in the air even in a warmup, time various kinds of give the blood pour antonym attitude, huge for dissemination. And then now “theres going”, intersecting the left ankle over the liberty, thread the needle now, find what feels good, close your eyes or soften your gaze, find that gentle rock back and forth if it’s right in your torso. Breathe. Alright, option now to take a deep breath in.


Exhale, navel to spine, lift the head up towards the left shin and then let everything croak. Okay, untangle now. We’re gonna accompany the paw as wide as the yoga rug, exactly give the knees to fall in.Take a depth breather. Pass come to the belly, fill the belly with air.


And then exhale to let it go. Awesome, we’re gonna lift the knees up to the chest again. You’re gonna producing the sides behind the thighs and we’re gonna rock and roll up and down the length of the spine. Get a delightful massage now. And then we’ll cross the ankles.


Come all the way up, principal over center, nature over pelvis. Right hand to the left knee, left fingertips or left palm behind. Inhale, big full breath now. Exhale, change, opportunity to release. Inhale, fill the belly, fill the chest.


And then exhale a full release. Good, generating it back through hub and to the other side, left hand to the right knee, right fingertips behind, sit up nice and towering, lengthen through the low-grade back.Inhale, full breath. Exhale, full freeing. Twist.


Good, nice and easy. Inhale, fill the belly. And then fill the dresser, good, and then exhale release. Lovely. We’ll come back to center and continue this forward momentum as we come to all fours.


Hi Benji, so sweet. Tabletop Position. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees underneath the hips. You predicted it, Cat-Cow. Drop the belly, open your heart, chest forward, press into your fingertips.


Make sure your paws are spread super wide, press into your toes. Good, then exhale round through the prickle, chin to dresser, navel draws up, up, up. And again, breath, descent the belly, open the heart, open the chest, open the whole front body, good. And then exhale round through feeling that stretch through the back torso as the heart, the chest, the navel is currently preparing. A duo more periods with the din of your wheeze.

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Then we’ll fill back in that Tabletop Position, neat neutral backbone, and you can’t really tell with my baggy tank exceed now but, I’ll invite you to really think about describing your abdominals up, up, up towards your back body.So almost as if you’re lifting the front body that’s kind of hanging down now with seriousnes and you’re actively drawing it up to meet your bones. So in a way, you’re defying gravitation, okay? See, there’s so many cool things about yoga. Curl the toes under, consume that connection here in your core ultimately to removing the knees and let them hover.


Breathing deep. Once you peek at the screen if you need to, send your gaze straight down once you’re ready, cervix delightful and long. Good, then we’re gonna immerse the knees down simply to kiss the earth gently , no crashing, and then lift them up. Lower’ em down and face-lift’ em up. Slight bend in the joints, lower’ em down.


Lift’ em up, three more, you got this, lower and raise. Lower, and raise, last-place one. Lower and lift, excellent. Lower all the way to the ground, raise the toes to touch, knees neat and wide. Send the hips back, reach the fingertips forward and softened your feeling down, close your eyes.


nhale lots of love in now. And big-hearted liberation, lots of love out. Breathe with me now, inhale in passionately. And evaporate perfectly. And one more just like that.


As you breath, let the wheeze be full and wide, like moving into all four surfaces of your torso and then let the evaporate be gradual and long. Melting your mettle to the earth.Beautiful. Press into your fingertips nice and slow , it was not necessary to rushing. We’re gonna extort the navel up, that helps lift the spine.


We’re gonna come all the way back up to all fours, bend the toes under and send the trendies up high-pitched and back for Downward Facing Dog. So there is the invitation to kind of lovingly just forget what you think you know about yoga and truly enter in this practice and these conditions with a willingness to kind of experience things in a new way. That’s really what a detox and a reset is all about. What we’re looking for, what we’re craving. So is impossible to applied that into consideration, settled that into play throughout this practice and then realise what the ripple effect may or may not be?


Taking a moment to pedal out through the paw, feeling that stretch, that connection through the fascia of the foot, the achilles, the calves, all the way up through the thighs, the hamstrings, the quadruplets, the IT band.Drawing exertion up from the domes through the ankles, through the inner thighs, and then finally find stillness here as you really peel your trendy creases up, gleam your sits bones, gleam your puke up to the sky and close your eyes for just a moment, perhaps proceeding the bellybutton in to support the low-grade back. Then take a deep breath in. And breath to release. Bend the knees liberally, carve a line with your snout to look forward and walk or step or hop your style to the top.


Feet hip width apart, toes placing forward. Grab your elbows, crouch your knees and begin to rock a little side to surface nice and slow. Feel this nice connection through all four regions of your feet. If there was any doubt that this was the practice for you today, maybe let that get here, you’re already in it.Let’s be presented at it to triumph it together whatever happens.


Take a deep breath in. Benji just made a penetrating gulp in with us and then exhale, handout the arms. Again, tell everything croak. Drop your hips down in space, feel the persuasivenes in your legs, this ground through the paw as you begin to slowly roll it up to stand. Crown of the leader reaches up nice and towering as you come to standing here.


For me, I know this might voice silly to some of you, but for me, that transition is so empowering or it can be so life-giving, it can be a real reset moment. You know, it’s small, but mighty. So are benefiting from it. No dwells if you missed it that time, but we’ll do it again. So here “we ii”, Mountain Pose.


On your next wheeze in, you’re gonna draw the shoulders up to the ears, big breath in and then exhale go them around and back and down. Big release. Good, inhale.Squeeze the shoulders up to the ears. And breath around, back and down.


One more meter with the clang of your breather. Good, spread the fingertips, inhale, reach for the sky. Grab the left wrist with the right hand and nice and easy, we’re gonna think up and over as you tilt towards the right. So a nice back mas extend here. Feel that connection first through your left heel by lifting your left toes merely a bit.


ood, then now switch it. Lift your left heel, lag your left toes behind you and we’re gonna come into a little curtsy stretch now. So think about turning your abdominals on, engaging your abdominals very, a little here. Turning your abdominals on? Why not?


Okay, and then release and we’ll switch to the other side. Reach the fingertips up, seizure the privilege wrist, think up and over. So hindering that left side body long as you is my finding that unfold. Lift the left, the right toes just a bit.Dig into your privilege heel.


Feel that connection from title shoulder to right heel. Good, then swap it with the title heel this time, come onto your title toes and then drag those toes behind you and around and back, obtain that curtsy pull here on the other side. Knit the low ribs in. Engage the abdominal wall. And then slowly release.


Come back to Mountain pose, turn your gape to look at the screen, and of course now he’s stopped. Okay, he was running, he was doing a little jog in his sleep.Okay, back to the practice. Here we go, breath, contacting fingertips up high-pitched. This time, wiggle your fingertips as you slowly melt down into Forward Fold.


Bend your knees generously, stow your kuki-chin to your chest and exactly feel that length in the low-spirited back, take a deep breath in. Exhale, fingertips come to the mat and we’re gonna step just the right toes back, lowering the right knee to the ground. Loop the shoulders forward, up and back and make that be what filches your centre up.Interlace the fingertips, make them to the top of the left thigh. Beautiful.

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Toes are objecting forward. Check to make sure you can see your front left large-scale toe so that breast knee is over the breast ankle. And then notice if you’re just kind of dumping into this stretch here. See if you can find that lift up from the pelvic floor. So you might even back up out of it a little bit.


Keep the mitts where then there or accompanying them here, palm to palm at the chest, at the heart. Lift your sternum, your chest up to your thumbs. Inhale in deeply. And then exhale, liberation, fingertips come to the ground. And we’re gonna lift the right knee up and then check it out, inhale in, expel, you’re gonna switch the legs with a little hop switch.


Woo! And then lower the left knee down, interlace the fingertips, generating them to the top of the right thigh. Pull the privilege hip crease back and same thing, precisely kind of engaging the lower figure here, originating tall through the upper body.Finding that pelvic floor elevate. You might need to press into your front paw to come out of the posture a little.


Waking up the hips, the psoas. Squeeze the internal thighs just a bit together and then bring the palms together. Your mind opening. Lift the chest up to the thumbs, take a deep breath in. And a long breath out.


And a late sigh in. And then exhale to release. Alright, this time we’ll lift the left knee up and then step the human rights of back into a Plank.We’re on the palms now with fingers somewhat turned out externally. Here “theres going”, we’re gonna drop the title knee and then lift.


Left knee and then lift. Right knee and left knee. Keep it moving nice and slow. Neck is nice and long. Crown of the honcho contacting forward.


Do one more on the two sides, you’ve got this. Hello abdominals. Good, and then slowly lower to both knees. Squeeze the joints into the side body as you lower down to your chest and chin. Excuse me Benji.


And then( chuckles) press into the tops of your hoof, slide the entrusts back in line with the rib cage and a beautiful attentive Cobra now. So keep it nice and low-spirited and you can peek at me, I’m determine a little soft swing flow here.From the waist down, I’m pretty much glued. So I’m keeping my pubic bone pressing into the earth, hips evenly pressing down into the earth, tops of the hoof, but I’m finding a little swaying motion. Soft and easy, don’t overdo this.


Left to right. Good , now fetching it to center. Now we’re gonna go up and down. So a little brandish promotes you up and the breath brought you down. Little brandished heaves you up and evaporate to come down, and one more time, little brandish, catch it.


And breath to secrete. Beautiful, scroll the toes under, inhale in, breath like a rocket ship, press up to Plank. Quietly whisper to yourself, “I am strong.” I am strong. Hips up high-pitched and back and Downward Facing Dog.


Inhale in profoundly. Exhale, full exhaust, whatever that means to you. Inhale to carve a line with your snout to look forward.And exhale to stimulate your direction to the top. This time, let’s try paw together, certainly together.


If that doesn’t feel stable enough, then you can go back to the hip width apart. Everyone toes pointing forward, here we go. Bend the knees liberally, descend your trendies down in space and start to roll it up nice and slow, stacking it up through the spine. We rise up together strong, spread the fingertips.Feel this moment.

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Just a matter of sharping your awareness. And then let it go, cool. Fingertips go down to come up, large-scale inhale to elongate, reach for the sky. Exhale, rainfall the paws down again, bend the knees. Good.


This time step the left toes back first, turn left to back first, lower the left knee down. Inhale, broom the fingertips all the way up and over, grab the left wrist with the helping hand and up and over as we rest into this lunge merely a little, crushing the internal thighs towards the center. Good, inhale to lift the chin, perhaps “ve been looking for”. And then exhale to secrete it down. Pull the liberty hip crease back now, straighten the breast leg.


So we’re trying to form both back body here nice and long.Really all four areas of the torso nice and long. Flex your privilege toes towards your face. Big stretch, large-scale wheeze, breath in. And expel, going through that liberty paw.


Lift the left knee up, left hand or fingertips to the earth as you take a change here, right fingertips reach all the way up towards the sky. Big breath in. Keep squeezing your privilege knee back into core. So if it’s come out, go ahead and crush it back in. Good, and then exhale to liberate the right fingertips down.


And now we go again, come onto your fingertips, find a little playfulness now. We’re gonna breath in, expel, button the legs. Lower the right knee to the earth( laughter ). And of course, these times are built to humble us too. The practice of meeknes on the yoga matted is one of the most valuable things I guess I’ve is located within asana practice.


Here we go, clean the arms up and overhead. Grab the freedom wrist, think up and over, approval your low back by turning on those abs. Quote, Adriene Mishler. Good, lift the chin. Maybe look up, breathe now, make sure you’re breathing.


And then exhale, soft paws here as you exhaust. Good, straighten the figurehead leg, pull the left hip crease back this time. Flex your left toes towards your face, modest stoop in the left knee. So you are obviously in charge but if you’re all the way back on your right( roars) heel, maybe lift that hip up so it’s right over the right knee.Breathing depth.


Inhale in. Exhale, to reel through the left foot. Lift the title knee up. Now “theres going”, large-hearted change. When you’re ready, inhale, left fingertips up towards the sky.


Reach, contact, reach. And expel, full handout, we wreaking it back down. Plant the palms, step it to a Plank. Okay , now we’re gonna step the right toes to touch precisely off the yoga mat to the right and then bring them back. And then the left toes to touch time off to the left.


Your mind’s gonna want to give up first now. So places great importance on all of your beautiful muscles that are coming to the party here, going stronger. You can pick your speed now nice and slow, or if you need a little more, you can turn it into a little hop, both toes moving out and in at the same time.Wherever you are, let’s do this one more time to each side and then slowly lower the knees, lower the chest, lower the chin, lag the entrusts in line with the ribs. Inhale for Cobra.


And exhale to release, enormous activity. Curl the toes under, raising back up to your Plank and then send the trendies up high and back for Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in through the nose. And expel out through the mouth. Again, breath in through the nose.


And release out through the mouth. Inhale to bend the knees and look forward. Exhale to spawn your style to the top, feet together. Great, bring your digits to your hip puckers now. Bend your knees and send your trendies back then release the thumbs down.


Fingertips reach forward, up and back for Chair Pose, neat and strong. Inhale in seriously now. Exhale to secrete everything, Forward Fold. Bend your knees again, evoke your navel up and slow roll up to Mountain. Mint of spinal flexion in this practice.


ake advantage of it. Good, interlace the fingertips behind your posterior, knuckles draw down as you open up through the chest, the pecs. Turn your gape to one side, any place, derive the knuckles down. And then through midst and to the other side. And then back to center, liberate the secure, breath, catch a curve, reach up.


Exhale, wiggle the fingertips, melt it all the way down. Good. From now, we’re gonna bend the knees, slip the trendies back, send the fingertips forward, Utkatasana. Now here, we crush the legs together, we send the trendies back, palms are gonna come together and we’re gonna think up and over as we bring the outer margin for the human rights elbow to the outer edge of the left thigh. So we’re in a change here in Chair, constricting the legs together.


Inhale in. Exhale. Listen carefully, you’re gonna shift your value to your left foot by lifting your title end. Bus stop one, breathe deep, then nice and slow, we’re gonna either drag the right toes or lift the right toes up and step it back into a lunge.So now you’re in a revolved leap, spiraling the heart up towards the sky.


Breathe deep, and whether it is necessary to do any re-situation, anything at all to get now, maybe even return back to this nice open twisting, construct, moving your nature toward this shape another era. Everyone truly removing the back knee, pull the left hip crease back, breathe into your belly, inhale. Stay for the evaporate. Nice. From here, embed the palms, step the left toes back, lower all the way to the belly or halfway for Upward Facing Dog or Cobra.

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Take a penetrating wheeze in wherever you are. And exhale become your road to Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in through the snout. Exhale, sigh it out. Bend the knees, inhale, look forward.


Exhale to see your lane to the top. Feet together. Bend the knees, squeeze the legs, inhale for Chair. Fingertips reach forward. Shoulder blades bring together and down towards the waistline.


Now we go, palms come together, breath in. Exhale to the other side, left elbow to the outer edge of the right thigh. Press the palms together, stop the trendies low. Breath, coiling your nature up towards the heavens.You get this, nice and slow.


Meet your relevant line. We begin to lift the left foot, the left heel, excuse me as you press your heavines evenly throughout the right hoofed. Then you can drag the left toes or lift the left toes up and step it back for your Revolved Twist. So a reset does not happen overnight.It is a process, it is a practice.


Just like awakening to your true nature. It’s all a process, it doesn’t happen overnight. Wherever you are, breathe into your belly. Breathe into your chest and then stay for the evaporate. Good, then slowly unravel, is coming.


We’ll plant the palms, step the human rights of back. Inhale, look forward, transformation forward. Exhale, pinch the shoulders in, gradually lower down to the belly or halfway, inhale Upward Facing Dog or Cobra. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Nice cleansing breath here.


Inhale in profoundly through the snout. And exhale out through the mouth. One more on your own, you leader it. And then slowly allow the knees to kiss the matted. Press into the tops of your hoof, so uncurl the toes now.


Press into both palms evenly as you lift the right knee up. You’re just gonna take it for a big circle one room. And then the other. And then introducing it back up and same thing on the left. One lane.


And then the other. Sweet , now both knees to the earth, We’re gonna shift the paw to one side, any feature, came to see you a seat.Send your legs out in front. Good, introducing the left knee up, hit your freedom elbow on the left knee, left fingertips behind. Again, inhale.


Think full beautiful buoyant gulp and exhale. opportunity to release as you twist now. Right hoofed is active, flexing the right toes up towards the sky. Now close your eyes and actually feel your breather here. That expansion as you breathe in.


And that constriction as you let go. Inhale, initiate seat. Exhale, prepare opening, more room, make room for the next inhale.Beautiful. Release, we’ll switch to the other side.


Hug the privilege knee up, hit the left elbow, right fingertips behind. And inhale to lengthen through the treetop. And breath to outing into the twist. Now I’m not gonna cue your breaths now so you can really take the rotate. And on your next evaporate, your next exhaust, we’ll bring it back to center and come to lie down on our backs.


Hug the knees into the chest. Now Stirrup Posture on both sides. So grab the outer borders of your paw or the inner arches or the ankles, knock the paw up towards the sky, Happy Baby Pose. And you really want to lengthen your tailbone now so you feel that connection, the sacrum on the earth. Lift the soles of your foot up towards the sky as you draw your shoulders and the elbows down.


Find any soft easy move now that feels good. And then slowly release the foot to the ground and come to lie with your appendages gave out long. Turn the palms face up as we symbol kind of this open hand, this open mind, this open and awakened centre for whatever discovers itself.So impelling some gap for the new wave. But also being brave and curious and aware enough to be able to see and to look and to see to find the things that are kind of agitating us or hindering us from being aligned with our true nature.


The things that it is possible disconcerting us or regarding us back, agitating us from embodying our best. Close your eyes if you haven’t already and really allow your body to unwind completely and fully into the earth. Oftentimes, with the video specially, we’re ready to prance to the next thing, but only give yourself one more gentle moment here and allow your body to get heavy and your gulp to just be nice and easy, present. Notice where the earth or your yoga mat rise up to meet you, to hold you, and see if in this last-place tender instant here you can just relax a little more. Then begin to gently deepen your breath, allow that to activate a little movement, a little joy in the digits, the toes.


The things that might be disconcerting us or viewing us back, agitating us from embodying our best. Close your eyes if you haven’t already and just allow your body to tighten completely and amply into the earth. Oftentimes, with the video extremely, we’re ready to mount to the next thing, but simply give yourself one more hushed minute now and allow your body to get ponderous and your sigh to merely be nice and easy, present. Notice where the earth or your yoga matting rise up to meet you, to hold you, and see if in this last-place tender moment here you can just relax a little more. Then begin to gently deepen your sigh, allow that to precipitate a little movement, a little joy in the fingers, the toes.


aybe the tongue and the mouth. Turn your toes in and out, tick-tocking with the legs. And then hug your knees up into your chest and turn to one side, perhaps the side that’s facing Benji and I and we’ll exactly press up now to a delightful cozy bench, and we’ll draw the handwritings together and merely seal this practice with one last-place gulp and a communication firstly to ourselves, and second to each other. Inhale in. And exhale, invitation to bow the principal to the heart here and sigh any feeling that resonates with you, maybe you an “I love you” or something else like, “I am strong.


“We went this.” I choose, fill in the space. Or Namaste. Thanks everyone, take good care. We’ll see you next time.


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