15 minute MOBILITY Yoga for Posture, Upper Back Pain & Fix Rounded Shoulders

Which is the Right Yoga Mat?

When Joe started seeing so many people going into and out of that yoga class, he knew that there must be something good going on in that yoga studio. So, when he decided to take his first yoga class, he thought he would do a little research first to find out what he should bring.

Yoga Workouts

Yoga is no longer just practiced by housewives looking for a way to get their bodies back into shape it is now a good way for kids to keep their bodies healthy and supple too. This is an alternative way of keeping them fit compared to the contact sports of boxing or martial arts. It does not matter if your kids are already healthy and fit as they can still benefit from yoga training classes.

What is Hand Yoga?

Even if you have been taking yoga for years, you may never have heard a single thing about hand yoga. In fact, most people only really learn about it after having seen it in a “Bollywood” movie or in a dance on television.

Are Yoga Positions Right For Everyone?

When Renee and I decided to finally take up yoga, we thought we would read up on it a little first. In fact, we also bought a DVD that purported to show us everything that we would need to know before our first class. There was a lot of information and a whole lot of poses, but we didn’t think that we needed to know all of those yoga positions before we took our first class.

Where Can You Find Out the Benefits of Different Yoga Poses?

Bikram yoga is more strenuous than your traditional yoga class because it’s conducted in a heated room. Imagine doing yoga in a sauna and you’ll have a pretty good picture of a Bikram yoga class. The instructor always explains the benefits of each pose but Larry’s too busy just trying to survive the class at the moment. So where can Larry go to find out what benefits he’s getting from each of the different yoga poses?

Where Do You Find Yoga Positions That Are Easy For Children to Perform?

My nieces, Allison and Amy, have asked if they can come to a yoga class with me. They’re 8 and 9 years old and apparently there’s a children’s TV show that discusses the benefits of yoga – in terms that children can understand of course.

Where Do You Go to Learn Different Hand Yoga Mudras?

I’ve been a big fan of hand yoga since the moment I learned about it. It doesn’t require any special clothing or equipment and you can practice it any time no matter where you are. The girls in my office noticed me practicing one of the mudras the other day and started asking me questions. I only know a few positions myself so the girls were wondering – where can you go to learn different hand yoga mudras? Do they have yoga classes for that?

Where Do You Find Yoga Programs For People Over 40?

My neighbor, Mrs. Simms, is over the age of 40 (just HOW far she isn’t willing to say) and she accompanied me to my yoga class last week to see what all the talk was about. The ladies in her Bridge club have been talking about joining a class but none of them has ever actually tried it yet so they’re not sure what to expect.

Where Do You Find the Best Yoga Mat Money Can Buy?

My friend Hillary is very safety conscious and when someone tells her she needs a piece of exercise equipment she always makes sure she gets the best that money can buy. Not because she’s concerned about appearances, mind you. She just wants to make sure she’s being safety conscious.

Should You Buy Your Own Yoga Mat?

Ian and I decided to give the swimming pool a break in the winter time and move into the yoga room at our local gym. We were used to hardcore aerobic work and thought that yoga might be a little lightweight for us. We had seen people in the yoga room, essentially resting on their mats and didn’t really have a clue what it was all about.

Do You Know What is Hand Yoga?

Johnson and I had heard about yoga that involved only the hand and we thought the instructor was kidding. This hardly seemed like any kind of workout – and of course, it isn’t. There are many different types of yoga currently being practiced in the United States and this is just one of them.

Which is the Best Yoga Mat?

Billy always thought that he might like yoga, especially when he grew tired of spending hours on the weights. He liked the idea of working out in peace and quiet, without all of the hardcore sweating and pressure on his knees and hips. However, when he went to his first yoga class, he was sort of out of place because he didn’t bring his own mat with him.

Do You Really Need an Ashtanga Yoga Mat?

Clark has been practicing yoga for quite some time and he also takes kick boxing and karate. So you can tell he’s pretty serious about his workouts and he’s definitely someone you’d want on your side in a fight.

Do You Have to Buy Yoga Clothing For Women?

When Carlene and I were thinking about taking a yoga class at our gym, our biggest problem seemed to be what to wear. When we peeked in the window of one of the classes last week, we saw women in all sorts of outfits, from very expensive, matching ensembles to tank tops and baggy shorts.

What Should You Look For When Buying Yoga Clothing For Women?

Elizabeth started her yoga classes wearing an old pair of sweatpants and one of her husbands cast-off T-shirts. In the beginning that’s all she had that would fit. But she’s lost a lot of weight over the past few months and it’s time to buy some of her own yoga clothes – clothes that fit her slimmer, trimmer figure. Since she’s never actually shopped for yoga wear before, what should Elizabeth look for when buying yoga clothing for women?

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