Day 20: Gentle Yoga Flow – Detox Yoga Fusion | Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin (35-Min)

Stretching By Power Yoga

It’s time for some power yoga, folks. This is a great way to get in shape. Not only does it offer exercise for the entire body, it also promotes blood circulation via stretching. This is a great way to stay in good shape as you age. Remember you want to age gracefully; not quickly. With power yoga comes a lot of devotion. This goes the same for any decent fitness regime or martial art. I have known a lot of martial artists in my day and most of them definitely do not train to fight or defend themselves. Now you may be wondering what I’m talking about. Maybe you take a particular martial art and think you’ve got skills. Will, let me ask you a few things. Do you train daily? Are you in good shape? Do you always work to improve and avoid becoming complacent? Do you spar with other regularly?

Yoga For Cancer Afflicted Folks

Regular Yoga practices tend to increase tissues capacity to overcome inner damages. Once you get this increased ability of resilience through yoga, you are less likely to fall prey to cancer. By enhancing your body’s overall capacity to fight diseases, it furthermore lessens possibility of severe maladies like cancer.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: My Yoga Students Do Not Want to Meditate

There are many new and interesting ideas to develop the mind and body connection, but Yoga teachers should not be discouraged. When most of our Yoga students get a mind and body connection through asana practice, this is a small start for the evolution of Hatha Yoga in western culture.

This Year Don’t Be A Downward Facing Dog

This year, don’t be a downward facing dog. Stay out of the dog house with these great gift ideas for the yogi in your life.

The Benefits Of Hatha Yoga Examined

Find out how hatha yoga can help people of all ages – from children to the elderly. And discover how yoga is different to regular exercise.

The World Goes Gaga Over Yoga As A Stress Reducer

Yoga has intruded into almost all spheres of healthcare. A good number of health organizations in America have come up with strong advocation for Yoga practices. And they are no fool in doing so as they are well aware of yoga’s efficacy in holistic health improvement.

Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss – The Best Way To Healthy & Fit Life

Yoga is probably one of the safest options for losing weight as it ensures no side effect. If you are resorting to weight loss pills it may affect you adversely when taken the unregulated way. Even a reasonable dosage of weight shedding pills is sure to give you some side effects.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Private Lessons

How much should your rate be for a private Yoga lesson? Does it vary by location? Why do some Yoga teachers schedule so many private lessons, while other Yoga instructors run Yoga classes, almost exclusively?

Are You Short Tempered?

Yoga, when originally conceived by the Indian Yogis was not a ‘technique’ to counter the everyday woes of human beings. It was not a set of methods devised to get rid of our bad habits. It was just a way to get near to the actual realm of our body. It was a way to live as the nature wished us to.

Yoga For Healthy Life

Relieve from depression, stress and tension. Yoga is the best exercise to get rid from the disease. Find out what is yoga and which yoga position benefits

Yoga: Shown To Help Cure Cancer Patients

A cancer specialist in San Antonio, Texas said during a seminar in Oklahoma City that a cure for cancer is possible by the application of Yoga.

Yoga and Ethics

Yoga is more than exercises. It is a philosophy. The very first step in the practice of yoga is character building by following some rules to have healthy body and mind.

Your Yoga Practice – 7 Guidelines For The Ultimate Beneficial Yoga Experience

To get the ultimate benefit out of your yoga practice then you need to follow 7 guidelines. These practice guidelines will ensure that you not only find the correct time for your yoga practice but have the correct focus and the right surroundings to get the greatest benefit out of your yoga practice

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of prana. Prana is the life energy we have within. In Kundalini Yoga a seeker aspires to harness this tremendous power through concentration and meditation.

Yoga Positions – Positioning Yourself For Health

Yoga – the ancient art of breathing and stretching – has long been favored as a natural way to achieve optimal fitness and ward off stress. Today, more and more people are turning to yoga to help them achieve what traditional exercise has not – a mind/body connection that offers a greater level of health and inner peace.

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