Day 4: Beginner Kundalini Yoga for Weight Loss, Energy and Flexibility

Great Yoga Information

This article shows you how yoga can be used to lose weight. It explains the different types of yoga needed for you to shed those pounds. Great article, check it out.

Steepled Shoulder Squeeze-Yoga

The following warm-up stretches lubricate stiff joints, increase circulation, and improve your flexibility. They will make your practice of the routines more comfortable and help you avoid injury. Use your visualization skills with each stretch to improve their benefits.

Yoga Instructor Training – The Importance of Clear Communication

Just like any other subject that requires communication skills, you have to finely tune your speaking skills, if you want to become a Yoga teacher. Students will continue to come back to your classes because of interaction, social atmosphere, and intellectual stimulation.

Yoga Instructor Training – Cultivating the Orator Within

When training to become a Yoga teacher, many people struggle with public speaking. Even if we are able to get the right words out, we may be looking for the right volume, tone, or voice inflection, at the right time.

Practicing the Breathwork of Yoga – One Breath at a Time

The breathwork in yoga is the key that opens the door to transformation on every level. Through the breathwork we create the body/mind experience which integrates and restores not just the body but the mental, emotional and spiritual states of being as well.

Yoga and Back Pain Relief

Has chronic back pain taken control of your life? It can, and for those who suffer, it is both mental and physical misery. As one who has had to deal with lower back pain for a number of years, I promise you it is true.

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management – The Demand for Teen Stress Solutions

There is a huge demand for teen stress management services, and Yoga teachers are sitting on a multitude of solutions for teens and their families. The reason is simple: Teens are at risk because of internal and external pressure.

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management – Identify the Cause

Sometimes, Yoga teachers are called in to a corporate facility, an office, or a manufacturing facility, to organize a stress management program. The management is forward thinking enough to realize absenteeism, tardiness, morale, and production, will improve, if employees can learn to manage their stress levels.

A Yoga Book Club

A new, healthy twist on your book club! Call yourselves “the yoga group” and get together for reading, discussion, and a few new poses!

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management – Lowering Stress Levels

It is important to understand that Yoga manages to lower stress levels – not eliminate them. Stress is a very natural survival process, because manageable stress motivates us to improve our lives. If humankind never felt stress, we might still be very content painting on the walls of caves.

Practicing Yoga To Grow Tall – Does It Really Work?

You feel you’re vertically challenged and you want to see if there’s anything out there that can make you taller. You’ve heard or read somewhere that practicing yoga to grow tall is one possible way. Does doing yoga really help make you grow taller?

Does Yoga Benefit Plastic Surgery Patients?

Does Yoga Benefit Plastic Surgery Patients? This is a question I get asked frequently. Read on and I will answer this common question.

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management – Stress Relief for Teenagers

Yoga practice has realistic solutions for stressed-out teenagers. Young people need to take time out for non-competitive and wholesome activities, such as Yoga. When teens have a chance to explore themselves from within, this is time well spent.

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management – Where to Begin

Now that you teach Yoga to the public, you clearly realize the need for stress management solutions, on a massive scale. Most Yoga teachers tend to go through life with an inner calm that is sometimes taken for granted.

Teaching Yoga for Stress Management

Why do most of your students come to your Yoga classes? If you conducted a student survey, you would be surprised at how many arrived to your classes for the same reason. Surveys reveal much about the needs of your students.

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