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Great Poses For A Diabetic

Diabetes is a dangerous disease usually brought about as result of low insulin levels in the body. The good news is that you can increase insulin levels in the body through yoga.

Smart Yoga Stretches For Phone Users

Mobile phones are the most widely used gadgets around the world. Although, mobile phones are such integral tools especially when it comes to making life easy, their main drawback is that they tend to pose several health hazards such as spine, shoulder, palm, hand, and neck strain.

4 Major Benefits of Practicing Yoga in the Winter Season

In the freezing weather of winter yoga can help you a lot in not only in preventing cold but also in recovering from cold if you’re suffering from flu. I’ve been experiencing its benefits since long and I though that instead of enjoying alone I should share the benefits with you too. Otherwise what’s my point of being a writer, isn’t it? So in this article I share 4 major benefits of practicing yoga in winter season.

5 Best Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

There are a few gifts that can seriously increase the joy of a yoga lover. If you want to give him/her a memorable gift on a special occasion then in this article I’m going to share 5 of my favorite gift ideas with you that’re liked by almost all yogis/yoginis. And you too are gonna love them!

5 Things That I Learnt About Money From Yoga

In my 10 years long yoga practice I’ve learnt a lot about money too. So in this article I talk about 5 things that yoga taught me about money. Have a look at them.

5 Things That I Learnt About Love From Yoga

You may not already know, but yoga teaches us a lot about love and relationships too. In this article I talk about 5 things which I learnt about love from yoga.

5 Benefits Of Using Props During the Yoga Practice

Many of us don’t like to take the help of props while practicing yoga because of our ego. However, props can turn out to be essentially helpful during the practice if we get rid of that ego. In this article I talk about the 5 benefits of using props while practicing yoga.

4 Time Management Tips That I Learnt From Yoga

Did you know that yoga teaches us a lot about time management too? In this article I talk about the 4 time management tips that I learnt by practicing yoga.

How to Make the Mood of Practicing Yoga

Sometimes it happens that we don’t find ourselves in the mood of practicing yoga. Although listening to that feeling is sometimes good, but if it becomes a habit then it’s really bad. In this article I talk about the 5 methods that you can use for getting rid of that habit.

Why Doing Less Sometimes Is Better Than Pushing Harder

Pushing your body a bit harder in yoga is a good thing, but sometimes it’s just better to forget the hard work and do something less for getting relaxed. And there’s nothing bad in it. In this article I talk about the 5 reasons of doing less sometimes in your yoga session.

How to Get Most Out of Yoga When You Don’t Have Proper Time

When we’ve time at a premium, we must try to get the most out of every moment that we spend on our yoga mat. I also try to get the most benefits from my yoga session when I don’t have time for a full practice, so in this article I talk about the methods that I use for accomplishing that.

How To Reap Full Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga is rapidly gaining popularity and almost every person is willing to join. If you are one of the people eager to join yoga, here are a few tips that you should put into consideration to ensure that you reap the full benefits of yoga. Be attentive in class It’s very important to listen to what the instructor is saying.

Corporate Yoga And Its Benefits

Large corporations such as AT&T, MTV, Pepsi, and HBO are introducing yoga classes in their workplaces. This is because many of these corporations have identified the benefits that come with yoga. The benefits are both on the side of the employer and on the employees.

Health Benefits Of Practising Yoga

Yoga is known for being good for your overall health, combining body, spirit and mind to promote a healthy balance and create a state of well-being that is important for a long and healthy life. Positions practiced in yoga use breathing techniques and mental concentration in order to encourage mental clarity and a physical calm. Practiced for many hundreds of years, scientists are now finally beginning to realize the real health benefits of yoga.

Where To Find Teaching Jobs As A Yoga Teacher

If you are an aspiring yoga teacher, here are three places to get teaching opportunities. Yoga studios – These provide about 5-10% of job opportunities. This is because yoga studios are usually small in size; therefore, they require just a small number of teachers on staff.

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