30 min Evening Yoga for Flexibility – STRETCH & RELAX

The Yoga Sutras: If Patanjali Had Been a Woman

Nischala Joy Devi writes that the the meaning of yoga should be interpreted as follows: Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart. Compare this to her male counterpart, prolific yoga expert Georg Feuerstein’s translation: Yoga is the restrictions of the fluctuation of consciousness. Devi’s translation gives us a feeling of warmth, unity, and hope; that yoga is about opening ourselves into a state of being already known to our hearts.

Fasting and Yoga – The Truth

What is the truth about the yogic practice of fasting from historical and health perspectives? Many Yoga practitioners are using long-term fasting as a part of their practice, including it in their observances of the niyamas of tapas and sauca. Those who do aren’t following our wisest gurus and the recommendations they set forth in the trilogy of classic Hatha Yoga texts. Heeding the sage advice of the ancient gurus, there’s a right way to incorporate fasting into a Yoga practice to facilitate health and growth.

Yoga: A Healthy Endurance Athlete’s Secret Weapon

A well-designed yoga practice specifically works each direction of body movement, front to back, side to side. Running and other endurance exercises focus on moving in a single direction, in one specific, repetitive motion. This single direction aspect of running contributes to imbalance and overuse injuries. Yoga practice involves work in all directions, helping to maintain muscle strength symmetry. Muscle strength symmetry is a key factor in avoiding the running injury bug.

Can Connecting to Earth Help You Create More Abundance?

In yoga and in many other energy based healing arts modalities, we work with the chakras, a Sanskrit word which literally translated means, “wheel” or “turning”.  A chakra, or “wheel of energy,” is a center of activity that generates, assimilates and expresses life force energy, or prana. The chakra system is a map of the subtle or energetic body – a diagram of where and how the body, mind and emotions intersect.

Yoga on the Web: Giving Better Understanding of Its Health Benefits

Two websites, Beliefnet and Yoga in Daily Life, are healthy and spiritual sites living through their articles and stories about yoga practice. Beliefnet is a comprehensive website covering a wide range of topics including health, faith, religion, politics, sustainable living, and family entertainment. Its section Pain Management Centre is where lessons on meditation are available. These meditation topics include 10 yoga poses for pain management such as back pain.

Yoga Nidra and Its Benefits

Yoga Nidra is just one kind among the variety of yoga practices. Yoga Nidra focuses on the visualization using sound and mantra. This kind of yoga aims to tune the body and mind together.

The Life And Breath Energy Of Yoga

Some may consider that going away to a yoga retreat is more of a splurge than a necessity. This is a hectic world, where there is not much time left to sit in silence and regenerate one’s self. A spiritual retreat offers positive time filled with silence, meditation, yoga and healthy meals, all in the company of others who are also there for many of the same needs.

What’s So Hot About Hot Yoga? Part 1: Hot Yoga and Weight Loss

You’ve heard that hot yoga helps you get the kind of burn you’re really looking for – the kind that leads to faster, hotter, more powerful weight loss. How does happen? By engaging your mind, body and spirit in the weight loss process.

About Teaching Private Yoga Lessons

There are currently hundreds of Yoga teacher training programs for instructors throughout the world. Many of these programs offer 200 hour and 500 hour levels of teacher certifications. Despite a lagging economy, or perhaps more accurately because of the lagging economy, more and more people are turning to the restorative and stress-reducing practices of Yoga.

Philosophy of Kundalini Yoga

The practice of Kundalini Yoga began its origins, during the first century, in Kashmir. It is based on a philosophical system called Kashmir Shaivism. The philosophy is deeply rooted in tantric Yoga techniques from Kashmir and falls broadly under the spectrum of Hinduism. The tantric initiation was…

Mantras for Kundalini Yoga Practice

Listed, below, are some of the most well-loved mantras used in Kundalini Yoga practice. These mantras will help to activate, cleanse, and balance your energy body, by directly affecting the chakra system. The mantras also balance and nourish your endocrine system.

More Mantras for Kundalini Yoga Practice

The practice of Kundalini Yoga is complete with many beautiful and sacred mantras. The mantras that are practiced during a Kundalini Yoga class are intended to activate and purify the seven vibratory energy centers along our spine, the chakras. The chakra model belongs to the ancient tantric…

Yoga Techniques to Move Beyond Stress

There are a many different techniques that Yoga teachers can give to students as help to move beyond stress. The feeling of stress in the body often feels like constriction of muscles, difficulty breathing deeply, a low level of constant anxiety that manifests as shallow breathing, and a slightly-increased heart rate. Stress in the mind can manifest as…

Learning the Upward Bow Pose in Yoga

There are a lot of people that have a hard time understanding how to accomplish different poses in yoga. This article describes how to successfully complete one of the poses that can be beneficial for your body.

Getting the Right Yoga Mat

Not too long ago buying a yoga mat was very simple, now I consistently get asked what kind of yoga mat should I buy? The mats were made from PVC – poly vinyl chloride and you need only pick from 2 or maybe 3 colors on the shelf. Well how times have changed. This guide will help you to pick the mat that is best for you.

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