Bedtime Yoga – Relax and Sleep Better | Hip Opening Yoga Routine

YOGA – Teachers Train to Teach More Than Technique

An ongoing yoga practice involves more than technique. It offers a time and place to find a framework for improving your body and mind, releasing insecurities and finding focus.

How is Your Back Pain? Part 4

Practice. Here you can help to determine how to start your own yoga practice or alter your existing practice, depending on your physical condition and the cause of your particular pain. The Plough, Halasana if practiced slowly and smoothly, the entire spine becomes flexible and the spinal nerves, muscles and ligaments are toned up and fed with extra supply of arterial blood.

Elevate the Life Style

Yoga as a means of life, if incorporated, can and will be very life elevating in itself. But most people now a days are shying away from this ancient form of wisdom. The reason behind this is the initial difficulty they experience in incorporating this in their lives. There are various misconceptions about his form of living that has been built up over a period of time. Some of them being it is slow in terms of yielding results; another being it is, as I said, difficult to incorporate etc. Such misconceptions have made it difficult to make this popularize even in its native country.

Living Yoga – Transforming What is Not Love

It may be something physical: I have a long nose that no one would love. Or I am not lovable because I am so fat and ugly. It may be something about our personality: I am an angry person.

Living Yoga – Respect Thyself

Respect emerges from within. The wanton disrespect we sometimes show toward things and others is really just a manifestation of our lack of self-respect. When I do not respect myself for who I am, how can I respect you for who you are? When I don’t feel worthy, I feel compelled to make you feel unworthy, or make you make me feel worthy. When I lack self-respect, I inevitably crave respect from others, becoming either the tyrant who commands people to look up to him, or the whining child who constantly complains that he is not getting enough attention.

How is Your Back Pain? Part 3

Learning what it feels like to relax your mind and your muscles will help you to recognize when you are becoming overly tight in other situations and will help you prevent injury; to notice when a muscle is too tight for good performance. This calms and unifies the body and mind to maintain energy balance, while it massages and exercises the joints and internal organs.

The Meaning of the Yoga, For a Right Beginning

The purpose of all the different aspects of the practice of the Yoga one is that to rejoin the Itself individual (Jiva) with the Absolute or pure awareness (Brahman). The word Yoga literally means “union.”

Five Yoga Intensive Tips – How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Yoga Training

Whether you are attending an on-site course for re-certification, a refresher, or for your initial Yoga teacher training, you want to learn as much as you can while you are there. Most onsite, or residential intensives, can be quite expensive, so here are a few tips for getting the most out of your training session.

How is Your Back Pain? Part 2

Health. By practicing yoga, tension is often released and blood flow is increased, which means your muscles are getting added nourishment, ultimately creating and training a healthy body. There are many forms of yoga, choose one that you are happy with and can relate well to your instructor. You may find that one area of yoga gives you more than another.

Yoga in Practice – The Law of Attraction

How does Yoga relate to the “Law of Attraction?” We often hear about the universal concept of attraction, but how many of us are aware of it as it happens throughout the day? Let’s take a closer look at our Yoga practice and how we influence the world around us with our thoughts.

Yoga and Integrity

Yoga is often described as “unity.” The root words for integrity are the Latin words, “integritas” and “integer”, which we know as “whole” or “wholeness.” If you practice Yoga, you should be familiar with the concept of working to improve your entire being, in every facet of your existence.

The Direction of Yoga As a Form of Therapy

How can we expect Yoga to be recognized as a viable therapy, along side traditional western medicine? Much like many of the other holistic approaches to health, Yoga is not backed by any “deep pockets” of financial power, in comparison to Fortune 500 companies and the International corporate giants.

Yoga Teacher Ethics – How Much Emphasis Should Be Placed on Them?

Why is there a code of ethical conduct for Yoga teachers? There is a balancing act between integrity and power. Whether we like it, or not, the position of teacher, in any subject, is a position of power. At the same time, Yoga teachers must establish an environment of mutual trust.

Yoga Therapy – The Future is Now

Many people feel that therapeutic Yoga styles are an alternative form of therapy, because they have seen changes in their lives, or in the life of someone close to them. Yet, Yoga must undergo scientific and medical scrutiny in the form of studies or research.

Yoga Teacher Distance Education and Contact Hours

Becoming a certified Yoga teacher has never been easy. Due to the quality of online courses, and the evolution of distance education technology, the common hurdles of distance, travel, time, and expense have been removed from the process. Below is the dialogue of a recent interview about Yoga distance education and contact hours.

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