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welcome to fight being yoga the place to be to get your yoga fix I’m Leslie fight master this is yoga fix 30 and we are currently in date 22 a 23 mess up nice and tall close your eyes we’ll begin with our affirmation it is my birthright to live fully and freely I am worth beloved I now choose to live life perfectly trying to work in our upper back so grab your blocks one is gonna go right at the bottom tips of your shoulder blades the other will go underneath your brain as you lean back make sure the block goes right about if you happen to be a woman who’s wearing a bra turn about where your bra strap travels across if you’re not you know where I’m talking about soles the feet together knees apart if that isn’t so cozy put your feet on the flooring retaining your knees inclination and you can also extend your legs out nonetheless that might be a little too intense on your lower back so is the beginning with the block underneath your shoulder blades about the centre meridian and the block underneath your honcho at the highest height and then if you want more strength employed the block underneath your thought down to the lower level lowest level or middle degree that’ll get into your upper back even deeper and then we’ll inhale reach the arms overhead palms face each other exhale bend the elbows hold on to your joints or wrists tolerating the arms to hang down toward the floor that’s pretty intense on the shoulder so if it’s too intense for you keep your weapons by your surfaces if having the block underneath your back is too intense at the middle-of-the-road height positioned it in the lowest level and then reach the arms up and bend the elbows again hampering onto the elbows after you switch the forearms do the other side couple breaths or again too much take the arms back by your surfaces steady up the wheeze bring your hands alongside you right at your low-pitched back to press up and then move your blocks off to the sides come onto your back again lie down with knees crouched heels under knees feet trendy socket length apart inhale lift into delightful gentle aqueduct exhale and lower back down again press into the heels breath lift up hip bones elevating toward lower ribs increase your low-pitched back exhale lower back up again inhale to hoist simply a amiable connect doesn’t have to be a big one expel and lower we’ll include the arms inhale as you promote reach your arms up and overhead palms facing to each other exhale lower a vertebra at a time take your limbs down by your slopes heels underneath again inhale hoist coiling the thighs and toward each other reach the arms up and over exhale go the arms down and lower back to the floor and again inhale to elevate lengthen your sitting bones towards the backs of your knees and exhale lower back down cut knees into chest Rock a little side to place rock back and forth to come up or roster to your right and press yourself up let’s meet our road on to paws and knees and then tuck your toes and stretch in the down dog bicycling the legs made to ensure that your down dog is long enough so treading the feet back a little so you can get a good stretch through the back and the prickle and then stretching back in your down pup now face-lift your right leg up on your inhale from the inner thigh as you evaporate step it up by the right hand make your left knee to the floor claim knee is over ankle and he’ll come to low-toned move dropping forward but drawing your liberty trendy back exhale deflect your elbows open up your dresser inhale embroil the arms up responding to the palms to the front exhale like you’re scratching shoulders on the back wall draw them down breath expanse him around and up breath face the palms to front and open up the chassis some resist bring your hands down to the floor left hand down fucking arm up pull your title trendy back try to get your shoulder blades to press toward the chest right where that block was and then sweep your right arm around take it down and come to plank gradually lower all the way to the floor inhale for Cobra toes straight back and then higher Cobra if it’s okay with your back keep your belly face-lift press up and back downward dog inhale your left leg up from the inner thigh as you breath step it up by the left hand right knee down attracting the left hip back as you come up keep lifting hip bones toward the lower ribs gather the ribs and lift up through the back ribs and then exhale bend the elbows open up the chest palms facing the front range the arms around breath exhale Bend and open like you’re moving through water do some fighting breath embroil them around and up breath Bend and open so weave the hands to the mat keep your right hand down left appendage up for the quirk drag the left hip back move the shoulder blades toward one another and toward the chest in your quirk and then sweep the hand back down come to plank and lower through chaturanga inhale to upward hound or go to Cobra tuck the toes downward facing pup stretch back lengthen the spine here firm the legs internal thighs spinning back heels reaching down pull your ribs and belly in exhale everything out bend the knees softly step or hop-skip feet to handwritings inhale halfway hoist evaporate to fold press through the feet and rise up on your inhale and breath entrusts to heart come to the front of the rug hoof together or hip suction great distances apart and inhale bend the knees come to chair pose exhale belly to thigh then straighten the knees a niyama inhale look up to lengthen as you breath step back into board or hop to chaturanga lower from timber then inhale press through the sides and feet exhale all the way to down up as you inhale elevate your right leg back and up from the internal thigh evaporate poise it forward shoulders over wrists and then step it up by the right thumb give your left hand knee to the mat and breath come up again low-pitched lunch capsize forward but pull your freedom trendy back and heave your trendy bones to your low-spirited ribs now hands to heart lean forward over the leg and then hook your right arm no no your left arm across as you inhale wide and across your collar bones as you breath save pulling the freedom trendy back and descending the left hip down then maybe lift your left knee off the storey perhap the left hand to the floor right arm up to go deeper into your twist try and keep your trendies as height as you can look back to the floor hands on either side of the hoof lower chaturanga breath pulping up fold the toes under noord facing dog as you breath float your left leg back and up from the internal thigh breath levitate a moment shoulders over wrists press away from the flooring step it by the left hand take your freedom knee down inhale for low-pitched lunge reach up sink forward pluck the left hip back lengthen through the lower back sitting bones to floor and then lean forward hooking your fucking arm across for your slant press your palms toward the center of your dresser increasing your collarbones moving those shoulder blades just where the block was pressing them forward to the chest and maybe promote your back knee off the flooring make sure left knee keeps over ankle and exiting deeper right hand down left forearm up if that’s possible save lifting your privilege trendy away from the floor for height hips then look down chaturanga inhale pressing up and exhale pull all the way back again downward facing hound even out the breath here keep your limbs and yours in line try your breast ribs in try your belly in lengthen out your sticker look up exhale everything out pace or hop feet to handwritings inhale halfway raising and exhale to fold bend the knees cease your trendies come to chair pose and then his abide so Musti – he home back to Tadasana broom the arms up on your inhale breath fold forward hinging at your trendies inhale look up to lengthen halfway up expel pace or float chaturanga dandasana inhale press through your hands and feet and evaporate to down pup once you breath elevator your right leg back and up nice position hips evaporate again shoulders over wrists and then step it between the indicate twisting the back end down this time to warrior 2 as you breath make sure the claim knee is over the ankle and then take your left hand behind your back as you expel bend your claim knee then and he’ll come up lean forward take your right arm around your belly contact your left arm in line with the breath again left hand behind change breath deform the knee inhale right arm in different areas of the belly left forearm forward and once more inhale reverse left hand behind expelling forward right arm in front inhale come back up warrior two exhale cartwheel the arms down chaturanga inhale to press up breath stretch back left leg elevators breath from the inner thigh breath gradually poising and then step it up invent the back end down for a warrior to line up heel to arch with your hoofs left knee is over the ankle now producing helping hand behind the back switch inhale come up lean forward cover your left arm around your belly reach your right arm in line with the hearing side angle inhale turn right hand behind expel bend forward left arm around belly surface slant I’m Ford Mons again inhale alter your fighter Dumber on the belly right arm forward plunge the shoulder away from the hearing press into the front heel and change inhale come up and windmill the arms down chaturanga dandasana breath press up through the mitts and feet exhale stretching the whole way back into down dog inhale timber constitute deeming board and then slowly lower to your belly on your breath bring your limbs alongside your torso and inhale for shala bas and a rolling the shoulder managers back in earth eyes lift up gather your belly away from the rug back on the cervix nice and long then flex your knees or each for the little toe size of the hoof lift up press back if that’s too much stay with shalabhasana instead try to keep your knees no wider than your trendies and then lower down hands by low-pitched ribs inhale press into up pup or Cobra and expel to down puppy step or hop to your knees we’re gonna make elevate Ross and I camel pose so lengthen sitting bones to backs of knees and bring your hands to your low-toned back lift your dresser right where that block was press the shoulder blades in toward the chest wide and your collarbones toes are straight-shooting back then come back up and now onto the forearms will come to dolphin pose make sure your elbows are no wider than the shoulders and lift your shoulders gently away from the storey up towards your waist now press up to down puppy that doesn’t work come to the knees firstly and how to plank pose breath lower all the way to the floor gradually arms by ears breath lift up again husk or boss you know what the arms spread it pull the belly away from the flooring increase the low-toned back either stay with it or swim the arms back take the paw breath lift up and back to dawn your asana keep the knees no wider than the hips widen the collarbones breathe into the chest then sides by low-grade ribs inhale up hound or Cobra and expel to down hound come back to the knees set up again for West Rasta camel moves your knees are no wider than hips now if you’ve got your blocks take them to the outsides of your ankles bring your hands to your low-grade back section and sitting bones towards the backs of the knees and maybe reach for the blocks or maybe reach for the ends otherwise keep your hands at your low back gyration the inner thighs back lengthen your lower back and glean your breast ribs in pressure the legs toward each other to come up and then bring the hands down we’re gonna turn around to face my wall my wall today is a tree which was a little challenge in it in and of itself which you’ll experience make your hands on either side of the block your digit on the bottom of the block your fingers on the two sides for dolphin and then stretch back here lift the shoulders away from the flooring hinder pressing into the thumb first finger side of the hand then come to plank constitute board dolphin timber and expel press back inhale dolphin plank bring your chest forward breath press back so we’re deter that little backbend in the upper back breath bring forward chin over block expel pull back elevating up through the shoulders got to use those belly muscles to become the dolphin plank take a moment now onto the knees for child’s pose we’re going to set up and take forearm balance pincha mayurasana I’m expend the tree is my wall you use a regular hole trees are knotty now if you’re not going upside down stick with dolphin pose you can also move through dolphin plank if you’ve got kind of wider shoulders use both blocks set up like I indicated you otherwise use one block with your thumbs at the bottom thumb paws on the outside then walk yourself into dolphin looking forward lift one leg crouch the other knee and used that leg to lift up yeah the tree was “re giving me” some perturb once you’re up if you get up restrain filching your sitting bones towards your ends mash use the legs together pull the ribs and belly and press into the thumb first finger side of the hand keep your gaze a little bit forward here and then when you’re ready come down come down and make sure you rest in Child’s Pose that is important after you come down so you don’t get dizzy so if you want to play a little bit more with this push the interval button keep playing I think we’re gonna go up one more experience now but if you miss more than that push pause and play if you’re done with that you can stay with dolphin so sides on either side the block it exactly helps to keep the wrists from going in keep pressing into the thumb first finger side of the handwriting slant triceps back lift shoulders up toward the waist and lift your buns up towards your heels ribs in when you’re ready to come down come down take a child’s pose right away and residual so again if you would like to work on this a little bit more push pause and play otherwise I’m gonna come on to our backs and set up for bridge pose bring your feet under your knees arms alongside press into bridge expanded sitting bones towards the backs then you invent your inner thighs down and keep your ribs drawing in take long smooth wheezes and come down and rest this time let’s drop the knees in toward each other and keep the feet a little bit wide and remain now you can do another connection or bird fit on your asana rotate constitute so if you’re going to pedal hands up by the ears fingertips responding to the ends come to the crown of the top line up wrists and elbows and then press up spiraling your thighs in toward one another and press your shoulder blades in toward your chest just like where the block was to come down chin toward us firstly and then lower slowly and now hug your freedom knee into your dresser widen your left leg out and substitution left knee in and right leg out and then both knees in give them a grip start to roll yourself backward and forward or roller to the right and press up come to seat it done Dawson extend the legs and then bend your freedom knee in for Jonas your sauce and I’ll lift the arms up inhale hinge from the hips to be accomplished so lengthen on your breath extend on your evaporate now if your liberty knee is far away from the floor with that knee inclination then put your block underneath your thigh and residual you’re like to give your knee a little break remember long spine trying not to round inhale head up exhale release left hand behind fucking arm up exhale make your fucking arm anywhere along that leg and turn so every time you inhale lengthened each time you evaporate to ask deeper if you can and then bring the pate to core and unroll straighten out your fucking leg and deform your left inhale appendages reach up exhale hinge from the hips and turn toward the straight leg as you fold forward increased on your inhale keep the spine nice and long so my left knee isn’t too far from being the floor but if it were up high I could employ a block underneath the thigh and I would recommend you do the same for knee as I relax the shoulders away from the ears as you’re breathing here inhale lift the head and expel release right hand behind your back reaching left weapon up inhale exhale take it across and turn as you inhale really towering prolong through the sticker as you exhale maybe twist in deeper and he’ll shape your room to Center unwinding and then will come on to our backs and grip your knees into your chest up in asana deter lengthening the tailbone down and then happy baby give the little toe places of the foot or halted legs or ankles still increasing your sitting bones down toward the floor to stretch out your back and then show asana you did it so let your feet flip open arms by your slopes palms facing up release any hostility in your neck and shoulders and jaw and here is a quote from John Wooden don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do now allow yourself to really sink in and loosened natural breathing quiet mind quiet body shavasana him to take some longer youngsters I should bring your awareness back to your body and back to your breath I start to construct little movements and your paws and your toes curve your wrists and your ankles and then stretch your the weapons of our premier I’m strain through your legs pender knees flatten yourself to your titles thank yourself for doing such a wonderful practice today and then come on up to accommodated accompanying the paws together in front of the heart hands to the forehead reminding us to have clear and loving contemplates mitts to the heart reminding us to have clear and loving planneds and mitts to the mouth reminding us to have clear and loving Communications stoop forward namaste transmit up positive energy to all beings everywhere enormous activity I will see you tomorrow where we will have a nice gentle class with some reflection and I want to invite you to our patreon parish we have a patreon community patreon.com forward slash lily-white ruler yoga because we would adore for you to join our community there it’s a way that you can have to support these videos and stop for us to keep moving more and we get to have a little more connection like today I did a scold with anyone who wanted to join a video call and they had questions and we just chatted for about an hour and it was really nice and after our 30 -day program is up now I’m gonna have seven more periods that will continue only for patreon representatives so check it out I will see you tomorrow bye

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