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Why Buy Eco-Friendly Clothes for Yoga?

Whenever Anna attended yoga class, she would always hear about eco-friendly clothes for yoga. They were either bamboo, jute or some kind of organic cotton. The women raved about how soft and comfortable they were.

Why Do You Want a Bikram Yoga Mat?

Samantha was so excited about the new Bikram yoga class starting at the yoga studio across town. She had never gone to one before and the concept seemed interesting. The idea of doing different yoga movements in a hot room seemed like a fun idea, but she knew she needed a Bikram yoga mat.

Make Yoga Part of Your Fitness Plan

A basic fitness plan consists of a combination of strength, or resistance training, along with heart-pumping cardiovascular workouts. The fitness industry is increasing accepting yoga as an integral part of an all-around fitness plan, counting endurance, flexibility, and balance among the benefits regular yoga participants report experiencing.

A Yoga Pose For Your Active Lifestyle

Wondering why yoga is a recommended exercise for active individuals? Specific yoga pose targets precise muscles to either flex or stretch. Stretching these targeted muscles, especially when in pain, will relax the stiff muscles and joints thus easing the discomfort.

Stretching Your Limits

Yoga means union. Yoga postures work your body, focus your mind, and build your life force. When done in tune with a partner, they also strengthen your heart connection.

Basic Stretching Exercises to Do Before Your Yoga Stretching Exercises

Before your yoga stretching exercises it is safer to warm up the muscles you are planning to stretch. Slow, gentle movements done without strain or force. The movement provides lubrication and warmth, plus a few other advantages.

Ways to Stay Awake at Work – Yoga Secrets for 5 Hour Energy

Awake in the middle of the night, drowsiness in the afternoon. Time to turn things around. Try these simple no-cost methods from the yoga tradition. Three little secrets that work once you work with or at them.

Practice Yoga For A Healthier, More Fulfilling And Longer Life

Yoga is an art that began in India but has gained popularity in many parts of the globe. It has been practiced there since the early twentieth century and has been exported to other continents as well. It refers to both a system of philosophy and an ancient system of physical and mental disciplines. It is a combination of three main activities; posture, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. It is proven to treat various conditions including cardiovascular and carpal tunnel syndrome. This means that yoga can be used as an alternative medicine.

The Foundation of Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga is form of yoga that was founded by Ilchi Lee in the year 1980. At the beginning, Lee taught this kind of yoga in a park Seoul. In the year 1985, he rented a 900 square feet space in Seoul which became the first training center.

Yoga for Sinusitis

Immune system plays an important role in the prevention of colds and nasal allergies. Yog Mudra and breathing exercises can improve breathing, reduce tension and stress, and support the immune system.

Yoga’s Health and Fitness Benefits

The list of health benefits by practicing yoga is lengthy. Practicing yoga will help you with your flexibility, strengthen muscles, improve your breathing capacity and give you better mental acuity.

Why Is It Essential to Have the Right Clothing While Practicing Yoga?

Yoga is considered to be a discipline to bring out the innermost energy from the mind and body. It originated in India and has been practiced there for many years. yoga as a practice is very dear to the Indian Hindu pundits who believe that it is through yoga and tapasya that they can truly attain nirvana.

Essential Clothing While Doing Yoga Exercises

Yoga is an exercise. It may not as strenuous or vigorous as a full throttled acrobatic one but it is an exercise none the least. Yoga involves a lot of stretching, spreading and opening up of all the muscle groups along with mind and soul.

The Many Benefits Of Yoga

Staying healthy and keeping yourself fit is very important for you to live longer and have a sound judgment. However, not all people is a gym buff who wants to go to the gym and is a fitness enthusiast even if they know that it is good for them because going to the gym is very tedious especially if you are using some heavy gym equipment. If you want to stay fit and healthy without hitting the gym then you should try yoga.

Yoga For Those Who Work Full-Time

There are lots of excuses when we work full-time to avoid exercising. However, stretching and yoga will give you more energy, reduce stress and be a way to make your week much more enjoyable.

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