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Pros And Cons Of Teaching Yoga In A Corporation

Many yoga teachers aspire teaching corporate yoga sessions. If you are one of the teachers who aspire to do so, here are pros and cons that you should consider before making the decision.

4 Worth Remembering Points for Increasing Self-Confidence While Doing Yoga

Being confident is a must while practicing yoga otherwise sometimes we can just miss out on the goal of practicing yoga. In this article I talk about 4 things at which all yogis are good enough, just for the sake of increasing our confidence.

Yoga Isn’t Snobby or Pretentious

Many people think that yoga is a pretentious and snobby fitness regime. In this article I debunk the myths that make such wrong image of yoga.

5 Things That Separate Yoga From Fitness Workouts

The “fitness regime” image of yoga isn’t changing even after the several attempts of yoga gurus. In this article I provide you a small list that you can pass to anyone who thinks of yoga as a fitness workout.

5 Things That Can Kill Your Yoga Home Practice

You may be thinking from several weeks about starting your yoga home practice but may not be getting started with it. In this article I talk about the 5 most common things which prevent us from practicing yoga at home.

9 Tips for Decreasing Laziness and Starting Yoga

Sometimes it happens that we start feeling lazy for practicing yoga. In this article I share my small list of 9 tips that can help you in unrolling your yoga mat at such lazy moments.

How to Get the Most Out of Yoga Videos?

If you can’t go to a yoga class regularly then videos can become a good source of inspiration. In this article I talk about the 4 ways through which you can get most out of your yoga videos.

4 Things That I Learnt About Eating From Yoga

We don’t often notice, but we can learn a lot about healthy eating habits from yoga. In this article I share the 4 healthy eating habits that I learnt from yoga.

Why Do People Join Yoga Classes In the USA?

As a community we’re doing a great job by advertising the physical benefits of yoga an due to our combined efforts today yoga industry is worth $10.3 billion. But it seems that we’re missing out the mentioning of other deeper benefits in our messaging and conversations. In this article I talk about the current positioning of yoga in the mind of people who aren’t a part of yoga community.

How To Minimize Injuries In A Yoga Class

The main drawback with yoga is that it’s injurious. This means that you can easily injure yourself when practicing yoga. The good news is that there are various measures that a yoga teacher can take in order to minimize injuries.

How To Prevent Injuries When Practicing Yoga At Home

The beauty of yoga is that you can effectively practice it at home. Although, practicing at home brings about comfort, the main drawback with it is that you tend to injure yourself more often. The good news is that you can prevent injuries from occurring by using these simple tips.

Yoga Basics: 6 Must Know Things for Beginner

In this article I talk about the 6 “must know” things of yoga which should be known by every person before he/she starts practicing yoga. In simple words, some yoga basics for beginner yogis who don’t even have a single clue of yoga.

5 Most Scary Things About Yoga

There are a lot of things that can make a newbie yoga practitioner scary of the practice. In this article I debunk the wrong perceptions related to 5 such things.

12 Qualities That Separate Good and Bad Yoga Teachers

Do you know the qualities that separate good and bad yoga teachers? If you’re thinking that it’s knowledge of more yoga poses or may be advanced yoga poses then you’re getting it wrong. In this article I describe the 12 qualities of great yoga teachers.

Pros and Cons of Yoga

Stress relieving and anxiety reduction-yoga incorporates plenty of meditation which plays a vital role in stress reduction. When your stress levels go down, you always feel at ease with yourself and you become very productive in your career and business. You also tend to be very happy with life which further makes you more productive. Yoga poses play a vital

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