Day 8: Reset Your Energy – Gentle Vinyasa + Powerful Kundalini Meditation (20-Min)

Feeling Run Down? Need To Have Some Fun? Try Yoga, Of Any Type

There are many forms of Yoga, some more well known than others. But all have significant health benefits.

What Do I Need To Know About Yoga?

Just about everyone has heard of yoga, but what is it?

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

If you are thinking of starting a healthy lifestyle brought about by yoga, then you must know the essentials of practicing yoga.

Kids Yoga: Dealing with Anger Management

How can Yoga help children deal with anger issues? What solutions can Kids Yoga offer to parents and emotional children? Let’s take a look at some solutions that your local Yoga teacher will have to offer in a Kids Yoga class.

What Should Your First Yoga Exercise Be?

Yoga is one of the most popular exercise regimens today, with hundreds of poses (or asanas). But which asana should you start with? This article looks at the Sun Salutation for beginners.

The Almost Perfect Yoga Studio

The health and fitness industry are in boom these days. Aside from the proliferation of modern weight loss centers, neighborhood gyms and all sorts of diets, there are also other forms of exercise that are decidedly old, such as yoga.

Kids Yoga: A Solution to Global Obesity in Children

How did massive numbers of obesity get here? How can less physical activity in children be acceptable? How could Kids Yoga be a solution? Let’s look at Kids Yoga solutions for children and their parents.

Karmic Yoga–Enlightenment Through Following Your Bliss

When you hit bottom what do you do? This is a very important question, especially for those who have. What happens when your life falls apart? What happens when all of your friends and family seem to betray you for something you haven’t done? Or because you have done something right? This happens, and has happened probably since the beginning of time.

In the Presence of BKS Iyengar

Lillah Schwartz reveals the secrets of Iyengar Yoga.

Managing your Cholesterol and Blood Sugar with Yoga: Yoga and Diabetes

Yoga is an ancient practice of moving the body into different poses (asanas) to achieve a healthy body, an attentive mind, and a relaxed spirit. Yoga can be used to help treat many different illnesses, including diabetes. There have been numerous clinical studies that prove the benefits that yoga has for diabetics, because many yoga poses can positively impact circulation and help regulate body systems.

Pranayama : Ujjayi Breathing

Ujjayi breathing can powerfully increase the amount of prana (life force) in the body leading to increased levels of energy and a greater sense of well being. It is easy to learn and has many health benefits in mind and body. Pranayama can be practised with yoga asanas, or as a lead up to Meditation.

What Else Should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know about Pranayama?

When a person has pain, he or she can think of nothing else. Pain is the companion you wish you never met. Pranayama can help us say goodbye to pain, but it must be performed technically and safely.

What Should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know about Pranayama?

Pranayama is possibly the most overlooked aspect of Hatha Yoga. Every Yoga teacher training course includes a significant segment about Pranayama. Although B.K.S. Iyengar wrote detailed works on the subject, some Hatha Yoga teachers barely scratch the surface on the subject of cultivating vital energy through breathing. Why is this happening in Yoga classes?

Hatha Yoga 101

A beginners guide to Hatha Yoga.

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Have you considered yoga in the past. This article will tell you why you should practice the art of yoga.

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