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The Inside Scoop – Yoga Can Help You Internally Too

According to yoga experts, yoga is the only physical activity that has the ability to massage and stimulate the internal organs and improve your internal health. In addition, yoga can increase the red blood cell count and the levels of Vitamin C, both of which help to strengthen your immune system.

Yoga As A Natural Cure For Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriasis can lead to other health issues. If you have Psoriasis, you may develop arthritis. This happens to about 5% to 10% of people who have been diagnosed with Psoriasis. Symptoms vary from swollen and deformed feet and joints on the hand to pain on the knee joints etc, nail changes may occur. This condition is common in men when their Psoriasis is pustular.

Can I Do Yoga on a Sprained Ankle?

For those of us who do yoga every day, it becomes part of our routine, part of our lives. A day without yoga is like a day without breakfast. Sure, you can do it but you just don’t feel right. So what do you when a sprained ankle is threatening to take yoga away from you?

The Shoulder Blades – Retracting and Spreading for Stability and Mobility of the Upper Arm

Part of being able to use the body effectively is understanding the parts and how they relate and then also experiencing those parts of the body. In this article learn how to position the shoulder blades based on what we are doing with the arms and in turn how to stabilize the shoulder blades so that the arms have a firm foundation from which to act. Also learn about which part of the shoulder blades to focus on in order to stabilize them.

How Can You Find Yoga Mats?

Adam needed to begin looking for yoga mats, as his gym doesn’t supply them as he thought they would. He was new to yoga, therefore was not sure how to find a yoga mat that would be good for him. He has never bought one before so was looking for tips or some advice on how to buy one, and also where to find them.

What Yoga Poses Are Good for Beginners?

Starting a new yoga class made Becky weary, and she had seen all of the videos and knew the yoga poses were complex. Her doctor gave her the go ahead to take the class but she needed to be sure she could handle it before attending her first class.

Yoga Positions – What Are a Few Popular Ones?

I wanted to join a yoga class however, was not sure how to do any type of yoga positions. I was new to it all, and while I searched for yoga classes in my local area, I also researched some poses. I wanted a change of pace and something that would not be so rough on my body.

Is There Such a Thing As the Best Yoga Mat?

Kate was looking for a new mat because hers was getting worn. The one she had was a lower quality, so it was beginning to tear in small areas. While it was nothing serious, she decided to begin looking for a better yoga mat.

The Many Benefits of Hand Yoga

Heidi worked in an office that was mainly ladies, in her department at least. The ladies talk about their exercises and what they do, and one day a few of the ladies were talking about hand yoga. Heidi had never heard about this before and was curious as to what it was and what it could do for her.

What Are Some Yoga Tips For Alleviating Stress At The Office?

Scarlett has an office job that requires her to sit at a computer all day. She is finding that her back and shoulders begin to ache, and become tense by lunch time. When she gets up and walks around during lunch time she gets some relief.

Beginner’s Guide to Ashram Yoga

Ashram yoga is one of the oldest cultural activity of India. It refers to the physical and mental disciples of meditative practices.

Indian Purification – How To Do Shanka Prakshalana

After performing this ancient Indian technique you will feel lighter, your skin will be radiant and pimples will vanish, it also helps you lose excess fat and countless other diseases are supposedly cured or prevented. According to Hindu Scripture, It is the best dhauti; he who practices it with care and ease purifies his body of all impurities and makes it radiant and god-like.

Affordable Eat, Pray, Love Yoga Retreats to Enrich Your Life, Warm Your Soul, and Nourish Your Body

Not all of us can afford to traipse across Italy, India, and Bali in search of our bliss like Julia Roberts. However, if you look closely, you might find a yoga retreat nearby that won’t break the bank but will still enrich your life, warm your soul, and nourish your body.

Beginner’s Guide to Bikram Yoga (Or Hot Yoga) – What to Expect During Your 1st Class

This guide is for people interested in trying Bikram yoga and offers some basic advice and tips for beginners. Come check out what hot yoga is all about and what to expect at your first class!

Handstands – Pulling Up From a Forward Bend

Pulling up to a Handstand can be easier that jumping up to a handstand because we can use our hands to feel our center and keep it over our hands from the get go. In this article we look at pulling up into a handstand and the key elements involved in doing so. While it does help to have some flexibility, you may find that you can still lift up if you have some shoulder strength and ab control. Perhaps the most important thing is being able to use your hands to feel where your center is so that you can stay balanced.

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