Chair Yoga Sequence to Release Neck Tension

Yoga Therapy – Avoid These 3 Mistakes That Delay Self Healing, and Use 3 A’s of Yoga Therapy Instead

Are you making these 3 mistakes that delay self healing? This information is especially important if the same situation keeps reoccurring. What is your responsibility, and what is the role for your health care practitioner or yoga therapist? Find these answers.

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? – Part 1

There has been much debate over the best way to relieve chronic back pain, and with many studies published in top medical journals have given a gentle nod to a simple form of yoga. It also states the benefits of yoga practice in alleviating back pain, tightness and discomfort. Many studies have shown that yoga and exercise groups who attend a class weekly with around 75 minutes practice, and with some practicing at home as well showed that there was much progress than with those that did not do any form of practice.

Which Type of Yoga is Right For You?

If you haven’t practiced Yoga before then you might be confused by the many different types of Yoga practices that are out there. Before deciding which type of exercise is right for you it’s a good idea to attend a class of each style that interests you so that you can try out each style to see which you prefer. Here’s a brief overview of the most popular types of Yoga to help you get started.

Yoga Exercises – Self Mastery Through Understanding the Mind and Practicing Yoga Exercise

Do you know you have more than one mind? Find out about your functional minds, why the mind can drive you nuts, and how in spite of the spinning, you can act with self mastery with the help of yoga exercises.

My Yoga Discovery

The first yoga class that I participated in I remember feeling awkward and out of place. I remember asking myself, “Why is this so hard?” I also remember feeling totally blown away afterwards. As I looked around the room at the other yogis while they relished in postures with peaceful faces, I remember wanting to find just that.

Yoga As a Treatment For Back Pains

To the extent that stretching and strengthening your body is helpful – and I believe this beyond a doubt – yoga instruction can be an excellent treatment for back pains. To the extent that stress contributes to back pain yoga instruction can bring significant relief.

Yoga – A Natural Path For a Slim Body

Yoga is not only a set of physical exercises. It affects several muscle groups, organs and endocrine glands. The practice of concentration of the mind and the conquest of the mind are of utmost importance in this discipline.

Yoga Health Benefits – Changing Your Life

If you are fitness conscious person you certainly should have a look at yoga. Yoga has been around for a very long time and with today’s fitness movement it is gaining more and more popularity. Don’t just think yoga means bending you body into impossible poses and endless meditation. There is so much more to yoga and I would like to take the opportunity to show you some exiting ways to improve your fitness levels.

Yoga Exercises – 4 Mistakes to Avoid If You Practice Yoga Exercises With Yoga DVD Or Yoga Instructor

Improve your experience of yoga and your own self by paying attention to how you practice, when you practice and why you practice. Solutions are provided for each.

About Yoga and Pilates

The Pilates exercise system is actually based on ancient Yogasanas (poses) to help relieve stress and anxiety. Pilates is not a completely holistic or balanced exercise and health regime. Even so, it is very useful. This form of exercise mainly emphasizes the need for cultivating core physical strength and stretching the spine. For decades, Pilates has been effectively practiced by dancers and, in recent years, has become more popular largely for its aesthetic body sculpting effect. Read the article to learn more about the guidelines for practicing yoga poses and pilates exercises.

Yoga and the Economy, Part III – The Economy of Yoga (Exercise With Breath Awareness)

In Part II of this series, I argued that yoga is the perfect antidote for economic hard times. As modern yoga masters Iyengar and Bhajan state, yoga was created over 5,000 years ago to help the everyday individual “satisfy all human needs” in the face of “hardship and suffering” and the challenges of “making a living, raising a family, and finding meaning and purpose.” Yoga is perfect for tough times since it is tough: tried, true, deep, modifiable, and life-transforming.

Yoga – Living Without Regret

If we wish to teach our students life’s greatest lesson-that it is only love that really matters-we must start by learning to love the work of teaching. Perhaps the greatest service we can do for our students is to remind them in both obvious and subtle ways to find their true calling in life, and to provide them with tools to help them on their quest.

The Benefits of Yoga and Yoga Techniques

Yoga is the connection between both mind and body. The different yoga techniques that are available are all dependent on what you want to achieve with Yoga.

Hazards of Yoga and How to Prevent Them by Using Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton yoga mats are the ones that meet all these requirements. Their texture provides perfect non-skid surface. Along with the above-mentioned qualities, they are soft to touch and are comparatively inexpensive.

Yes You Can Do Yoga – Why You Should Get Started in Yoga Practice Right Away

Yoga can lay claims to being one of the world’s best exercise routines. Practicing yoga can keep you fit, nimble and youthful. Here are three great reasons why you should get started in yoga.

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