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Why Ashtanga Yoga Is So Popular

Just like any other Yoga style, Ashtanga Yoga is a physical discipline which includes also mental and emotional benefits. It is proven to have many physical benefits for your body, including body detoxification, muscle and joint pain relieves and it builds your flexibility and strength. Besides just strengthening your body physically it helps you strengthen the nervous system, focus mentally and release negative energy.

Yoga Exercise – Suitability Between Herbal Tea and Yoga Exercise

People who are concerned with being healthy will use yoga routines for a number of different reasons. As a matter of fact, people who regularly practice yoga exercise are more fit physically, have better moods, and almost always look better in terms of tone and clarity of skin than those who do not practice yoga. This should tell you something.

How Yoga Helps Us

Yoga means “union.” Yoga is a positive way of life that teaches relaxation, positive thinking, truthfulness, proper diet and healthy living. Hatha Yoga combines breathing with physical postures, or asanas, which are done slowly and mindfully.

The Spiritual Journey

Sowing and reaping seeds of our actions, we go from incarnation to incarnation. It is only by spiritualised and conscious action that we can graduate from the school of birth, death and rebirth with its repeated negative cyclic experiences, and go forward in confidence on the first stages of the journey along the well worn path which others have trodden to arrive at spiritual fulfillment and freedom. The term “The Spiritual Journey” implies that we are going somewhere. We don’t just sit down and grow into a wiser human being. We must walk forward and make effort and we must see that there is a goal in spiritual achievement as well as material.

How to Get the Maximum Health Benefit From Hot Yoga

Although Hot Yoga has only recently become popular in western cultures, it is a practice which has been in existence for hundreds of years within India. Many people now become students of Hot Yoga because of the amplified set of health benefits that results from the difference in heat. Here are 5 ways for students to maximise health benefits obtained from Hot Yoga.

Beginning a Yoga Class

Yoga has been used for thousands of years to bring health and happiness to body, mind and spirit. Attending a regular yoga class a great way to start feeling the benefits of yoga – but what’s the best way to begin? If you’ve never tried yoga before, then here are my top tips for getting started.

Why You Should Start Yoga

Yoga has a huge number of benefits, improving physical, mental and emotional health, so it’s no surprise that its popularity is again on the rise! Here are my 10 top reasons why you should start doing yoga today!

How to Recession Proof Your Yoga Practice

Whether you’ve lost your job or are coping with funding cuts, then yoga can help you make sense of life. Read my top tips to enable your yoga practice to keep you healthy and happy, no matter how bad the financial situation!

Best Yoga Mats of All Time

This article is about the best yoga mats, highly acclaimed by students and teachers worldwide and featured in many stores’ top seller lists. I selected these mats based on a number of features, including the quality and composition of the material, durability, traction, moisture absorption, weight and a few others. I have personally experienced these mats and feel confident about my suggestions.

Yoga Gift Guide 2010

Looking for great gifts for yoga practitioners? Want to give someone a hint to start doing yoga? Read this guide to find out about this year’s bestselling yoga mats, bags, towels and other accessories that are guaranteed to please any aspiring yogi.

Yoga Can Make You a Better Person

Yoga is an interesting art that comes with an array of benefits anyone can participate in. It does not matter how old you are or what size you happen to be, there will be some kind of yoga course out there for you. While this art may seem like nothing more than a series of positions and exercises, it can actually make you a better person when practiced correctly.

The Guru Disciple Relationship

The Guru/Disciple relationship is of utmost importance on the path of yoga. Loyalty is one of the most important traits that the disciple has with his Master. It cannot be over-emphasized, that one should enter into this relationship with sincerity. One should not follow those who claim to be a Guru teaching liberating techniques of meditation without the proper authority.

Deep Breathing, Rejuvenating Exercises And the Quest For Longevity

Deep breathing is a vital part of most Yoga routines. The benefits are many, including increased energy, stress reduction, and better health. The Five Rites incorporate deep breathing and Yoga movement. A daily practice that does so much in only 20 minutes a day.

Seven Yoga Poses to Do in Your Home

Set up a clear area in a quiet space in your home. You can put down a yoga mat or do your practice on a carpet. To create a calming, sacred space you can light candles and put them safely to one side.

What the Heck Is Yoga Anyway?

Is it stretching? Breathing? Is it sitting in one place for a long time? Is it standing on my head? Some people rule out yoga for themselves, saying, “Oh, I’m not flexible, I can’t do that yoga stuff.” Or, “I can’t just sit still.”

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