20 Minute Morning Yoga | Learn How to Improve Posture With These Standing Yoga Poses!

Using Yoga To Improve Your Posture AND To Increase Your Height

Yoga is a very popular way of using stretches to grow taller that is well known for helping people become more flexible, build strength and releasing stress. However did you know that yoga can also help you to improve your posture and to increase your height as well?! It’s true, the exercises involved in yoga are very similar those that you would normally use when trying to grow taller. In this article learn more about yoga, how it can improve your posture and help you gain some height up the height ladder.

Equipment For Yoga

What equipment is used in yoga? Is there something that is essential to buy?

Improve Child Literacy With Yoga Stories

Teaching Yoga to children is a non-competitive method for enabling them to gather many positive life skills. One life skill that is essential for success throughout life is literacy. Literacy includes reading, writing, speaking, listening, and a general appreciation of language.

Reactions To Yoga In Schools

Yoga has been introduced into a number of school systems, but there is some controversy about it due to religious objections. Yoga in Schools is an organization on a mission to infiltrate schools around the nation with yoga instruction, exercises and techniques.

The Coolest Aspects of Bikram Yoga

For the past decades, different forms of exercises have been introduced to the public, and most I must say have been widely accepted well by the people, eventually embraced by the pop-culture. Perhaps, for something to become a trend, it has to be very cool. Among them is Bikram Yoga.

Safety Guidelines for Kids Yoga Classes

There are many benefits that children gain from practicing Kids Yoga, such as stronger muscles, improved balance and flexibility, enhanced stress management, and improved spatial memory. However, like any other form of physical activity, there are risks involved. Therefore, it is important that Yoga teachers be aware of these ten safety guidelines.

Choosing a Mat for Yoga

Some important consideration need to be made when you want to choose a yoga mat that is right for you. This short guide gives you a few hints and tips on what you should be thinking about when making a yoga mat purchase.

The Benefits of Power Core Yoga

Pituitary gland, nervous system and brain are not the normal associations you think of when considering the benefits of Power yoga to the body. This article describes some of the many health benefits that power yoga can bring.

What Can Parents Expect From Kids Yoga?

The benefits of kids Yoga classes include increased flexibility and strength, improved focus and concentration, and an ability to cope with stress and anxiety. While children aren’t necessarily aware of each of these benefits, the most important things they do know is that it’s fun and it feels good. Parents, on the other hand, want to know precisely what they can expect when they enroll their kids in a Yoga class.

Six Ways Yoga Helps Me in Midlife

I took my first yoga class when I was 43-years-old. That’s considered old for someone who would try bending into a pretzel and standing on her hands. But I had worked out my whole life and was really interested in trying something new and different.

Four Essentials for Achieving Success With a Personal Yoga Exercise Regime

With many now looking into the idea of practicing yoga and integrating this ancient art into their own personal exercise regimes, there is a tremendous array of research in the field – so much so that it can be difficult to know where to begin for the new yoga enthusiast. Within this article, we’ll hone in on the four key aspects to achieving success and gaining the maximum benefits from your yoga exercise experience. 1) Learn Patience As with any new exercise activity, you’re not always going to be able to understand how to do a certain yoga…

Four Factors to Consider Before Your First Hot Yoga Experience

Bikram, or “hot yoga” is a style of yoga in which participants perform a yoga exercise routine in a heated room that can reach as high as 105 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, in accordance with Bikram principles. This type of yoga works to relax sore muscles and joints, thus allowing participants to more easily perform some of the more difficult poses. Within this article, we’ll look at four factors that you should consider before beginning your first Bikram yoga class.

Seven Things a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Knows

Vinyasa is a popular form of Yoga that, in the West, is characterized by movement – both while in an asana and when moving between two asanas. The breath initiates all movement in a Vinyasa Yoga class, resulting in a beautiful slow flow. Here are seven things that teachers of Vinyasa Yoga must know:

Practicing Yoga for Happiness

Yoga encourages people to focus on their inner selves, while breathing, meditating, and stretching. It allows us to slow down from our busy lives for a time, to consider what really matters: our health and well being. Instead of focusing on all of the negative aspects of life, Yoga teaches us to revel in the positive, take each day one at a time, and cope with a variety of stressful situations.

Kids Yoga Warm-Ups

Yoga for kids is an excellent way to increase flexibility and get exercise. Another benefit to children is the fact that many of them retain nervous energy, and Yoga can help settle that energy, and help them grow focused and relaxed. This is of added importance, in a time when too much television and unhealthy eating have caused an increase in obesity and attention deficit disorders, such as ADHD in children.

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