Awakening – Guided Meditation | Day 5 EXPAND Breathe and Flow Meditation Program

Are Yoga Positions Possibly Harmful?

One Saturday morning, Vincent roamed the halls of a local high school that housed the aerobics class his wife was currently attending while rain poured down outside. She had told him that one of his friends, John, would be leading a yoga program tailored for seniors on that same floor. Ever since his car accident, Vincent’s back suffered from tight muscles, and he had wanted to find a low-impact exercise to regain his mobility.

Yoga and Being Out of Shape – Work At Your Own Pace

There are many people who believe that because they are out of shape they do not belong in a yoga class. The truth is that no matter what your fitness level you can do the simple and easy stretches that will help you to become a healthier and happier person.

Hatha Yoga DVDs For Working Out

It should be rather easy for you to find the right Hatha Yoga DVD which can show you the correct practice in which to perform the postures, or asanas. Hatha Yoga is also known as Hatha vidya and has been embarked upon by practitioners in India since the 1400’s when the initial treatise was written by Yogi Swatmarama.

Yoga And The Approaching Holiday Season

Don’t let your yoga practice falter as the holiday season approaches. Your body needs it more than ever when life’s hours get full to capacity.

Pranayama IV – An Experiment!

For those of you who have read the first three articles on Pranayama I think this sequel will interest you too: it is written for those who have moved beyond the ‘catch’ in exhaling, when the muscles of the abdomen contracting to exhale from the belly move in smooth transition to the muscles of the thorax squeezing out the rest of the air you have left. It is for those who have learned to breathe all the way out and all the way in again, holding your breath at each end of this cycle of breathing.

7 Basic Yoga Postures

Yoga is a great exercise to help give you more energy, improve your muscle tone and increase stamina. Practicing yoga a few times a week can help release tension and stress in your life.

Premium Yoga Mat – Why Is Your Mat So Important

You think you know your yoga? How well do you really do your asanas? How important is your mat in the yoga practice equation? Learn a few simple guidelines to recognize the right mat for you. In order to really get the best out of your practice, you MUST know these points.

Manduka Yoga Mat Review

If you practice yoga you have probably realized how important it is to have a really good yoga mat. A proper yoga mat can make a big difference in your yoga performance as it should support you during your yoga poses and prevent you from sliding or, even worse, falling during a yoga position. The best yoga mat I have found so far is the Manduka Black Mat Pro. This article will explain some of the benefits of the Manduka Black Mat Pro Yoga Mat and it will also show you where to buy a yoga mat for a good price.

Learning to Stretch – Practicing Sensitivity and Control

Relaxing a muscle and contracting it are both aspects of controlling our body. We can improve our ability to stretch our muscles, activate them and strengthen them by learning to feel our muscles and control them. We can focus feeling the belly of the a muscle since this is the part that does the work. We can also learn to feel our bones and the points of attachment between muscle and bones. Focusing on the belly of a muscle we can feel when that muscle contracts and relaxes. Focusing on the endpoints of a muscle, the points at which it attaches to bone, we can move these points away from each other or towards each other to help stretch a muscle or activate it. This article focuses on learning to feel, control and relax the belly of a muscle so that we can stretch…

Here’s How Yoga Can Help Flatten Your Stomach

With all the abs exercise devices out in the market today, various machines that promise to solve your stomach fat problems – are they really effective and worth all the dollars you will spend for them? To correctly, effectively, and efficiently reduce fat in your abs, you need to know how this area of your body works. Fortunately, yoga may be of great help for these problem areas.

The Transition From Fitness to Yoga and Why I Stayed With Yoga

After 10 yrs of no yoga I started to practice again. Deciding yoga was the missing ingredient to the hard-core cardio and weight training I was into. Unfortunately 10 years of workouts had tightened up my muscles and joints and all of the yoga poses that came so easily 10 yrs prior now seemed out of reach.

Ways to Get a Whole Household Interested in Yoga

As a parent, or even as a child, Yoga is an ideal practice to share with your family. However given the shortage of time and constant pressures on family members to fulfil school, work and social commitment it is quite challenging to find ways to encourage your family to participate in yoga. As a Yoga Teacher, I am always asked “do your children practice yoga?

Understand Yoga – Let’s Clear Up Some Popular Misunderstandings

Yoga is a very well known form of physical exercise and mental discipline, but a lot of people don’t understand Yoga and what is involved. This is not surprising when you look at the amazing popularity of Yoga as a discipline and the multitude of variations that Yoga has. Often people try out one type of Yoga only, and so they will base their overall opinion of Yoga on what they have experienced. This can be likened to people basing their knowledge of an issue in the world solely from the TV news – when the angle taken by the news organization has exaggerated the truth. The truth is that Yoga can be many things to many people especially in light of its commercialization, and so who teaches them and how they learn will naturally color how they understand Yoga.

Keeping Up With Kundalini Yoga

The term kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit term to describe the innate energy that uncoils from the base of the spine and expands throughout the body. It is an energy that we all have, but it is asleep in most of us as we have not been trained to develop it and unleash it.

The Top 3 Things You Must Have When Practicing Yoga

Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress and improve your health, but there are three things you absolutely must have in order to gain the most benefit from yoga. #1 – An Open Mind When beginning any new venture, its important to approach it with a clear and open mind. Understanding that yoga is something that’s going to serve you for many years to come, and greatly improve your health is the first step in creating the change in your life that you want.

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