20-Min Guided Kundalini Kriya Meditation For Inner Truth And Alignment

Vinyasa Yoga Stretches

As with any workout, it’s a good idea to complete a few warm-up yoga stretches before your Vinyasa practice. You’ll be working the muscles in your back and shoulders a lot during the workout, so focus on these areas.

Beginning Anusara Yoga Techniques

The definition of Anusara is to flow with grace, or “go with the flow.” In beginning Anusara yoga, certain principles are followed, but participants are also encouraged to be creative and to go where their heart takes them.

How To Practice Dynamic Yoga

This form of Dynamic yoga focuses on the third and fourth limbs of yoga — the asanas, or postures, and pranayama, or extension of the breath. This book provides a sequence of Yoga Postures and transition moves that exercises your body and draws your attention to the way the breath can work with the body, helping you to extend it. The transition moves allow you to move your body naturally from one posture to another in a continuous flow, helping you to maintain your concentration and work toward the fifth limb of yoga — pratyahara.

Hatha Yoga – Harness the Power of the Sun and the Moon

Hatha Yoga was developed by Yoga Swatmarama in 15th century India. When most people think of yoga, it’s Hatha Yoga that they’re thinking of. It forms the basis for several other types of yoga including Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ashthanga Yoga and its Westernized cousin Power Yoga.

Benefits of Three-Part Yoga Breathing

Three-part yoga breathing is a pranayama technique that is valued for its many benefits. This method of breath control enhances your self-awareness of your body while increasing your sense of self control and calm.

5 Great Yoga Ball Exercises For Immediate Results

Yoga balls have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. Yoga balls not only build muscle and tone your body, but they improve balance and stability by forcing your stabilizer muscles to work. When using a weight machine, these stabilizer muscles don’t get used because the machine guides the process. Therefore, while you will be strengthening your larger muscles, your smaller muscles stabilizer muscles will be neglected.

History of Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is lauded for using yoga as a medicinal practice, bringing the body into total balance through the use of asana, pranayama and meditation. Founded by Belur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyenga, this form of yoga is uniquely focused on the precise alignment of the body during specific asana with the intent of bringing medical, emotional and spiritual health to the practitioner.

The History Of Dynamic Yoga

Most of the Hatha yoga forms in Dynamic Yoga taught today throughout the Western world is influenced by the great yogi Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who was born in 1888. He is considered the father of modern yoga and is responsible for pioneering the refinement of postures, specifically sequencing them and giving therapeutic value to each one.

The Major Four Branches in Yoga

Yoga is a dynamic system comprised with many branches and limbs, a vibrant system, each of these branches or limbs has it’s own name and that is why sometimes yoga seem confusing. Anyone who is interested in yoga will find out these systems of yoga like Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Tantric yoga and Kundalini yoga are very frequent and common terms.

Your Yoga Routine

Inversions, twists, side stretches, forward bends and backbends should be included in each practice session. Your yoga routine should include inversions, which give your brain a fresh dose of nourishing, oxygenated blood. A side stretch, a twist, and a back bend will keep your spine lubricated and supple. Back bends stretch the front side of your body; forward bends stretch the back side. Twists give your organs a gentle massage, while lubricating and increasing flexibility in the spine.

Preventing Swine Flu With Yoga

Every now and then there is a new virus which affects people and this time the one affecting the lives of many across countries is- Swine Flu. The H1N1 virus has become a menace and the death toll is increasing day by day.

Yogic Kriyas – A Way to Purification

Yogic Kriyas or Kriya Yoga is a part of the yoga practise. The Kriyas are a group of techniques which are used to cleanse and purify the body and the mind.

Keep it Clean With a Yoga Mat Towel

Yoga is something that has been and is becoming more and more popular. It will not only give you great flexibility and has numerous physical benefits, but can also help you keep your mental state being well balanced as well. By having your own yoga mat towel, you can be assured that this will be also be a clean and sanitary experience.

Use Your Own Personal Yoga Mat Towel and Mat For Your Workout

How often have you gone into the gym and gone right for the sanitizing spray to clean up the equipment that you are going to use. Some will say we have issues, but who wants to lie down and work out where other people have been sweating all over? Yoga is a perfect example and if you truly want to enjoy your workout, get your own yoga mat towel and mat.

Having Your Own Yoga Mat Towel Can Prove Useful

Have you ever been running just a bit late to the gym on a day only to find out that all of the mats have been taken? This can be pretty frustrating as you end up wasting all that time that you spent rushing around and have to head right back home. To alleviate these frustrations, just get your own yoga mat towel and mat.

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