30 min Beginner Yoga – Flexibility, Strength & Balance

The Four General Rules For Doing Pranayama

Pranayama or the practice of restraining the prana or breath, is one of the key components of yoga and is being taught freely to students who are paying for yoga classes. However, for us who are at the conservative end of the yoga practitioners’ spectrum, pranayama is not something that we teach freely. We know that pranayama is a powerful practice that when practiced wrongly, could do harm to the person doing it and the people around him or her.

3 Surefire Ways To Ensure You “Move More”

Being that the majority of my clients are entrepreneurs, I find that there is a very common theme for lack of moving and that is a little thing called time. Whether you run your own business or not, I am pretty sure you can relate many of your less than ideal habits to not enough time. The funny thing is, most people are aware, however they believe the answer is squeezing more in what already feels like not enough time. I however believe the opposite. If you wish you were exercising more or moving more and you can’t seem to find the time to do so, I have the answer for you: BE STILL.

Kama Yogi – The Ayurvedic Sexual Performance Guide

The Kama Yogi eBook has been written; it is like a breath of fresh air among all the wrong, misleading and stale information so far read by us! Then, what is so special about Kama Yogi? Kama Yogi is…

Healing Granted Through Yoga

Yoga was observed throughout the medieval due to the therapeutic benefits that supply natural way to healing. Precisely the same reason might be pointed because of its continued widespread even the ultra-modern times. What made yoga interest its practitioners and also for medical experts is being able to provide holistic way of healing that targets physical body-mind.

Zumba Workout DVD

If you are looking to get into shape a great way is to workout from home. This can be accomplished with the Zumba workout DVD. If you would like to see a review and find a great price on this DVD then read the article below.

The Helping Hand Of Yoga

For many people yoga is a way of relaxing after a hard day at work, for others it is a way of life. However, for all of us it is a series of mediation techniques and positions that can only bring us benefits. These meditative practices work on both our mental and physical states.

Your Body’s Intelligence: What You Truly Need

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like you should go to the gym or take a yoga class, but you really don’t want to? Or you should order the salad but you really want the burger and fries? For me, working on not “shoulding” on myself has been a key part of my own practice (yoga practice, life practice.

How To Become A Yoga Instructor

There’s no doubt about the growing popularity of yoga today. This health discipline has been around for ages, but it’s good that the modern society has become increasingly appreciative of it. This may be because of today’s lifestyles becoming too stressful and yoga providing much needed relief. Or it could be that people have simply become more aware of its benefits. Either way, it’s a welcome fact that society has become more conscious, not only about physical health, but also about general wellness. And it’s even more impressive that more individuals are becoming interested in propagating yoga by being a yoga instructor.

The Top 9 Rules For Doing Yoga Asana

Many of today’s commercial yoga centers only teach students how to execute yoga postures or asana. What most people don’t know, however, is that in traditional yoga practice, there are different rules that must be followed to it more effective. These rules are listed below.

Appreciate Your Body at Any Size With Plus Size Yoga

Many plus size people are hesitant to begin a yoga practice because they are self conscious of their size. Some feel that they will not be able to keep up in a class and look awkward compared to the other, smaller, yoga students. That type of thinking has kept many people from enjoying the benefits provided through yoga.

Yoga Basics – Important Things You Need to Know

The many benefits of Yoga have enticed many exercisers to practice it. Improved focus and concentration, reduced levels of stress and cultivation of positive sense of self are the three main psychological benefits of this ancient exercise form. Increased flexibility, greater strength, better balance and overall fitness are among its many advantages to physical health. If you want to enroll in a Yoga for beginners class, it’s best to learn all you can about it first so you know what you are getting into.

Are You Too Old For Yoga?

Many older people choose to undertake some form of exercise whether it be walking, jogging or playing some kind of low impact sport. One of the best things anyone can do to keep themselves healthy, fit and supple is yoga, and older people are recognizing and choosing to reap the benefits of it. As a form of exercise, yoga is adaptable to each person’s needs and abilities. Senior citizens will benefit from it as it enables them to stay fit and active while also helping with their overall emotional wellbeing.

Hot Yoga – A Great New Way To Lose Weight

Yoga is generally understood to be physical and mental disciplines that originated in India. A practice of meditative postures and poses which improve flexibility and balance. However hot yoga now introduces a whole new dimension to this practice.

Yoga, Pilates Studio, And Gym Equipment

A yoga or pilates studio and working out at the gym can get a person in great shape. Here’s some equipment that might help.

What Do Yoga Retreats Mean?

We live in a world filled with stress and worries about our job, family life, friends and other problems that occur over a lifetime. We all need moments of relaxation in which to forget about all our worries.

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