15 minute Yoga Stretches for Hamstrings, Inner Thighs & Lower Back Flexibility

Yoga For Sport – Really?

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, and training as productively as they can, professional sportsmen can be incredibly resourceful. It is not uncommon to hear, for example, of professional boxers exercising with a garbage bag worn as a vest underneath their shirt – in order to sweat off the crucial pounds that enable them to make the weight in time for the next fight – which is resourceful if nothing else. But how many professional sportsmen would admit they do yoga as part of their fitness regime?

How Yoga Has Stood the Test of Time

One of the most popular keep-fit methods in the world right now is an ancient form of exercise that has been going for more than two millennia. As other methods go in and out of fashion, yoga has remained a stalwart among the many options for the keep-fit community.

Relaxation With Yoga – Naturally Relieve Stress

Yoga is a great exercise that releases tension and trapped energy in your body, and helps your body perform and to its maximum potential. Yoga believes that human beings are joined with nature. So being naturally healthy makes you aligned with nature.

Beginner Yoga Poses to Know and Love

If you are a yoga beginner, I’m sure there are moments when you feel overwhelmed by the newness of the practice. Every pose, posture, twist or turn feels strange and slightly unfamiliar.

The Sun Salutation and Its Variations

Have you noticed most yoga classes start the session with a yoga practice known as The Sun Salutation? The Sun Salutation is a beautiful ancient practice which traditionally the ancients practiced at the break of dawn to greet the sun and welcome in a new day. Coupled with this, ancient yogis saw this practice as a way to harness and draw in the sun’s energy into your body – thus increasing your sense of energy and vitality levels.

Yoga in Ergonomic Chairs – 3 Ways to Energize Your Body For Prolonged Sitting

Yoga is a good daily practice for anyone to learn, because the body needs constant movement. Yoga movements are also good to use when performing tasks that do not require much physical movement, such as sitting in an ergonomic chair. Yoga movements help stretch joints and muscles, so that they do not become inactive and therefore stiff for continuing movement. Three examples are given for performing yoga when sitting in an ergonomic chair.

A Physically, Mentally, Spiritually New You With Yoga

Are you seeking to de-stress yourself or manage stress, in the least? Yoga is equally a physical as well as a mental activity. Yoga develops the strength of your physical body and your spiritual and mental self.

Suffer With Infertility? Yoga Can Help!

If you have infertility yoga and other natural “therapies” may be prescribed right alongside the more conventional medical treatments. Yoga is especially good for helping to relax the body and ridding it of stress. Stress is a big hindrance of ovulation.

Yoga For Busy Moms – 5 Top Tips For Making Yoga Poses More Effective

Your time is precious. We live in a fast paced life. To practice yoga can be seem as a luxury, another demand on your time. However, the way we live our lives, means it is essential your yoga time is productive and gets you results. In view of this, what can you do to make your yoga time more effective?

Becoming an Excellent Yoga Instructor

If you had the calling to become a yoga instructor then you most likely have something special to offer your students. Whether you are adept at the physical practice of yoga or are talented at inspiring your students spiritually, there are many things you can do to increase your excellence as a yoga instructor.

Quality Yoga Mats and Color Therapy

An overview of how a quality yoga mat in the right color can improve your yoga practise. Yoga is a spiritual practise and using color therapy while doing yoga on a quality mat is an important way to improve the benefits you receive from your practise.

Yoga Can Give You That Life-Changing Boost

The basic advantages you can gain from performing yoga have been researched and recognized for a long time. Doing yoga consistently gives you the rest necessary to allow you to deal with your daily pressures.

Working With Yoga – Managing Workplace Change

The only thing that is constant in life is change, especially in business. The Buddha said that suffering is inevitable as long as we believe that things will last. As yogi’s we learn to flow with the constantly rippling river of change. On our mats we practice presence and acceptance of where we are at that moment. We can pair this awareness with some simple tools to manage the changes we face at work with grace and confidence.

Adopt to Yogic Lifestyle For Weight Loss

In today’s fast and modern lifestyle we most of the times tend to neglect our health. We do not have time to eat right, exercise or even for adequate sleep.

Yoga Exercise For Healthy Joints

Joints are the connections between bones. Primarily consisting of fibrous tissues and cartilage, joints help you move your fingers, bend your knees and elbows, and stretch your back among many other functions that make you an active and mobile human being. Exercising your joints is important to having a healthy and pain free body. Yoga offers several exercises that help you to keep your joints healthy.

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