17 Min Therapuetic Yoga Sequence | Self Myofascial Release Yoga – Day 13

Yoga Just For You – Fun Exercises For Every Day

Intrigued by yoga? This article will help you to discover a new fulfilling life: discover your body’s innate wisdom with some easy yoga exercises that everyone can do.

Back Pain Cure Through Yoga Exercises

For many, yoga is a path to enlightenment. For others it is a great way to exercise, relieve stress, and stay in shape. But for whatever reasons you chose to participate in yoga, and whichever type of yoga is practiced – for there are many – one needs to understand that yoga is first and foremost about balance.

Best Whiplash Secrets Part 5

It may be difficult to work on neck and shoulder issues (whiplash) until the rest of the body is relaxed. First, work with supine lengthwise and crosswise chest openers. Then supported and active bridge poses are active back bending poses. Weight bearing Down and Up Dog poses are best introduced before upright and arm elevation activities. Standing poses are good ways to introduce arm elevation helping with whiplash.

Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali – The Promise of Satya

In the Yoga Sutras, Satya is the second Yama (restraint) mentioned by Maharishi Patanjali. Yet, what exactly is Satya? In short, Satya is honesty. If you want to see a controversy, bring up the subject of honesty applied to law, politics, or business ethics.

Learn Basic Yoga Moves Easily

Are you new to yoga and want to know the best way to start learning the basic yoga moves. Read on to discover more.

Yoga of Maharishi Patanjali – The Vow of Ahimsa

What is ahimsa? In the Yoga Sutras, Ahimsa is the first of the contemporary Yamas (restraints). Quite often, you hear the definition: “non-harming” is the meaning of Ahimsa. You may also hear “non-killing” or “non-violence” applied to the meaning of this demanding Yama.

Why Should You Have a Yoga Monster Mat?

The only piece of equipment that you really need for yoga practice, apart from yourself is a mat. But there are yoga mats & yoga mats & the better you can get the more comfortable your practice will be. Read on to discover more.

Yoga Teacher Exam Stress

Some situations are ironic. Yoga teachers often help their students with stress management techniques. Can you imagine a Yoga teacher intern stressed out over his or her exams? It happens more frequently than you think, but here is a way to finish your studies, without stress, and become a Yoga teacher, within a reasonable time frame.

Whiplash Secrets Part 3

Yoga works powerfully, and its effects last, because it brings change gently and gradually. Yoga is not meant to be an overnight cure. As Carl Jung once said: “Things seldom happen overnight except in dreams.” Changes in the body that do happen too quickly, usually “snap” back quickly, too. As with whiplash, certain exercises will need to be practiced to help relieve tension.

Riding the Wave

Most people practicing meditation just sit down and try to meditate. This can work if you have practiced meditation before and if your mind and body are ready for meditation, however I find that it is easier to meditate after at least 30 minutes of asana practice, 5-10 minutes of savasana (corpse pose) and 10 minutes or more of pranayama (breathing exercises). The idea behind this flow is as follows.

Real Yoga

Defining the ritualistic practice of Real Yoga. The practice of yoga and other allied internal arts is a scientific method of self development. Thousands of years ago when yoga was in its beginning stages there were no yoga postures or asanas as there are in today’s practice. Quite simply when a villagers duties to family and village were finished he or she would yearn for the true meaning of life.

How to Get Started With Yoga Positions For Beginners

Yoga has been around for centuries, but has only recently became popular in western society. Many people have been looking towards beginner yoga exercises for keeping in shape and living a healthier life. It is important to seek the instruction of a qualified instructor when starting out to make sure that the positions are performed as intended for the best results.

An Introduction to Yoga

According to a survey performed in America in 2003, an estimated 13.4 million people are practicing yoga and other mind-body exercises such as tai-chi. Considering another study performed a year later, 15 million have reportedly used yoga at least once in their lifetime and 90% of those interviewed claimed to have found it helpful, I would say this trend of such physical health and wellness exercises may have some merit. With so many people riding this yoga bandwagon and many even preaching its benefits, you may be wondering where it has come from and what exactly has so many people in such an excited and positive state. Or you may be curious as to how to get started. This helpful article may offer some insight into this mysterious practice and assist you on your path.

Back Pain and Yoga Guide Part 4

Looking at the latest articles on the various types of medical treatment, or look for information on health care products which could be useful. Find tips on eating well and how to enhance your own wellbeing. Apart from advice on how to deal with common ailments to resources, this guide also provide tips for healthy living, aging gracefully.

Back Pain and Yoga Guide Part 3

They attended the new physical therapy sessions two times the first week, then once a week for an average of 5 months. Ninety-two percent had significant pain relief and returned to their normal daily activities. The majority of those who had pain relief felt better after 3 weeks, and remained pain free for almost 2 years.

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