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Chakras and Tantric Yoga

Balancing of Yoga Chakras brings about harmony and peace into our lives. Tantric Yoga provides the tools and practices to achieve this balance.

Yoga and Dance Expression For Children

Yoga and dance expression classes for children are a fun and creative way to develop psychomotor, cognitive and social affective skills in children. Through yoga, children learn to be aware of their own body and natural way of breathing. By way of the yoga postures, they practice concentration and physical discipline in a fun way. They also learn mudras, mantras and pranayama, which are efficient tools for mental concentration and relaxation.

Yoga Positions – The Yogic Prescription For Health and Healing

The most popular yoga positions are called Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga gives aid to the emotional, mental and well-being of the human body. It dates back to the 15th century and it focuses on making the body more fit for a higher form of meditation. Different positions are recommended by doctors to take away health problems ranging from headaches to cancer.

The Mysticism of Yoga – A Necessary Part of the Plan?

One thing that is well known about yoga is that the exercises are informed by principles of meditation, and that for many people the exercises and the meditation go hand in hand. The idea of inner strength on a spiritual and physical level is one that will catch the attention of lots of people.

Yoga For Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors often feel fatigued because of the chemotherapy or radiation sessions that are required for their survival. They can also have great difficulty sleeping due to those same treatments. A new study shows that yoga can help these people sleep better, feel more energized and allow them to cut back on sleeping medications.

Enhance Your Yoga Experience With These Tips

Are you interested in yoga? Has your partner recently started yoga lessons? Maybe your doctor has suggested you take up yoga as a form of stress management. Yoga, is a holistic health care system. It consists of a series of yoga stretches, known as asanas or poses, meditation techniques, breathing exercises and relaxation.

Where Should I Practice Yoga?

As a Yoga Teacher, students often ask me “where should I practice yoga? The more you practice yoga, the more you realize how powerful yoga is as a tool to help you get through your day. A client of mine was going through a painful divorce. Every morning she would get up, before her children woke up and spend 10 – 30 minutes in quiet meditation and practicing a few simple yoga poses.

The Cultural Dimension of Bowing in Dahn Yoga

Showing respect and courtesy can come in various forms. This would differ from one society to another. The funny part of this is that some gestures may be conflicting in terms of what they mean.

Effects of Dahn Yoga Brain Meditation on the Brain

For as far back as it can be dated, meditation has always been a part of our history and though it has taken many forms, it still maintains its sole purpose which is consciously letting go of the reality our minds have identified ourselves with. Many can agree that meditation has a definite effect on how we think and how we cope with our surroundings.

Ashtanga Yoga Poses – What’s the Point, Really?

“Ashtanga yoga poses” is a frequently search phrase on Google. There are two very different ideas about that term ashtanga yoga today though, so the website you land on might not be quite what you’re looking for.

What is Yoga?

The spiritual implications of practicing Yoga runs much deeper than most people in the West are able to appreciate. Typically, people that engage in Yoga routines in this day and age are doing so as a means of losing weight, or of obtaining better muscle tone.

Yoga – Eccentric Mechanism For Replacing Drugs

How about beginning a day with the blessings of ancestors? One biggest gift and blessing to the new generation is the art of living with Yoga.

Enhance Child Development With Nine Simple Baby Yoga Poses

Yoga poses for infants are an ideal way to promote social, emotional and physical development. It is never too young to begin doing yoga. These nine poses provide a wonderful opportunity to bond while helping baby to relieve stress, calm the nervous system, increase neuromuscular development, improve digestion and ease gas pain, cultivate body awareness and aid the natural development of movement from birth to walking.

Yoga Outside – Back to Basics? Think Again

There is definitely something to be said for bringing your yoga practice outside. Just be prepared. Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Yoga For Kids of All Ages and Abilities

The ancient science of yoga incorporates numerous therapeutic and healing modalities for children. Breathing techniques, physical movement, relaxation skills, and creative visualization are some of these modalities that have been scientifically proven to be effective in helping children of all ages and abilities.

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