ASTEYA YOGA – Heart Opening Flow and Meditation (Yoga Philosophy)

The Yoga of Strength Training and Body Building

A friend who’s a fitness buff, and who became dedicated to yoga a few years ago, struggles with oscillations between the gym and the Shala (yoga school). The big question is how to get the benefits of both? What you do in the gym will set back your yoga practice and what you do in the Shala will undermine your strength training.

Yoga Is Fantastic For Joint Pain

Yoga is getting more and more widely known. Most people do yoga mainly for general well being. It is most heartening to know that yoga can also be really effective for those with joint problems, especially at the shoulder and knee area. Read on to discover how yoga can help to loosen the stiff joints and more importantly, to create lubrication to the joints as well!

Why Yoga Is So Beneficial?

You’ve probably heard that yoga is good for you. Maybe you have even tried yoga and discovered that it makes you feel better. But what are the specific health benefits can you expect to enjoy from doing yoga regularly?

Yoga And Wellness Retreats – A Bliss For Our Health

Stress can be a major factor when considering your health problems. If you’re an adult living in a big city or working for a big company, certainly you feel that your life is being overtaken by routine. There are a lot of ways to approach such a problem.

What Can We Expect From A Yoga Retreat?

The busy life and the pressures of living in large crowded cities affect our health and minds. More and more people suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and they look for refuge in the middle of nature and in other religions. One of them, Hinduism, offers a system of philosophy (yoga) whose purpose is the mystical union of the self with the Supreme Being.

Yoga Helps You Forget About Stress

Nowadays it’s become very hard for anyone living in a city to have a stress-free live. Almost any job can cause tiredness, insomnia and other disorders.

How Can Yoga Retreats Help Us?

Yoga is an ancient Indian philosophy. In involves the discipline of both mind and body. It has the purpose of improving one’s life. Through yoga, one can find himself and obtain equilibrium. The word “yoga” means “union” in Sanskrit.

Knowing Yoga

Yoga is a practical and scientific method of attaining physical and mental health, thereby promoting well-being and fosters development of personality. It also achieves an overall balance in life that enables us to face day-to-day challenges.

The Meaning of Power Yoga

The practicing of yogic exercises has been on the rise in the western world and especially in America. The hall where it is practiced may be calm with sounds only of breathing and changing of postures by practitioners. The body is supposed to bent from different angles and take some unknown shapes that are really healthy for the over all development of the body.

Healing the Body With Yoga

The yogic practice has been exercised by people all over the world and it has been there since ancient times. This was the collection of exercises developed in the east but because of its benefits yoga has been hugely accepted almost all over the world. The practitioners all over the globe take it as a routine exercise but only few know the actual and total benefits of performing yogic exercises.

The Curing Aspect of Yoga

The practice of yoga all over especially in western world has been going on as another form of exercise. The point is that people are still unaware about the healing effect of this ancient practice. This is a practice that takes the person to some other world and gives a peace of mind irrespective of the current worries that are prevailing in the life of the practitioner.

Important Information About Yoga

The yogic exercises are one of the most preferred ways of keeping fit in today’s world. Hectic life has increased the demand for yoga by a huge margin. It brings a lot of calm within the mind and gives spiritual peace.

Yoga Mat and Yoga Practice – Do They Really Connect?

The modern culture of the west has taken over the idea of Yoga and changed it to fit it ways. Yoga has lost some magic and has entered the realm of market-value, as people buy yoga products and go on yoga vacations, forgetting the true nature of the practice. Here is a reminder of what really matters – the true practice of yoga.

My Yoga Workout – Yoga Helps To Exercise The Body And Relieve Stress And Tension

My yoga workout is a course that teaches you everything there is to know about yoga. Yoga is gaining a lot more followers than ever before and this is for many reasons which might include job stress, a stressful lifestyle, or just because it is a really safe way to exercise the entire body.

The Real Benefits of Yoga

Did you know that yoga is a fantastic exercise for strength training? Yoga is easy on the joints and muscles. It can also be done right at home without any special equipment.

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