Day 18: Expand Your Lung Capacity Kundalini Kriya – Enter a Deep Meditative State (45-Min)

Yoga for Beginners: A Stress Management Program that Really Works

Every time of year, there is an occasion for stress with work, holidays, family obligations, education, moving, and weddings. There is no shortage of reasons to be stressed out over something. Here is a Yogic method, which can help you handle stress all year long.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: How to Influence Students without Criticism

When you are teaching Hatha Yoga classes, do you ever want to reach out to a particular student, who does not seem to understand a Yogic technique? Maybe you feel a bit frustrated that you have covered this same point, in the last six Yoga classes, and this student was there each time, but does not comprehend it.

Yoga: Relieving Asthma

The science of Yoga presents vital information essential to the understanding of respiratory troubles and techniques particularly helpful for the relief of asthma.

Yoga: General Principles in Yogic Practice

Yoga – the natural philosophy, which observes the laws of nature, the natural elements, the natural kingdoms and the natural qualities and functions of man. It represents the ideal method of achieving human health and long life.

Yoga Meditation 101: Breath Awareness and Posture

What do you think of when you hear about Yoga meditation? Do you picture a Yoga teacher, Guru, mystic, monk, or priest, guiding a group through meditation? Are you a bit confused about the whole process of Yoga meditation? Let’s look at one of the many types of Yoga meditation and the benefits of daily practice.

Structure Your Lifestyle for Maximum Health

We are designed to function in a state of wellness – we just need to provide the environment for the body to do its thing.

Pilates and Yoga Both Are Quality Workouts

Both pilates and yoga are quality workouts and more than that they are very similar. In fact pilates was developed, by Joseph Pilates and his wife in the early to mid-twentieth century as for the purposes of rehabilitation, based on the movements and postures of yoga and Joseph incorporated this into his form or exercise.

Hatha Yoga for Beginners: Discover Peace of Mind

Each of the following fours subjects we discuss can cause us damage to our mental and physical state of health. Let’s determine what we can do and if they are real. In each case, Yoga can give you inner strength to deal with these troubles.

Teaching Hatha Yoga for Peace of Mind

Many people work two jobs and fall asleep due to exhaustion. Peace of mind will have to wait, until the following day, but that day never seems to arrive. This is a cycle that can lead to a “disturbed mind.” The daily grind, without relief, can cause irreversible damage to the mind and body.

United We Stand, Divided We Fail

We will only achieve a better state of health by applying the laws of health in different quantities and qualities until the desired objective is reached.

See Why Yoga Mats Are A Useful Accessory To Enhancing Your Yoga Experience

If you enjoy practicing yoga, then you will probably find that a yoga mat enhances the experience. A yoga mat gives you a comfortable resting place for your body, and also helps to define your exclusive space for doing yoga.

Yoga Meditation to Envision Success

When a Yoga teacher, or Guru, leads meditation, you are taught many methods, and visualization is one of them. Yoga meditation can help you in many ways by creating inner stability. In effect, Yoga meditation can lead to positive personality development. This results in self-confidence, improved self-image, better self-esteem, and a Yoga student who is successful in life.

The Westernization of Yoga or Why Stretching & Flexibility is Not Yoga

Yoga has become extremely popular over the last decade. Today, almost everyone knows someone who says they are practicing Yoga. Many of these new yogis/yoginis are quite dedicated and go to class several times each week.

Crocodile, Cold Calling And Yoga

The noise of the falling keys vibrated desk and falling phone book got attention most of the people in the office. It ‘is 8.12 in the morning. I slowly released my last excel while flexing my left arm holding a chair near my desk I smoothly pull up my feet down.

The Mind on the Mat – The Shadow of Envy

One of the main principles of Asteya is non-coveting; not desiring that which belongs to another, being happy with the life we create, rather than viewing happiness through our interpretation of anothers life.

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