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Yoga – A Helpful Practice to Achieve Total Wellbeing

Yoga refers to the series of exercises that are practiced for many reasons. It has proven to be very helpful in treating a variety of medical conditions like diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis and many more. A lot of people these days turn to this type of healing, due to the many benefits that it offers.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way Through Women’s Yoga

Whether it’s five, ten, twenty or fifteen pounds that you have yet to lose in order to reach your target weight, there is a weight loss method that you would have tried over and over again. It could be a fancy exercise equipment, a rigorous exercise program or a restrictive diet plan. Over the years, have you ever found any of these methods to really work?

Purification Through The Vinyasa Of Ashtanga Yoga

This article talks about purification in the vinyasa of Ashtanga Yoga. This purification comes through the body being cleansed, the nervous system being cleansed and also through sense organs being purified and cleansed.

Why Yama and Niyama Are So Important in the Ashtanga or Eight Limbs of Yoga

This article talks about yama and niyama which are rules for social and self conduct within yoga. The sage Patanjali who wrote the Yoga Sutras discusses the eight limbs of yoga which are important in the yogi’s path and this article looks at the importance of the first two limbs.

Opening Up the Heart Chakra in Yoga Practice

This article describes anahata, or the heart chakra. It talks about awareness of the heart chakra and also about the importance of becoming aware of your heart. The heart is seen as a higher faculty in many spiritual studies.

Using Yoga As a Tool in Weight Loss

A review of how yoga can help you reach your weight loss goals. It is a more important tool than you probably thought!

Some of the Important Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga teacher training plays an important role in maintaining the health of an individual. According to particular research, 12 weeks of yoga were recommended against therapeutic exercises. It was discovered that the yoga class showed greater improvement while the experienced benefits lasted for 14 weeks longer.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Your First Yoga Class

Thinking of starting yoga? Bet your body has been yearning for this for some time now. Everyone has their reasons for doing yoga; losing weight, release stress, maintaining good health both mind and body.

5 Different Types Of Yoga Techniques

There are more than twenty techniques of yoga. Most of you probably had no idea that yoga had different techniques until now. Well, there are several procedures, each serving a different purpose.

Some of the Ways of Choosing the Right Yoga Classes

The practise of yoga has been in existence for many years now. It is an ancient philosophy that dates back thousands of years. Since then, yoga teacher training is growing in popularity.

4 Top Health Benefits Of Yoga

Thinking of a new way of getting healthier? Yoga should be your first choice! It is a unique way of improving not only your health but also your whole body.

Different Yoga Poses For Weight Loss And Its Effectiveness

You will be informed about some yoga poses and techniques. And then you will know some of the major points of yoga’s effectiveness.

Yoga Over 50 Can Benefit Us In Many Ways If Practiced Properly And Safely

Yoga… what’s all the hype you wonder? Well… actually it is an extremely good way to keep yourself toned and flexible as you age. Everyone knows that as we age we lose muscle mass, balance and strength… all the things that keep us strong and from having little falls as we age. It is also a great cardiac workout without working the heart to much. Strength, balance and a strong heart are essential for living a longer healthier life. We all want that… right?

Understanding Yoga – A Brief History

This article gives you a brief history and understanding of yoga; it also includes an introduction to the great yogic spiritual literature, The Bhagavad Gita, The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Like most of you, when I first heard about “”yoga” I knew it was something that had been around for years. I knew it had something to do with “stretching”, “relaxation”, ” inner peace and being happy and calm”.

Get to Know Yoga Experts in Modern Age

The origin of yoga dates back to more than three thousand years. According to Vedic literature, yoga is a set of techniques to control body and mind. Patanjali is credited as “father of yoga” for his extraordinary work in making and standardizing the principles of yoga. This article throws light on people who made considerable contribution to develop and popularize modern yoga techniques that are getting increasingly popular across the globe.

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