Beginner Hatha Yoga | Low Back and Side Body Hatha Sequence (20-min)

Successfully Eliminate Stress Through The Practice Of Hatha Yoga Techniques

Hatha yoga focuses on physical discipline that is achieved through ‘asanas’ (postures), ‘pranayam’ (breathing exercises) and meditation. Through these activities, the body is shaped into a perfect receptacle for spiritual elements.

Yoga Isn’t Just For The Younger Crowd – Find Out How Yoga For Elders Is Becoming More Popular

Spending years in the practice of yoga is not required in order to glean the benefits of yoga. Many elders feel that yoga is not work at all, and in fact many find it fun! Yoga is safe, when practiced correctly, and results in many positive benefits that can turn into joy and vitality no matter what your age.

You May Be Familiar With Yoga But What Do You know About Yogasana?

Yogasana is the exercise portion of yoga that when properly practiced, the Yogasana, as a portion of yoga, will reduce the body’s oxygen demand, respiration and perspiration.

Improve Your Muscle Tone, Obtain Stress Relief And Increase Your Overall Health With Yoga

By practicing yoga regularly and sincerely and you will begin to become aware of the peace and blessings in every moment. Yoga can be way of life and your life will become new and beautiful with your practice.

Yoga – Discover What It Really Is!

This articles covers the history about Yôga and try to eliminate misconceptions about this great ancient philosophy.

Cancer Patients Get Relief From Laughter Yoga

We have had several cancer patients attend our laughter club who have cancer and are going through chemotherapy. Many don’t have much to laugh about since they are experiencing great physical and emotional pain and they were very curious about the history of laughter yoga and its benefits.

The Purpose of Yoga – Yogic Stress Management

Have you ever noticed that people who exercise regularly have more energy, less stress, and seem to get more done in a day than those who do not have the time for exercise? Why does exercise increase your energy level, and how is it possible to be more productive in less time?

Yoga as a Lifestyle

A person interested in health and wellness should take a look at what yoga can offer. They may be surprised to find that many of the beliefs they held about yoga are not true. Many people underestimate yoga as a way to better their health and wellness. However, many others have found the truth and are living a healthier and happy yoga lifestyle.

Asana – Yoga Poses Or Something Else? Find Out!

This article explains what asana in Yoga really means and how to make the most of it.

Kriyas – Kriya Yoga And Much More – Learn How To Clean Your Body!

This article talks about Yoga techniques that have been used by the Yôgis for over 5,000 years.

Karma – Do You Really Know What It Is?

The Hindu concept in respect to karma is much different than the Occidental concept divulged by spiritism and spiritualist groups. With the Judo-Christian influence, rich in the notion of guilt and sin, in the Occident karma has the configuration of something extremely bad, that you should pay with suffering.

The Main Kinds of Yoga

This article explains briefly the main kinds of Yoga, its differences and similarities. Find out which one is suitable for you.

Improving Your Life With Yoga

You’ve probably heard all about Yoga and may even know someone who practices it. Just what are the benefits of practicing Yoga and what exactly is it?

Tips for Yoga Teachers

No matter what style of yoga you teach or intend to teach, there are many things you can do to ensure a wonderful class for both you and your students.

What Is Mantra? It Is Not What You Are Thinking! Read On…

This article is about what Mantras truly are. There are a lot of misconception about Mantras and this article is aimed on teachin what these sacred sound are really about.

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