Day 17: New Moon Flow – Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation (25-Min)

Stress Relief of the Holidays

This article gives hints as to how to deal with stress more effectively with yoga. There is a simple and specific breathing practice included which will help one to relax.

What is Yoga

This article gives a general description of a Hatha yoga class. The article gives detiais of some of yoga’s benefits one can expect with regular practice.

Yoga For Beginners: Help, I Was Told Yoga Practice Is The Work Of The Devil

There is no reason for any religion to look at Yoga as a threat. We all have access to information, which allows all of us to see similarities in the Torah, Quran, Bible, Vedas, and Sutras. Morality is, and has been, a universal concept and does not belong to a specific group.

Yoga – More than the “Aerobics of India”

Originating in India over 5000 years ago, yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union”. It is a scientific technique for spiritual development. Yoga is a practical aid, a living experience – not a not a set, rigid thing or religion. It’s no longer only for the flower children of the ’60s, yoga is now mainstream.

Practicing Hatha Yoga: The Gateway to Happiness

You cannot wait for success, giving, and happiness to come to you. The Yoga practitioner, who finds happiness – takes action, helps others, seizes the moment, and moves forward with optimism.

Practice Hatha Yoga for Happiness

Does life feel like a carnival ride? How do we deal with life’s challenges? What do you consider happiness to be? Can Hatha Yoga really open the “Gateway to Happiness?” Let’s look at solutions to happiness, which you can find in your Hatha Yoga practice.

How to Generate More Business for Your Yoga Studio with Minimal Cost

Have you ever met someone who could really benefit from yoga, but had no real idea what yoga is? For example, have you met someone who had back problems and after you got to talking with them, you explained that yoga could help their back? The next thing you know, they are a regular student and maybe even a client for private sessions. In this article, I’m going to share with you a strategy for bringing people like this into your studio day after day – all without you even needing to be the one who initially talks to them.

Yoga: Poses And Postures

In a way, yoga is all about poses or positions involving the alignment of the chakra and breath and control. Breath and movement sequences are combinations of several poses. Yoga consists of about eight different general styles or methods of practice. All, of course, share the same basic concepts and mental as well as physical goals.

Yoga: Exercise Your Body, Mind, And Spirit

Yoga has had its fair sweep of popularity, like Pilates or Jazzercise. However, Yoga is rooted in something very spiritual – its philosophy, in short, is balancing of the body and the spirit, a calming, relaxing way to tone up your body and even your outlook on life!

Yoga for Beginners: The Second Step of Yoga Practice

The truth is – DVD’s are great learning tools for Yoga teachers, Yoga teacher interns, and Yoga teacher training sessions. Until a “holographic Yoga teacher” is developed to guide and assist you, in your own home, reading is much safer.

Yoga for Beginners: The First Step of Yoga Practice

Maybe your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, or best friend told you Yoga would be good for you. You have heard so much about Yoga; it seems that Yoga is a “cure” for almost anything. The more you hear, the more confusing it is to understand what Yoga is all about.

Yogic Philosophy

People across the globe are turning towards to Yoga for getting peace and bliss, because the modern day busy lifestyle has made the body diseased and the mind tense. In order to make the body disease-free and the mind tense-free so that one may feel peace and bliss always one has to understand the yogic philosophy. At present Yoga is being practiced as a mere exercise having a therapeutic value. But the aim of Yoga is to realise the Self by giving up all ignorance and blind religious beliefs. By knowing the Self one gets liberated right in the present birth.

Who Would Take an Online Yoga Instructor’s Course and Certification Program?

Many companies will not understand, if an employee announced to management, that he or she was leaving for an extended period of time to pursue Yoga teacher training certification programs in San Francisco. Unless you already live in the Bay area, holding down a job, and participating in Yoga teacher training certification programs, in San Francisco, may not be an option.

Yoga Poses: Techniques for Beginners to Veterans

When it comes to yoga, every pose has a different benefit to mind, body and soul of the individual. Also, there is a big difference to the poses performed by beginners and those for veterans of the practice.

Enjoy Your Life And Relax More With Power Yoga That Equips You To Deal With Life’s Everyday Stress

If you want to use yoga to get fitter and stronger, then you may find Power Yoga, also called Artistic Yoga of great benefit. This involves performing stimulating yoga exercise, generally referred to as asanas. These exercises help to fine-tune your mental and physical capabilities.

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