Day 5: Full Body Yoga Flow | Kundalini, Vinyasa, Yin (30-min) Detox Yoga Fusion 2018

Book Review: Yoga For Regular Guys

A professional wrestler writes a fitness book that is useful for everyone?! Is Diamond Dallas Page a new-era Jack LaLanne? Read the review of Yoga For Regular Guys and see if you can add this to your fitness routine.

Yama and Niyama – The Foundation Stones of Yoga

Living in harmony with the society around you and with your inner self is the base of yoga. The yogic principles of Yama and Niyama provide a guide for ideal human conduct. This article is an introduction to the these ancient but still relevant principles of ideal human conduct.

What Should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know? – Part 2

Yogic philosophy: Yamas and Niyamas are the ethical principles of Yoga. Most of us read Patanjali’s guidelines from the Yoga Sutras. If you want to become a Yoga teacher, you should get your own copy of the Yoga Sutras. The Yamas contain the following five self restraints.

What Should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know? – Part 3

Therefore, reading and studying Holy Scriptures, mean nothing if you do not take positive action from what you learn. All of the scriptures tell us to live in peace. The worst crime against humanity is when a political or religious leader preaches hate and incites war or killing.

What Should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know? – Part 1

Most of the time, prospective Yoga teachers have a very strong foundation in Yoga; but sometimes, they originally come from a related-field, such as Martial Arts, Pilates, Dance, Gymnastics, or Fitness. This is fine, but be prepared for a “learning curve” and do not expect to learn all about Yoga in one Yoga teacher training intensive course.

Yoga and Skiing Go Together Before, During and After the Ski Season

Cross training have become the buzzwords in sports the past couple of years, and they apply to skiing as much a cycling, baseball, basketball or snowboarding. Some cross training activities can only be done before your season begins; then focus changes to just the main activity. Yoga and skiing go together before, during and after the season.

Tantra Yoga, Tantric Sex, or Viagra

Learning about Tantra Yoga, and Tantric sex, will improve male sexual health at any age. Couples can improve their own relationship, on many planes, with the help of Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Philosophy of Abundance

Is abundance just a disguised word for “money?” Can money be used for a good cause? Do you wonder why some Master Yoga Teachers, Gurus, and Swamis frown on the idea of Yoga teachers “talking up” the concept of practicing Yoga for abundance?

Meditation through Yoga

Want a more stress free life? It’s easier than you think once you understand the combination of daily meditation and yoga classes. This article explains why your mind and body will flourish from the healthy benefits of meditation and yoga.

Yoga and Mantra Meditation

Yoga involves much more than just engaging in the physical practice of poses. An ancient practice of meditation known as mantra meditation is integral to the process of self-realization. This process is actually the ultimate goal of yoga – union with the Supreme. Mantras are sound vibrations that actually transcend the material world and help one to realize his or her divine nature. Hence, mantra meditation can be called the yoga of sound.

Yoga: Side Poses for Balance

Make the move towards balance in your yoga practice by focusing on the side of your body with the following pose. The side of the body is often neglected, resulting in imbalance – especially in posture. By performing the following asana, you can amend this oversight and also improve your breathing and lower back strength and flexibility.

Yoga: Firm Your Quads and Release Your Hamstrings

Yoga practitioners with tight hamstrings often do not benefit from doing Standing Forward Bends. To release the hamstrings, the weight of the upper body must be supported through the arms by placing the hands on the floor or a prop. Then the hamstrings can relax and release.

Yoga on the Road

You can still practice yoga when you are travelling. You can actually enhance your yoga practice and make your trip more relaxing and ejoyable to continuing to do yoga while on the road. Follow these suggestions for helping to turn your dull hotel room into a yoga sanctuary.

The Different Types Of Yoga

The West discovered in the second half of the last century the many benefits meditation practices in general and yoga in particular have. They include a better physical health and stress reduction.

Yoga: Opening the Hips with the Pigeon Pose

Today’s lifestyle often results in tight hips. The Pigeon Pose will open up tight hips, relieve tension and be beneficial for one’s entire yoga practice.

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