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Yoga and Your Mind

Yoga is one of the most exciting forms exercise. The reason for its popularity is that it includes both mind and body exercises. These exercises allow a deep form of mediation that has actually existed for several thousand years. Yoga came from India, and involves practicing breathing and postures that induce meditation. It is a form of discipline that unites the body and the mind. This is what makes it different then a typical aerobics class.

How to Select Yoga Equipment For Beginners

One of the tasks a yoga beginner might find daunting is determine the yoga equipment they will need to begin their practice. To make matters worse is that when you go out looking for products, you will often have the flashy, fancy, expensive products shoved in your face. While you may need specific yoga equipment to get started, you do not have to spend a fortune on it.

Why Yoga is Good For You As You Get Old

As you begin to age, you begin to notice that your skin does not have the same vibrant look that it did when you were in your teens. As you approach your forty’s if you haven’t been a gym rat for 20 years, you begin to lose that youthful vitality. I believe it is probably the body’s way of telling us that if we do not do something about it, we will quickly begin to feel much older than we look.

Yoga Gurus – Recognizing the True Ones

Yoga sells well. So, many people proclaim themselves as yoga gurus. But, true yoga gurus are hard to find. This articles covers points which help in identifying a true yoga guru.

Things You Must Know Before Starting Bikram Yoga

So what happens in a Bikram yoga class and what are the benefits? If you watch a Bikram yoga video or join a class you will see poses being practiced by the yogis. People will be sweating quite extremely and yet still continue to practice.

Heal Insomnia With Yoga

It’s 11:59pm. After one hour of tossing and turning, your alarm clock now seems to glare at you. Time to get up in six hours.

The Power Benefits of Yoga

Yoga uses various techniques to facilitate in reduce stress, including breathing, stretching, meditation, and fitness programs all combined together. Yoga is the way to go if you stick with it. It requires a commitment and endeavor that will pay off in the end.

Create Your Own Home Yoga Practice

Going to yoga classes can be a lot of fun, you meet new people and an instructor tells you what to do and how to do it. Yet, at some point, to really grow in your yoga practice you need to start practicing at home. That’s when the real transformation begins. Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Thai Yoga Massage – Ancient Wisdom For Modern Healing

Discover how Northern Thailand’s ancient massage tradition offers opportunities for fun, connection, and healing to the hands and hearts of thousands around the world. Anyone can do it!

Managing Stress Using Yoga

Stress is one of the major ailment of the 21st century. Stress is caused due a high pressure job, a bad marriage, social isolation and the list is endless. A lot of psychiatrists and shrinks have made a fortune because of this ailment.

History of Yoga

A lot many people in today times practice yoga for their well being, but do not know the history of yoga. The people in the west feel that this technique is a mysterious act of the east.

Why Yoga is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Business World

Hectic business lifestyles put a constant strain on the the health and well-being of the modern day businessman or woman. This article uncovers the hidden benefits of yoga to combat mental and physical threats to well being resulting in a more relaxed and contented approach to the work-life balance. Time spent in yoga exercises can in fact be recouped with interest but the long term benefits are often overlooked because of short-term time constraints.

Meaning of Ashtanga

First of all, what does Ashtanga mean? Ashtanga is one of the basic forms of yoga meaning “eight limbs” which aims at providing happiness including both mental and emotional and various physical benefits to our body.

How to Lose Weight FAST With Yoga

We all have our reasons for doing yoga. We do it to connect with our true selves, relieve stress, enjoy “me time”… and who are we kidding? To get that banging body!

How to Create a Princess Themed Yoga Class – Perfect For Birthdays and Kids Yoga Classes

Princesses are loved by little girls. Out of my three darling daughters two of them have been princess aficionados. I have lost count of how many princess parties, princess costumes and princess cupcakes I have been responsible for organizing and creating. So if you are in a similar situation and have a special little princess in your life who is looking for something princess themed and fun to do, you are in luck because this article is all about how to create a princess themed yoga class.

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