Day 10: Gentle Yoga – Vinyasa, Yin and Breath Meditation (30-Min) Detox Yoga Fusion

Starting a Yoga Practice

Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit expressed in motion, sound, meditation and community. This ancient practice of asanas (poses), meditation and gentle ritual will enrich your life and deepen your knowledge of your Self, while opening your spirit toward the world around you.

Eight Limbs of Classical Yoga

The practice of yoga as outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali encompasses exercise, meditation and ritual for the whole body and spirit. The eight limbs of Classical Yoga address our relationships with others, with ourselves and with the Divine.

Yoga Is for Everybody

Everyone can benefit from Yoga, regardless of age, weight, build or experience.

An Introduction To Yoga For Beginners

Yoga is an increasingly popular form of exercise and stress relief. The health benefits are many; from fitness, to mental awareness, even to a boost in the immune system. Find out how to get started.

How could a Shy Person Become a Yoga Teacher?

So what is a shy, but aspiring Yoga teacher to do, when confronted with this impasse? Should he or she give up the dream of becoming a certified Yoga teacher? Some trainers of Yoga teachers would agree, but the truth is there is a solution for the shy, but aspiring Yoga teacher.

Universal Principles of Yoga: Forgiveness

This is why Yoga can help heal today’s world. Yoga teaches us about the law of Karma.

What Is Yoga – History and Origins

Yoga has been referenced in many ancient texts, including the Bhagavad Gita. Find out what yoga really is, and trace some its history from India’s pre-vedic civilizations.

Interested In History? How About The History Of Yoga?

The history of Yoga is interesting, if not entirely clear. But regardless of it’s history, it is a fascinating discipline for millions of people

Kids Yoga: Enhanced Goal Setting Techniques

Parents know that children need the best possible “head start” in the extremely competitive world of academics, athletics, and later on, in business. Hatha Yoga classes, for children, offers them a chance to set their own goals, without a strict measurement of success.

Need To Improve Your Health Or Flexibility? Try Yoga

Yoga can have all sorts of health benefits, and these can include improvements in flexibility. This can have benefits in many areas of your life.

Yoga for Busy People – Yoga Exercises

Yoga is actually a way of life not just let’s do an hour here and there. Busy People probably need yoga more than others to de-stress and get that feeling of total relaxation. You want to practice yoga everyday and have the benefits of doing regular sessions but you are just too busy. Most of us are lucky if we can fit in a couple of sessions every week. Look for ways to practice yoga as you go through your regular daily routine and you will see the benefits in many situations.

Learn Basic Yoga – Simplicity Is The Key

Have you been unable to think properly? Have you been so stressed lately? Are you person that would be easily pressured? These are some of the questions by some persons who do not have time to rest and relax. The answer to your problems could be to learn basic yoga.

Want To Improve Your Health? Improve Your Circulation With Yoga

Yoga can help improve the blood circulation in the body, and this in turn can lead to many health improvements.

Yoga and Mental Self-Reconciliation

Many of us need time to “find ourselves,” and some of us never do. How can Yoga help a “lost soul?” Can Yoga really be a guide to better mental health? Where do you start to “pick up the pieces” and practice Yoga for self-reconciliation?

Yoga and Spiritual Self-Reconciliation

The sooner we all realize that peaceful co-existence, and tolerance, will bring about world peace, the better. These are the universal principles of Yoga, and they do not conflict with any religion.

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