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Yoga Class Etiquette – 10 Things You Should Know

Yoga is a beautiful practice and a wonderful way to build strength, stamina, and flexibility in the body. However, getting started may be a bit intimidating for you, especially if your personality tends to be a little on the reserved side. Here are 10 helpful tips to give you an idea of what you may expect on your first of class and what is expected of you.

How to Practice Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is one of the truest forms of yoga that is still in existence today. The benefits of this form of yoga, its origins as well as other issues that are essential to its practice are also considered in the text of this article.

Beginning Your Yoga Workout

Yoga is less workout and more mind-body exploration. Yoga is not exactly about sweating as you push your body into exercise mode. However, the term “workout” will be used loosely for simplicity’s sake.

Inner Fitness

In the age of self-help, Western culture is wisely turning its attention to inner focus. What’s going on inside of you has everything to do with what’s going on outside of you. The top self-help gurus in the U.S. are overflowing with this message: Look to the inside for your answers. So are you up to the challenge?

Yoga Provides Relief and Health Benefits for Certain Health Issues

Yoga has been shown throughout its ancient practice to provide innumerable health benefits to those who practice it. More recently yoga has been shown to benefit people with specific health issues such as fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and scoliosis.

Diabetic Students and Yoga – What to Expect

The effects of Yoga, on persons with diabetes, are extremely healthful, and sometimes, cause the unexpected. Be conscious of potential effects of Yoga on diabetic students.

What Yoga Teaching Level Do You Start From and How Do You Progress to the Next Level?

Training to become a yoga teacher is exciting. People who become yoga teachers are generally those who have been practicing yoga for several years and have a basic understanding of the different aspects of yoga. Once you have completed your training, you may wonder what opportunities are available for you to begin teaching others the fine art of yoga.

The Different Aspects of Yoga Instructor Training

Training to become a yoga instructor consists of many different aspects, such as learning about proper diet, asanas, relaxation and meditation, enlightenment, pranayama and others. Each is equally important in order to become a well-qualified yoga instructor. A good training program will not omit these aspects from their curriculum.

Osteoarthritis-Management With Yoga

According to Ayurveda, an integrated system of living, the imbalance of Vata dosha is the chief cause of Osteoarthritis (Sandhigata) which gives raise to inflammation and pain in the joints. Accumulated negative toxins called ama (undigested waste) in the colon which occurs due to the emotional and physical disturbances when settled in the joints give rise to OA.

An Overview of Yoga

Yoga, an ancient art that has been practiced for centuries, became popular in the 1960s with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who popularized Transcendental meditation (TM) in the 1960’s. Yoga is the most diversified spiritual practice in the world. Many scholars believe that yoga dates back over 5,000 years to the beginning of human civilization.

Yoga, Chiropractic and HIV-AIDS

Western science is merging with eastern ideas and mysticism. One example is the use of Chiropractic and Yoga. Yoga and Chiropractic share many of the same principles. There is increasing evidence that the body increases its immune response, if given the optimum conditions in which to work. This combination would be most beneficial to people with HIV /AIDS Chiropractic and Yoga allow for an increase in optimum conditions.

Becoming a Yoga Instructor – Is it a Good Fit for Me?

Whether you’re thinking of leaving your current job, or simply supplementing your income, becoming a yoga instructor may be the change you’re craving. Deciding whether it’s a good fit for you will require you to do some soul-searching. Take inventory of your own yoga experience and see if you relate to any of these benefits to teaching the art yourself.

Using Breath to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Proper breathing is essential to yoga techniques; in fact there is a whole branch of yoga related to breathing. Learn how to use your breath to get more out of your yoga practice.

Yoga Certification – On-Site vs Off-Site Training

Perhaps yoga certification is something you’ve often dreamed of. For those who dream of it, many don’t pursue it because they think it isn’t feasible. The combination of cost plus the time it takes to complete training may be discouraging. However, many people don’t realize that yoga instructor training can be completed in a home study course. This option makes it easy for those who hold jobs and still desire to study for yoga certification.

How Power Yoga Can Help Athletes

Whether you already practice yoga or barely know anything about it, you can greatly improve your athletic abilities by doing power yoga. This article explains how yoga will help.

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