Calming Guided Kundalini Heart Chakra Meditation For Beginners (15 Min)

Work Out With a Yoga Fitness DVD – A Great Way to Get Fit, Beat Stress, and Feel Your Best!

What do all these things have in common? First, they are all things we need to work on improving in our busy American lifestyles. Getting better at these areas has long been advocated by health experts as a way to increase our quality of life, reduce the risk of injury or illness, and even to live longer!

The Benefits of Yoga For Golfers

Sore back and shoulders from golfing? Try yoga to improve your strength, flexibility and balance for golfers of all ages.

A Factual History of Yoga

What is the exact origin of Yoga? What does Yoga mean, and what is it supposed to do for you? This is a factual background on the history of the beginnings of Yoga.

How Yoga and Martial Arts Create Successful Studios

Some people think Yoga and martial arts are polar opposites, but nothing could be further from the truth. Many of today’s martial arts can be traced back to Yogic origins. At the same time, both of these systems develop human potential far beyond normal expectations.

Yoga Instructor Training – A Gateway to Self-Mastery

Taking an intensive Yoga course is a great way to take control of your life, direction, and destiny. Not everyone wants to teach Yoga classes, but an intensive course will instill inner confidence and reveal many methods for establishing self-mastery. Intensives often reveal hidden facets of Yoga practice.

Yoga Off the Mat – What Are Your Dreams Worth?

Yoga practice is much more than practicing postures on a mat for a few hours each week. Once the mat is rolled up, we begin to apply the teachings of Yoga to life. Granted, most people will apply the physical mastery, learned from Hatha Yoga, toward other physical activities.

Yoga and the State of Spiritual Awakening

You read and hear so much about being consciously aware and spiritual awakening, but what does it all mean? What does Yoga have to do with it? How could Yoga practice cause a practitioner to live with intention and complete mindfulness?

Why Become a Yoga Teacher? – Purpose

You see the changes Yoga has made in the lives of practitioners around you, but imagine them on a global scale. Now, let’s consider your dreams, aspirations, and goals. Do you have a life purpose? Do you clearly know what your life goals are? Do you know what holds you back from pursuing your dreams?

Choosing the Best Yoga DVD

When it comes to selecting the best Yoga DVD, there’s no such thing as trial and error. Why not? Simply put, because they cost money and there’s no point to you buying a bunch of them only to realize that you’ve just coughed up a couple hundred dollars and still not found something that you’re happy with. And you will have to spend a bundle if you want to test drive all the yoga DVDs that are on the market today. Before investing in any yoga DVD, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Yoga and the Power of Positive Energy

If you participate in a Yoga practice, you hear terms related to negative or positive energy. Negative energy is most commonly seen as worry, anxiety, pains, aches, pessimism, and doubt. Negative energy prevents progress and can bring your life to a standstill.

The Link Between Raw Foods and Yoga (Part I)

Do you know that many Yoga Retreats are conducted together with raw food cuisine? Even though they do not specify clearly upfront on the food provided, these retreats are known for offering clean organic living foods throughout the duration of the retreat.

Learning Different Yoga Positions For Flexibility

When you talk of Yoga, you immediately associate it with stretching the muscles. It is the ideal exercise for your muscles and joints. It helps you correct your body posture and makes you feel light. Its several positions do certain benefits to your body. That is why a lot of people prefer to engage in this physical activity than the usual body workout. Aside from toning your body physically, Yoga also improves the mental and spiritual side of the person.

Different Types of Yoga and What They All Mean

This article will discuss the different benefits yoga has to a variety of different types of people as well as the different types of yoga being practiced. Yoga is a great low key exercise.

Different Types of Yoga Retreats in Our Country As Well As in Other Countries

This article will discuss different types of yoga retreats available nationally as well as internationally. Yoga is a great low key workout.

Change Your Life the Yoga Way

Yoga is the best risk-free solution against most diseases. It gives you an active and healthy lifestyle. It can change your entire life completely. Those who practice yoga regularly have a peace of mind and can feel their inside beauty. All the benefits of yoga ensure a strong, skinny body, and active lifestyle.

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