27 EPIC Easter Eggs in SHADOW & BONE! + Season 2 Theories

The thrilling first season of Shadow and Bone
is stacked with easter eggs, secret cameos, and hidden clues revealing what we can expect
in future seasons of the show. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I'm Jan and in
this video I'm revealing 27 crucial details you missed in Shadow and Bone and how they
affect Season 2 and beyond. Spoilers for the TV show and books ahead. The Crows are arguably some of the biggest
fan favourite characters in the Grishaverse, and the show made sure that Kaz and Inej deliver
one of their most famous phrases from the novels. "No one's dying today. No mourners." "No funerals." In the books, the idea behind this expression
is that it's another way of saying good luck before undertaking a dangerous endeavour,
somewhat similar perhaps to the phrase "Not today" from another fantasy epic, Game of
Thrones. "What do we say to the god of death?" "Not today." 'No mourners' is also the title of the episode
finale, a shout-out that book fans will appreciate given that all of the main characters survive
crossing the Fold in that episode, even the Darkling, aka General Kirigan.

Many of the other episode titles are also
nods to the books. For example, the seventh episode is titled
"The Unsea", an alternate name used for the Shadow Fold in the novels
And it's in this episode where we go back several centuries to learn about the events
that led to the Fold's creation. Also near that map is the stolen DeKappel
painting that Rotty was asking Kaz about in the first episode. "The thief had to get past four roving guards,
high fences, padlocked doors, and a security system designed by one of them Grisha witches." The reason for this namedrop isn't just to
show what an expert thief Kaz is, it's also setting up the heist that Kaz is
recruited for in the Six of Crows book where the merchant Van Eck who Kaz stole the
DeKappel painting from hires Kaz for a job to kidnap a Shu scientist who developed a
Grisha drug called Jurda Parem.

And the Jurda plant, which Jurda Parem is
made from, is also mentioned later in the show when the Conductor lists it as one of
the ingredients he needs for the trip across the fold. "To cross, I'll need 20 pounds of alabaster
coal. A peck of Majdaloun jurda. Not the kind from Kerch. It's too weak." We can see how both the DeKappel and the Jurda
mentions in this first season may be setting up the Jurda Parem plot for either season
two or a spin-off series for the Crows. Leigh Bardugo, author of the Shadow and Bone
trilogy, the Six of Crows duology, and the wider Grishaverse book series, has been heavily
involved in the TV adaptation. And on top of that, the best-selling author
made a secret cameo in the third episode of Season 1. Bardugo is dressed in a purple Durast Fabrikator
kefta, and she's the first Grisha to hug Alina after her successful display of Sun Summoning
powers at the Ravkan court.

And one of Bardugo's books, "The Lives of
Saints", makes a brief appearance too as the book that the Apparat gives to Alina in the
palace library. "A gift. To mark our new friendship." "The Lives of the Saints?" As well as being a real-world book that Bardugo
wrote as a companion to the Grishaverse, The Lives of Saints is also an in-universe
compilation of stories about Ravka's legendary saints that will come in handy for Alina in
later seasons as she learns more about Ilya Morozova and his amplifiers,
and discovers that one of the illustrations of Saint Ilya in the book reveals some crucial
information about him.

The quest for Morozova's stag and its antlers
which the Darkling uses as an amplifier on Alina are a big part of the final two episodes
of the first season, with Kirigan binding himself to the antlers
and Alina through a Grisha ritual. An intriguing detail is that the antlers being
fused to Alina's neck and her forced connection to Kirigan was foreshadowed right back in
the first episode when Alina is on the skiff about to enter the Fold for the first time,
and her scarf blows off from around her neck and the wind takes it back towards General
Kirigan. Alina losing the scarf could also be a reference
to how in the books she uses a scarf to cover up Morozova's collar. In the TV show, Alina won't need a scarf to
cover up the antler collar because she breaks the Darkling's connection over her, and also
because after that she absorbs the antlers into her body.

Talking of amplifiers, Morozova's stag also
appeared on the pages of the book that the Apparat showed to Alina. The other two creatures on this page are two
more fabled beasts and living amplifiers that we can expect to appear in the show's second
and subsequent seasons. First is the Sea Whip, a dragon prince said
to be cursed to live as a sea serpent in waters known as the Bone Road. "The bone road ebbs and the bone road flows." And notice how in this scene the Apparat is
standing in front of a picture of what looks like some kind of boat, pointing to the sea
journey I expect Alina will go in on in the second season in search of the Sea Whip.

The other creature is the Firebird, a mythical
beast considered crucial to the identity of the Ravkan nation, and reputed to be the third
amplifier created by Morozova. The hunt for the Firebird will likely be in
the third season or later depending on how the showrunner decides to continue adapting
the Grishaverse trilogy, given the first season also added in characters from the Six of Crows
duology. The TV show's depiction of the Fold and the
murderous Volcra beasts has been pretty impressive as getting CGI creatures to look good can
be tricky especially on TV budgets.

VFX supervisor Ted Rae was visually inspired
by gargoyles and demons for the look of the Shadow Fold monsters. And there's a shout-out to that when the Darkling
stands right between two gargoyles as he calls on the forbidden merzost magic that ends up
creating the Fold and the volcra. If you find the geography of Shadow and Bone
a lot to take in, then it's worth taking a look at the map of the Grishaverse which you
can find on Bardugo's official website. In the show you can spot that map framed on
the wall inside Kaz's office just behind his desk where it also serves to hide his safe
of valuables.

A vital member of the Crows crew will also
be Nina who meets Kaz, Inej and Jesper at the end of season 1. "I have a plan. We're going to need a Heartrender." As a Grisha spy, Nina can speak six languages,
and there's a fun moment earlier on when as she describes the Wandering Isle to Matthias
she slips into an Irish accent. "Oh, the Wandering Isle. Well, I can fit in there, no trouble." This is a reference to how the Wandering Isle
in the Grishaverse is based on Ireland, and it's also a nod to the fact that the actress
who plays Nina, Danielle Galligan, is Irish herself.

There's a nice moment during Nina and Matthias's
enemies-turned-lovers storyline where Nina gets to enjoy some waffles with the burly
Fjerdan. Book readers will know that Nina is obsessed
with waffles. "I can't wait to introduce you to my truest
love." And her love for the battered treats would
probably even rival any romantic feelings she has for Matthias. "Is this supposed to be sweet or savory? Yes." These next few easter eggs include spoilers
for the ending of the books, so if you want to avoid these, you can skip them by going
to the timestamp on screen. Although the Darkling appears to be immortal,
"He is eternal." in the final episode Inej manages to throw
one of her daggers straight into his chest. Kirigan however seems to call upon his merzost
powers and pulls the blade out unharmed, exclaiming "It will take more than this!" So could Kirigan's words be hinting towards
the fate that awaited him in Ruin and Rising, the final book in the Shadow and Bone trilogy,
where Alina kills the Darkling when she stabs him with a blade made of Grisha steel? And although Inej loses that dagger during
the battle inside the Fold, later on Alina gives Inej her own blade as a replacement.

"It's not much, but it'll fend off a bully
or two." "I know just what to name it." In the books, Inej names her knives after
Ravkan Saints, and although she doesn't say it here, we can expect that she'll name that
knife Sankta Alina, as she has a knife called this in Six of Crows.

I wonder whether the TV show will have Inej
kill the Darkling with the blade that Alina gave her, rather than Alina doing it herself
as she does in the books? Perhaps, Inej failing to kill him the first
time around was simply the set-up for her succeeding later on, and wouldn't it be poetic
if she did it with a knife called Sankta Alina? Another easter egg for book readers is when
Zoya warns Alina about becoming a martyr. "So remember this. Saints become martyrs before they get to be
heroes. So…
stay alive." That may be hinting at how, at the end of
Ruin and Rising, Alina fakes her own death.

Sankta Alina goes on to become a fabled Ravkan
martyr, while Alina and Mal each take on new names and go off to live a quiet life together. And if you want to dive deeper into the ending
of Shadow and Bone's first season and some Season 2 theories including whether Mal has
secret Grisha powers, tap here to watch that video or follow the link in the video description. As we can see, a lot of attention and detail
has been put into Shadow and Bone's first season, and the costumes are no exception. For example, the thorn patterns on the Grisha
keftas are a reference to Leigh Bardugo's The Language of Thorns book which is a collection
of Grisha folk tales. The embroidery on Alina's kefta forms a sun
symbol which is similar to the Sun Summoner sunburst symbol used to represent her elsewhere
in the show. And Morozova's stag antlers form a similar
sun symbol referencing why Alina has always felt connected to the stag through her dreams
and also why it bestowed its power on her.

And Shadow and Bone even worked with linguist
David Peterson to create several original languages on the show including developing
the Ravkan, Fjerdan and Kerch languages we hear. Peterson is perhaps best known for developing
the Dothraki language used in Game of Thrones. And in a humorous meta moment, the book that
David throws at Jesper when the Crows are kicking him out of his carriage is a Ravkan
version of Bardugo's Shadow and Bone book that was specially made for the show. "He threw a book at me." I'm looking forward to Season 2 and I'm curious
to see how Kirigan will track down Alina and Mal, though with his Grisha spies everywhere,
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you spot in Shadow and Bone? And what are your favourite moments or theories
about the show? Comment with your thoughts below, and if you
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