Arm Toning Yoga Exercise (25-min)

Yoga For Digestive Disorders

Yoga for digestive disorders has a set of exercises or positions, ‘asanas’ that can provide you complete relief, be it the ‘IBS’ or irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, constipation, heartburns, etc. Learn all about gastro-intestinal ailments and their treatment with yoga exercises and start feeling the change within a day or two of beginning the exercises.

Should Yoga Teachers Be Marketing Themselves?

Let’s look at just one benefit of Yoga. Would you rather have more pain or less? Pain is the relationship you never wanted. Once you have pain, you only want to get rid of it. Some people gladly pay anything to get rid of pain. So, now I ask, “Is Yoga worthless?”

Pranayama – A New Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a profound impact on the pranamaya kosha and its pranas. Physical activities such as exercise, work, sleep, intake of food and sexual relations, all affect the distribution and flow of prana in the body. Faculties of the mind such as emotion, thought and imagination affect the pranic body even more. Irregularities in lifestyle, dietary indiscretions and stress, deplete and obstruct the pranic flow.

Meditation Music – Mp3 for the Chakras

The relation of musical tones to the chakras and how this can be used to stimulate and open these energy centers. The Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that govern the correct functioning of different organs and also areas of our lives.

Health Treatment Through Yoga

So there are alternatives – acupressure, ayurveda and one of the best alternatives considered is “YOGA”. Yoga helps in maintaining body systems functioning properly. Any malfunction could be cured if an individual practiced Yoga regularly under an expert trainer.

The Yoga of Trust – Jules Paxton’s New Yoga

An introduction to partner Yoga and Jules Paxton’s Trust Yoga a brand new form of Yoga created by legendary yoga teacher Jules Paxton. In theory you practice yoga by yourself. Somewhere at the back of every yoga practice is a faded archetype, a jaundiced photograph of an Indian sage with huge eyes and a loincloth, some South Asian trees, a long-lost sky and a handful of mysterious buildings.

Yoga In A Health Club Or In A Yoga Studio – Compare

Thinking about taking classes locally? You might find a class given in a healthclub, gym, at the YMCA, at an adult school or in a Yoga studio. Search your yellow pages under ‘Yoga’ for studios.

Styles Of Yoga – Choosing The Correct Style For You

There are many styles of yoga, all are popular for the shared reasons of increased health and vitality. However each style also offers it’s own unique benefits. Find the style that suits you.

Yoga – The Fitness Mantra

These days everybody is becoming health conscious. The concern of staying fit and healthy is fast spreading like wild fire among the older age group people of all age groups. Everybody is on the look out of remaining healthy, being active and self independent. Yoga is possibly the best option for them.

Yoga in Your Home

Thinking of practicing Yoga at home? You are not alone! Many people have a flourishing practice of Yoga at home for the following three reasons: 1) Time Crunched: While taking classes locally is a good idea, sometimes our schedule is so busy we cannot spare that extra time it takes to travel to and from a local studio.

Why I Do Yoga

Why I do Yoga. Five minutes after my first yoga practice session my ‘state’ changed. I felt wonderful and become hyper aware and alert, while very calm. This life affirming practice strengthens all aspects of me and connects me to more who I really am.

Yoga Alignment Methods for Insomnia Solutions

Yoga contains many natural solutions for a variety of life’s daily problems. So, what can Yoga do for you when you are having a restless night? Let’s look at common causes, and a Yogic alignment method for insomnia.

Kundalini Yoga – A Divine Energy

Tantric yogis believe that it is the nuclear energy of the human psychophysical system. It is comparable to the nuclear energy of the atom. The atomic energy is released through bombardment of the atomic nucleus with high-voltage alpha particles. Likewise, the psycho nuclear energy of man is released through high pressure of the concentrated biopsychic energy mobilized by mental focusing.

Hatha Yoga for Increased Life Expectancy

Could Yoga help you to live a longer, healthier, and happier life? Of course, Yoga can do all of these things. Yoga has a proven “track record,” at a time when some countries could afford to be more pro-active about healthcare.

Yoga for Health

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. It consists of ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind, spirit and body relationship. According to the principles of yoga the mind, spirit and the body are one and they together can heal itself.

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