Crystal Healing & Yoga (40-min) | How to Integrate Crystals into your Yoga Practice

Ashtanga Yoga

Get alot of great benefits from Ashtanga Yoga. The meaning of Ashtanga is “eight limbs” in Sanskrit, and refers to the eight limbs of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Relax And Rejuvenate With Office Yoga!

Your workplace may be a stressful place but that does not mean that you have to suffer from the negative side effects of stress. In just a couple of minutes you can recharge and learn to channel your energy in a creative and productive manner.

Yoga Is For Everyone

Learn to “be in harmony with yourself and your environment”. Learn how to use your total being; mind, body, and spirit to achieve your health and fitness goals. Learn to stimulate your organs and improve circulation to relieve stress.

Discover Yoga – A Gift For The Rest Of Your Life

Why Yoga? You won’t loose weight, it’s not a calorie burner, and it’s not instant. If you are the type that’s want immediate results, the magic bullet, those 20 lbs dropped, then don’t even try Yoga. However, if you want a gift for life, an hour where you can reconnect with your body and the pure joy of feeling your body shift in micro movements, then Yoga will take you until the end of your days. I can’t promise you you’ll be pain free, (although at 61 I do not have a single joint pain or a single complaint) but Yoga wakes up your body like no other activity- just like that hit of chocolate. I guarantee that every day you’ll want to honour your body and celebrate all it can do. Becoming more mobile is addictive!

Exercising Your Stomach With Yoga

Practicing yoga can help you to reduce stress while at the same time exercise your body. You can also incorporate yoga in your stomach exercises which target the midsection. In yoga a number of positions or asanas exercise your stomach muscles.

Yoga – Misunderstood So Far

Yoga is the only methodology available with the humanity which has anatomized the human existence without opening a human body. It is the oldest and the deepest psychology of the human existence.

The Principle Behind Christian Yoga

Christian yoga is a spiritual practice of Christians most common in Eastern and Western Countries. It is a discipline that one practices to be much closer to God. Taking the path of Christian yoga can lead to healing of the mind and body. But perhaps even more important than that, it can lead to the discovery of what at the moment is only a potential within you…

Yoga Therapy for Increasing Self-Worth With Mantra, Japa, Affirmation, or Prayer

Yoga practice has been an aide to mankind for thousands of years. In those thousands of years, many brilliant people, who had a lack of self-worth, have taken their innovative ideas with them to the next life. Their ideas could have advanced our species at a faster rate, but they did not take a chance.

Letters to a Yogi – Prana (Energy)

The energy fields, which are within each of us, have existed since the beginning of time. Energy (Prana) exists throughout the universe. If the “Big Bang Theory” is correct, Prana was once very condensed, but then exploded to be scattered throughout the universe as we know it.

Yoga Off the Mat – A Lesson From the Ocean

Yoga does not just happen on the mat. Teachings are everywhere- we only have to be open enough to see them as such.

Hand Yoga For Stressed Mums

Hand yoga postures when held for as little as 3 minutes can encourage the flow of specific energy channels in your body. They are very subtle and allow the body when given the chance to re-balance itself.

Benefits of Yoga in Chairs

Yoga has traveled across geographical boundaries and over the mighty Atlantic all the way from India and is being considered as one of the best therapies for fighting physical and mental conditions. Yoga in chairs or chair yoga is just another simplified posture that will allow you to practice this art while sitting on a chair.

Letters to a Yogi – Questions About Existence and Purpose

The longer we practice Yoga – the more we will see the meaning in the concept of uniting the mind, body, and spirit. No matter what our religion is, or if we practice Yoga, many of us ask the same questions regarding our spiritual, physical, and mental existence. Ever since humans learned to communicate with one another, there have been three common questions people ask.

Yogic Affirmations for Life

During traditional Yoga practices, students were taught to create positive thought with the power of affirmations. Saying, and thinking something, as simple as, “I am happy,” can have such a positive impact on your day. Over the centuries, Yoga teachers realized the value of affirmations, because of the way affirmations changed their lives and the lives of their students.

Cool The Body, Calm The Mind

How are you unconsciously adding fuel to your inner fire? Here are some yoga, pranayama and meditation practices to bring you into equilibrium.

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