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Why Take Up Yoga Classes?

Heath and stress are two major problems that most people face today. The best way to beat both would be to take up yoga classes.

Learn How To Experience Peace on Yoga Retreats and in Ashrams

This articles guides you through how visiting a yoga retreat or an ashram can help you to find peace. It explains the benefits of the surroundings and diet you will follow as well as explaining the physical and philosophical benefits of yoga that you will achieve.

How Does Yoga Practice Help in Day to Day Life?

This article tells you how yoga helps in everyday life. It shows you how regular practice of yoga helps make you more peaceful, helps bring you balance, relaxation, discipline, health and happiness. It also shows how practising and understanding yoga helps you develop your relationships and also how focusing on the chakras (energy points within the body) helps you develop different parts of your essence.

Yoga Postures for Back Pain

One of the excuses we make for not exercising is because we have an aching back. Performing some simple yoga poses can help alleviate back pain and get you back on the path to healing and better health.

Yoga With Props

Yoga props can be quite useful in assisting you with poses that would otherwise be difficult to perform. Learn how to utilize some simple props and improve your yoga postures.

Tips On Yoga Practice

This article contains advice on making your practice enjoyable and beneficial both in terms of finding peace and developing health. It also gives advice on following a diet that is healthy and helpful for yoga practice. There are tips on improving your yoga asanas (postures) and on focusing on your breath and your chakras (energy points) too.

How To Perform Hero Pose

Every yoga pose is beneficial to the body when performed correctly. Read on to discover how to properly perform hero pose and how to modify it to best suit your needs.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years, restorative yoga can benefit you. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take it down a notch.

Yoga and Fitness Boot Camp

Many people prefer and enjoy doing outdoor exercises rather than working out under fluorescent lights in a crowded gym. The main advantage of outdoor workouts is that they do not require costly equipments to exercise. Fitness boot camp and yoga are two good options for those people who like outdoor workouts.

Balance in Yoga – The Importance of Ida and Pingala

This article talks about the idea of balance in yoga on all levels, mental, physical and spiritual. The benefits of practising balancing postures is discussed as well as the calmness of mind that comes about from a balanced mind. The energy channels or ‘nadis’ are discussed in order to understand their relevance to yoga practice again in terms of balance. Balance in practice leads to a balanced life and a balanced life leads to a happy life.

Nutrition, Yoga and Ahimsa

This article looks at the practice of yoga as a practice geared towards good physical and mental health. It looks at the link between good diet and general well being from scientific and yogic perspectives. Ideas for healthy ingredients and recipes are also given as well as what is required for a healthy diet. Ancient Indian concepts such as ahimsa and the sattvic diet are discussed as well. The author is a clinical pharmacist as well as yoga teacher and hence has a vast knowledge of health, nutrition and yoga.

Bikram Yoga: Cobra Pose Benefits And Instructions

In this article you’ll learn about the benefits of performing the Bikram Yoga Cobra Pose, also known as the “Bhujangasana.” You’ll also find step-by-step instructions to help you perform the posture correctly.

Yoga Styles for Chronic Pain Sufferers

There are many different forms and styles of yoga. This will help you choose the right type of yoga for you.

Top Health Benefits of a Good Yoga Workout

Ever felt like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? With all the responsibilities you have at work and at home, stress is indeed inevitable. Even if you’re busy, it’s important to find time to de-stress to prevent the risk of health problems as stress is linked to many of them. One of the best ways to de-stress is by practicing the wonderful art of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy

This article discusses the historical developments in the philosophy of yoga including the periods of vedic and vedantic philosophies. Also discussed are the different paths of yoga such as gyan yoga and bhakti yoga. The ashtanga or eight limbs of yoga are expanded on as well in this article.

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