15 minute Yin Yoga Stretches for Tight Hips, Inner Thighs & Groin

Power Vinyasa Yoga – Know All About It

You can see for yourself the influence of yoga on the western world in general and the United States in particular. Yoga has become extremely popular and one of the common forms of yoga practiced in west is Power Vinyasa yoga.

Yoga and Surfing – The Mind, Body, and Soul

If you’re a surfer, you’ll probably agree that the sport is hard on the body. You’re playing on an unstable surface with uncertain elements. Most spots in Indonesia aren’t for the slight of bicep or faint of heart; you’re often battling sharp reefs or 5 knots current (at Nusa Dua) to make it out.

Hatha Yoga Poses For Travel – Twists

Road trips and 18+ hour plane rides can leave you feeling physically and emotionally drained. Anytime you are stationary for such a long period of time, muscles start to lock up and shorten, causing tightness.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Yoga is a complete package of spiritual and physical postures. It was originated in India, way back in 3300 BC. Anthropologists have uncovered statues portraying figures in yoga style postures.

Yoga and Your Health

Are you looking for a way to relax? Yoga is known to be an effective technique to create harmony between the mind, body and spirit. Many yoga enthusiasts also credit yoga with lasting weight loss.

Yoga Mats For the Brave

Especially if you are a beginner and you hear that a yoga mat is important essential for the effective practice, it will always be ideal to take some efforts and learn a few things about it. Or else the chances are high that you might end up buying one that will do no good to you.

Great Advantages of Power Yoga – Some Essential Facts That You Must Know

Power yoga provides various different kinds of health benefits to children and adults alike. If you are practicing power yoga from a young age then this can be highly advantageous for you in the long run. Power yoga has various mental, physical as well as fitness advantages. Some of the benefits are as mentioned below.

Yoga For Beginners – Practical No-Nonsense Advice

As someone who has learned the advanced stage of Yoga and been practicing it for several years now (as of writing this article in April 2010), I can very strongly advise you to NEVER EVER attempt practicing yoga through the Do-It-Yourself guides widely available these days, simply because Yoga does not work that way. Take it from me or leave it, but I have done this mistake once and it required hard work and a trained guru to reverse the damage by 98%.

Yoga Mats For All!

Many people will definitely give a second thought whether that yoga mats are essential or not, especially the beginners. But then, let me tell you that it is much different than other routine exercise that you practice by stretching on the mat while listening to music or watching T.V.

Power Yoga – Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Power yoga is becoming extremely popular these days and it is the modern version of the traditional yoga postures. Yoga can help you to achieve physical fitness as well as mental wellness. People who want to loose weight can also try out the power yoga techniques in order to burn out the extra calories. Since ancient times, yoga has played a significant role in achieving better mind, body and soul.

Prenatal Yoga DVD by Shiva Rea – Review

When it comes to yoga during pregnancy, an excellent source of information is the DVD Prenatal Yoga presented by Shiva Rea. This comes finely presented in DVD format by Gaima. Well aware of the fact that pregnancy comes in 3 stages, yoga instructor Shiva Rea, along with two assistants, details in this one-hour presentation the different techniques and exercises…

The Importance of Your Yoga Outfit

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner of Yoga being well equipped for every yoga lesson is absolutely essential. You may not think that not a lot of thought is required when preparing to attend your yoga session but making the right choices can make it a whole lot more enjoyable and more importantly, make it more comfortable.

Anatomy to Yoga

Anatomy is rarely discussed in detailed during a physical yoga class. Typically, someone would go to a class, work-out and then ask the teacher some questions on some asana (pose), their own limitation or injuries. There is more.

Grow Taller Naturally Using Yoga

As it turns out, yoga class isn’t just for flexibility and health. Many people that participate in specific yoga exercises report that they grow taller after just a few weeks. The positive effects that yoga has on posture, flexibility, and general health and well-being make it one of the most advantageous activities for people to do even if their goal isn’t specifically to grow taller.

Yoga Myths Dispelled

Many people don’t try Yoga, despite hearing they should from their friends or family members or even from their doctor or chiropractor. They may be misinformed as to what yoga is really about. They may think they can’t do it because they are not flexible or young or thin or fit enough You will learn the truth about yoga and that you can learn and practice yoga no matter what your age or size or fitness level. Yoga has been modernized to fit the westernized life style and body types.

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