Day 28 Transform Total Body Yoga Challenge | Yoga with Tim

Using Meditation for Gratitude

Feeling great about the thing’s that are going well in your surroundings is a great way to get rid of the negativity hidden inside you. In this article I talk about a meditation ritual that can help you in feeling grateful.

4 Characteristics of A Bad Yoga Teacher

It’s critically important to choose a Yoga teacher carefully. If you choose a teacher who’s not sure of what he/she is doing then you won’t be able to get the most out of your yoga practice. In this article I describe the 4 qualities of bad yoga teachers.

4 Poses That Can Empower Your Body Instantly

Although each yoga pose increases our power in a certain way, still there are some poses which are quite effective for empowering ourselves. In this article I talk about 4 power increasing poses that you can do when you feel bad about yourself or find yourself struggling for doing something.

5 Poses That Provide More Energy When You’re Exhausted

Festive season has gone but many of you may still be recovering from your holiday habits. This is the perfect time for gaining some more energy in your body that’ll help you in recovering quickly. In this article I talk about 5 yoga poses that help me in energizing myself quickly.

5 Yoga Poses for Decreasing Anxiety and Increasing Focus

Sometimes when we get stuck while doing an urgent assignment and clock starts ticking as always, we start to panic and our focus shatters down within a matter of seconds. Five focus increasing poses mentioned in this article may come insanely handy at such times.

Who Are Truly Advanced Yogis?

Many people think about advanced yogis in this way – they can do the most awe-inspiring poses that we can just dream of doing. And that’s where we miss the point of being advanced. In this article I talk about the definition of truly advanced yogis.

Detoxify Your Body Using These Three Yoga Poses

According to scientific studies, your body is packed with toxins that greatly affect your health. The toxins also play a vital role in increasing your weight thus you become overweight. The good side is that you can easily get rid of these harmful toxins. One of the tested and proven ways of getting rid of the toxins is through yoga. If you are wondering how you can get rid of toxins using yoga, here are three poses that will be of great help to you

Pledge to Practice Yoga This New Year!

The New Year is a time of transition and introducing mindful practices should be your top priority. Along with the celebration and cheer, it’s time for you to make some amends in your lifestyle leading you on the path of positive energy and mastering the art of living. With every passing year, all of us tend to make a short list of New Year resolutions. Hence, this year, make an earnest attempt of take up yoga and walk the route to good health and peacefulness.

Best Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is characterized with mood swings, sickness, and fatigue. At this time, you need exercises that will help you ease these conditions. One of the best exercises that you can engage in is yoga. Although, yoga is such an integral exercise, not all yoga poses are ideal during this time. Here are a few yoga poses that you should engage in during pregnancy

Yoga Exercise In Regards To Emotional Skill And Physical Profit – Is Granting Yoga As Science Vital?

Yoga exercise isn’t a plan of pleasure – or a perception – the way a lot of individuals are led the wrong direction to think. Prolonged flexibility and variety of activity as well as extended fat burning capacity are only a few of the advantages. Acknowledging yoga exercising as science is important, as it allows us to ask the question: what are the key advantages of yoga?

Healthy Tips To Be A Perfect Yogi

More than ever before many people are enrolling for yoga classes. The rapid increase in the number of yogis has greatly been contributed by people’s realization of the importance of yoga. Although, there are many people interested in yoga, the unfortunate thing is that few of them know what they need to do to ensure that yoga is a breeze.

Golden Hints For Yoga Beginners

Yoga has quickly gained a lot of popularity and almost everyone is eager to start practicing it. If you are new in the arena, before you start practicing it, here are a few things you need to first consider.

Five Mistakes Many Do When Practicing Yoga

There are a few mistakes that are usually done by many people when practicing yoga. Here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid. 1. Improper breathing. Mastering how to breathe properly is as important as mastering the different yoga poses. To breath properly you must bring your breath to your chest and feel your ribs expand and deflate with each breath.

Fertility Yoga Poses

In some cases conceiving can prove difficult. Experts link infertility to high stress levels. Modern world is packed with high stress levels brought about by careers, partners, homes and a plethora of other commitments.

Acid Reflux and Indigestion? Yoga Has a Cure for This

A disease more common than considered, acid reflux can cause a lot of discomfort. If you are one looking beyond the antacids and at a more holistic approach, it’s time to give yoga a try.

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