Day 7 – Synchronize | BREATH – A 30 Day Yoga Journey

Different Yoga Poses To Heal Various Respiration Related Problems

Yoga is a very effective way to get a better life & a healthy body. It’s a very comprehensive field which contains various physical & mental exercises. These exercises are very effective in curing various ailments of the different systems of the body.

Why Someone Who Practices Yoga Twice a Week Isn’t Necessarily a Yogi

Yoga is a very wide notion including not only asana practice on the mat. It is a lifestyle which should be part of the person. Most people think that if they practice twice a week, they can call themselves yogis. The article below explains why this conception is false and when one can really call himself a yogi.

Do You Really Need A Yoga Trainer To Learn This Ancient Science?

Yoga is a very comprehensive term. It covers various physical as well as mental activities. These postures are considered as very beneficial in order get a healthy body. It is basically a Sanskrit word which means the connection between mind & body.

Explore the Merits of Yoga and Get a Healthy Life

Due to rapidly changing lifestyle, various diseases have cropped up. These diseases are ruining the lives of millions of people across the world. Some of the most popular lifestyle diseases are diabetes, blood pressure, stress, etc.

3 Postures That Can Help You Lose Weight With Yoga

One of the important benefits that yoga offers is to help you lose weight. Learn in this article the 3 postures that can help you lose weight with yoga with regular practice and commitment.

Get Perfect Health And A Stress Free Life With Yoga Postures

The fast pace lifestyle is proving hazardous to our life. Due to this rapidly changing lifestyle, various diseases are engulfing the major portion of the population.

Yoga To Get Perfect Sex Life

Yoga is considered as the best healer for various diseases. It is an ancient science that can bring proper balance in your life. It is considered as the best remedy to cure & control various diseases related to various systems of the body.

Yoga and Veterans – Working Together to Relieve Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

War veterans suffering with PTSD symptoms have an opportunity to eliminate these symptoms by practicing Sudarshan Kriya yoga. All you have to do is learn a breathing technique!

Yoga: The Best Method To Get Rid Of Stress

Due to rapidly changing lifestyle, various diseases have cropped up that are ruining the lives of millions. The most popular disease that has brought discomfort in our daily life is stress.

Yoga: To Make You Healthy And Stronger

Yoga is a collection of various physical as well as mental activities. These activities are best to offer you good health. This word is a Sanskrit word which means a connection between mind & body..

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Yoga (5 Are Backed by Studies!)

The health benefits of yoga are far reaching. Admittedly, the idea of bending, stretching, twisting and manipulating your body to improve well-being may seem counter-intuitive, but you may be tempted to give Yoga a shot after you read this article.

Yoga: The Best Healer for Respiratory Problems

Yoga is an ancient science which harbors treatment for various diseases in a natural manner. This is a Sanskrit word which means to connect body & mind.

Rishikesh: The Birth Place of Yoga

Rishikesh is the holistic place in the Indian subcontinent. It is well-known for its spirituality. The place harbors various temples.

Chakra Yoga and Yantra Yoga: Perfect Yogic Practices for Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

Different types of Yogic practices are popular today, which are perfect for spiritual, mental and physical health of the people. Chakra Yoga and Yantra Yoga are two popular types in this regard. They can be learnt for many institutions available in different parts of the world.

Yoga Positions for Kicking Bad Habits

Let me introduce you to 11 yoga positions which are designed to help kick your bad habits. A term you will hear often is “Kriya”. A Kriya is a sequence of bodily poses.

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