Day 8 – Snuggle | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

How Yoga Improves Men’s Lives

When we talk about yoga, what first strikes our mind is flexible females in tights, as they are more health-conscious and thus, attend more yoga sessions. Since, it’s a socially created myth that yoga is for girls. Some men believe that they are not flexible enough for yoga, while some others deem it as an unfit workout. Contrary to it, yoga is as beneficial for men as it is for their female counterparts. All it requires is a person’s will to do yoga.

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh: A Perfect Yoga Retreat

Yoga is an ancient science that is considered as a marvelous cure for various fatal diseases. It harbors various activities in the form of exercises for mind & body to cure various lifestyle diseases.

Rishikesh: A Perfect Hub For Yoga Enthusiasts

Yoga is an ancient Indian science that is considered as a perfect healer of various lifestyle diseases. The rapidly changing lifestyle has given birth to various diseases that are ruining the life of millions of people.

Yoga: An Essential Part of Ayurveda

Vedic culture, from across time, continues to pervade through our modern way of life in a multitude of ways. Whether in yoga classes across the globe or on your dinner plate with its delicate concoctions, the ancient Indian way of life seems to inform even the most contemporary of choices.

Why Office Workers Must Do Yoga

Desk or office workers often come up complaining about almost negligible physical activity during their 8-hour job. And the irony is that those with a standing job complain about not getting time to sit for a while and take rest. But, the truth is that a desk job actually causes people to go through some serious health issues.

Yoga Pranayama to Cure Sciatica

Sciatica is a very painful disease. It is ruining the life of millions. This disease is associated with the pain of the back, hips & the lower portion of the body. This happens due to the weakening of the spinal muscles.

The Legend And The Truth Of Yoga

Yoga is Yoga is Yoga, right..? Tie yourself up in knots like the proverbial rubber-man or rubber-woman – or is it rubber-person these days..?… anyhow, I digress as usual, so back to the topic at hand… and eat carrot sticks, celery and lettuce for the rest of your life while you try to attain that perfect upside-down, knees-in-the-air, “look-ma-no-hands” position, while you pretend you’re NOT actually extremely uncomfortable… for hours..?!?

Yoga To Get a Healthy Body and Perfect Peace Of Mind

Yoga is a very vast field. It is a collection various asanas, postures, mudras & poses. The asanas & mudras are basically the physical & mental activities that are used to control, reduce & eliminate various diseases.

What Yoga Therapy Means To Me

Anti-aging treatments, mental health care, flexibility, joy are all possible with simple DIY activities. Yoga Therapy has given me this. If you are passionate about natural healthy ways of living and being, you’ll find the answers.

What Are Some Similarities and Differences Between Relaxation and Meditation?

Relaxation and meditation seem similar and we know they are different. Let’s take time to break it down and become clearer. Clarity is always welcome.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Yoga Teacher

The following article will offer you insights to select to a correct Yoga teacher who will guide you in your journey as a student of this centuries old art. This piece of information is written by a professional Yoga practitioner who understands the heavy importance of having the right guidance to achieve your goals.

Antigravity Yoga – All You Want To Know About

Antigravity, also known as the antigravity yoga is a type of yoga created by the world famous gymnast, Broadway performer, and yogi Christopher Harrison. While Christopher’s performance company required an effective solution for rehabbing the bodies of the performers during the travel around the globe, he invented the Antigravity hammock. The hammock had the ability to alleviate the constant stress on the muscles and joints and therefore it was started being considered as a portable form of relaxation and rehabilitation.

7 Lessons From Yoga To Improve Productivity

Yoga truly is a miracle worker- from stress to depression, physical aches and pains to mental agonies- there isn’t an ailment yoga cannot aid with. So why leave your workplace out of the loop?

Comprehensive Overview of Yoga History

Engaging in yoga exercises can provide numerous physical and mental health benefits. Explore the history of this ancient discipline to learn more about it.

A Discussion Of Yoga Poses for Beginners

Getting started with yoga is scary. You look at the pictures in the books, or try to follow a yoga video, and wind up convinced that yoga is NOT for you. However, with the right yoga poses, guidance, and attitude, anybody can create their own yoga routine using simple yoga poses for beginners.

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