20 Minute Yoga | Full Body Workout for Beginners

Bikram Yoga: The Hot Yoga

Bikram yoga in its more modern form is called ‘hot yoga’. This yoga was named after Bikram Chaudhry who invented it approximately 40 years ago. This style of yoga is a more modernised form of yoga in comparison to the traditional methods.

Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

Chronic pain affects the lives of many people who sit at computers all day, spend hours driving, or work at desks. These types of jobs can result in stiffness and pain in the back and neck, which is hard to relieve. Massage or exercise can release the pain for a many people, but it may come back after only a day or two. Yoga can also practiced as a therapeutic method to treat chronic pain. There are many specific Yoga poses that will release tension. The meditative and breathing aspects of Yoga also aid in releasing the stress that often causes the pain.

Yoga Practice and Positive Psychology: Building Self-Confidence

One of the primary focuses of positive psychologists is to help a client to develop a sense of him or herself as a competent human being. This sense of competency may come in many different forms. The client may be musically talented, gifted in mathematics or artistically inclined. From the perspective of a Yoga teacher, helping your students to develop self-confidence in their Yoga practice is critical. It is far better to start slowly and build a strong foundation of safety and self-confidence rather than challenge a student far beyond his or her current level of ability.

Chair Yoga for Physical Rehabilitation

The traditional medical approach to helping people recover from serious injuries is to focus on healing the specific afflicted area, but Chair Yoga offers a unique holistic approach that deals with the mind and body as a complete system. There are numerous benefits to this more intuitive method of rehabilitation.

Can Kids Yoga Enhance Attention Span?

Yoga can do remarkable things for children. It allows them to take a break from often over-stimulated days, giving them a much-needed break from every day anxiety. Yoga teaches us to relax and bring our focus inward, which are valuable and lifelong coping skills. It teaches us to focus on getting rid of negative energy within our bodies – replacing it with a steady positive energy flow.

Yoga Warm-Ups for Children

After centering, the warm-up is an important component for the beginning of any Yoga class. Students need that transition time to go from an active and noisy environment to a more soothing, quiet place. It is also important to warm up the body before stretching the muscles and joints to avoid injuries. Children, especially, need time to transition into the Yoga environment. Warm-ups for children should be engaging and fun. Accompany Yoga warm-up poses, with songs or other narration, to keep kids’ interest.

Yoga Postures for Depression

Anyone who has been in a depressed state of mind, wants a permanent remedy. Depression recovery takes time. Many people, with depression, have turned to Yoga, exercise, and other holistic alternatives to help relieve the symptoms. Yoga has been proven as a gentle, effective way to eliminate many of the symptoms of depression.

Yoga Apparel and Women’s Yoga Clothes

Finding the best yoga apparel bottoms for your yoga tops are essential to having a good and comfortable workout. Having originated in India, Yoga is a discipline that has become very popular world wide to achieve a general state of good health and feeling of wellbeing.

Yoga For Weight Loss: Calorie-Burning Routines

Some yoga poses are more effective than others in promoting weight loss through calorie burning. Learn more about two of these poses, the Cobra Pose and the Bow Pose.

Yoga For Beginners: Taking Your First Yoga Class

It is important for individuals to be prepared for their first yoga class. Read on for tips on maximizing the benefits of the yoga class experience.

Kids Yoga in Schools: The Results?

Schools across the country are trying to help students succeed by taking out many extra-curricular activities and arts classes so there is more time to focus on core subjects, like math, reading, and science. While this strategy may be beneficial for school ratings and test scores, it might not be the best for kids. Some schools are trying Yoga in the classroom as a way to teach children how to relax, focus, and re-energize throughout the day. The results are positive.

Yoga For Weight Loss: Diet Tips

A yoga diet plan combines the practice of yoga with foods that encourage weight loss. Learn the basic structure of a yoga diet plan and which foods you should eat and avoid.

Yoga For Beginners: Choosing Yoga Equipment

Before taking up the discipline of yoga, you’ll first have to purchase equipment. Read more about where you can find yoga equipment, both online and in stores, and what types of equipment are necessary for yoga beginners.

Yoga For Beginners: A Guide To Introductory Poses

When beginning the practice of yoga, people are introduced to a variety of poses. Learn the names and forms of some poses that you are likely to perform as a beginning yoga student.

Chair Yoga Classes for Senior Health

Teaching Yoga to seniors is now more popular than ever. Seniors often show dedication toward activities that improve the quality of their lives. For many people, growing older means focusing more on good health, which most people take for granted. This is especially true of physical and mental health. Many seniors have faced the realization that special steps must be taken to promote and maintain high levels of physical and mental health. One of the safest and most approachable ways of improving the quality of life is through participation in a chair Yoga class.

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