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Learn about the basics of Yoga. Skip the expensive gym memberships and learn the real deal about yoga. Live life to the fullest, wake up every morning to a day of expectation. Practice Yoga!

Pursuit of Perfection

An urge for perfection is innate in all conscious being. Every action of man directly or indirectly leads to that aspiration. Many deeds are intentionally poised with a pursuit of perfection. The quest for completion is always felt with a simultaneous feeling of some inner void. Therefore, every moment in life has a conspicuous desire for being better. In other words no self will purposefully desire for remaining in a less perfect realm or going backward from the present state of being. In such considerations, even a wrong deed is a pointer towards the need for one’s own improvement.

Myths on Yoga System

Yoga is a system that promises wellness to any aspirant. Anybody can practice it. A regular and appropriate practice makes many areas of human life better; the physical body that consists of muscles, bones, blood vessels, cells etc; the vital body that consists of energy that manifests in the form of emotions; the mind which is responsible for the thought process; the spirit that relates oneself to the cosmic self. Thus, the focus of yoga is on the holistic well-being.

Advantages of Conducting Breathe Meditation and Pranayama Yoga

Breathing is an excellent method for maximizing concentration and getting relaxation for the body, soul and mind. According to the health consultants, breathe meditation is the most ancient form of yogic training which is based on healing.

How a Yoga Class or Group Can Help You Stay Connected

This article explains the difference between a yoga class and a psychotherapy group that uses yoga and mindfulness. In our high tech world taking a yoga class can be a way to help prevent stress from being debilitating and a therapeutic yoga group can restore wholeness when anxiety/depression are holding you back.

Building Your Own Yoga Practice

Building your own yoga practice is a very rewarding endeavour. It’s nice to not have to think about it in class, but to develop your own practice gives you the benefit of customizing your routine, to your own likes and needs. Of course, you need experience. Even this basic guideline requires a familiarity with the practice because there are MANY poses, sequences, and combinations. Technique should be learned and practiced in class first! Here is a simple yoga practice guideline to get you started:

Yoga and Its Effects on Your Sex Life

As I settle down to write this article, the words “learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all” comes to mind. The words of this song, reminds me of the greatest gift you receive from yoga. As a woman, from an early age, you receive mixed messages from society, friends and family regarding “sex”. On one hand you are encouraged to be strong, independent, confident and in charge. Yet, when the subject of sex crops up, you are somehow not allowed to voice your opinion.

Yoga Pants Are Here To Stay

Yoga pants are currently some of the hottest fashion trends both in and outside of the gym. With many women turning to alternative forms of exercise, Yoga has quickly become one of the most popular workouts. Naturally with the amount of stretching and motion involved with Yoga, specialized clothing had to be created.

Yoga Retreats – What They Are and Why You Should Go

In the deep recesses of your mind there’s a voice crying out. The screams barely register above whispers with the racket of responsibilities and distractions drowning out any clear thought. Then, as if by providence, after showing up early to work only to be berated by your superior about someone else’s mistake, being stuck on a stopped train for ten minutes before the conductor announced that the train would not be moving for another ten minutes, and having a conversation with your mother about your marital status (or lack there of); you let out a big exhale just as your chest is about to explode and the screaming voice crystallizes in your mind. “I need a vacation!” When that light bulb goes off, I highly encourage you to look in to a yoga retreat as a wise investment of your time, money, and energy.

Yoga Retreats – Weekend Yoga Getaways

So you’re salivating at the thought of going on a 7-day yoga retreat to Mexico with your favorite yoga studio but don’t think you’ll be able to take the time off. There is no need to feel defeated. There are many options available to you.

Yoga Retreats – Meditation and Spiritual Retreats

To paraphrase the venerable Yogiraj Alan Finger, “If being flexible was yoga, all of the Cirque du Soleil performers would be enlightened.” That is to say that asana, Sanskrit for static physical position or “pose”, is only one of the eight limbs of yoga.

Yoga Retreats – What To Expect

The beauty of a yoga retreat is that, like an asana, no two are exactly alike. That makes the task of describing what you can expect when you arrive there somewhat difficult. I would encourage you to do a little research when deciding where you’d like to go. If you have a studio that you practice at regularly, you’d probably be most comfortable going on a retreat led by one of its instructors. The chances are if you like the energy of the studio you will appreciate its choice of retreat location.

Meditation In Yoga

The benefits of yoga are a good skin, a sweet odor, slight excretions, lightness, & steadiness. Of all the practices of yoga, two are essential: Raja Yoga & Hatha Yoga.

Yoga Releases Tension

Yoga aids the mind as well as the body. All tensions & anxieties reside in the mind. Feelings of anxiety, disappointment, grief, envy, control, avarice, and many more create niches in our minds, which come up again to the surface subconsciously creating mood swings & tensions. There are 3 kinds of tension: muscular tension, emotional tension, & mental tension. These tensions can be dealt with by yoga exercises.

DHARMA – A Term in Yoga Philosophy

Western students of Yoga are at present happily embracing much of the philosophies and ideologies attributed to Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Many are enriched by their extended knowledge and understanding that will help them in striving for excellence in their lives, their actions and their behaviour. We need to understand what is meant by the term Dharma.

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