15 Min Yoga for Women | Deep Healing Shoulders Stretches

How You Can Benefit From Yoga

Yoga is a very old sport that had been practiced thousands of years ago. Nowadays, many people in the western world are practicing yoga because of its mere benefits. Yoga is known to be the sport of the mind but, recently it was discovered that it is the sport of the mind and the body as well.

Yoga – One of the Best Forms of Exercise!

While looking for some fitness programs, people are usually unable to make a decision as to which program is the best for them. Since, there are just so many options available nowadays on the internet where you can find loads and loads of information regarding weight loss programs and diets, it can become really confusing as to which program to pick up.

Hatha Yoga For Chronic Back Pain – Separating Fact From Fiction

So many myths surround Yoga and back pain that Hatha Yoga teachers should inform the public as to what they should realistically expect from a regular practice. Chronic back pain is a very real ailment, while some health professionals hold to the belief that many cases are psychosomatic.

Getting Established in Ahimsa Or Non Violence

Ahimsa is non violence, not hurting or harming of other living beings or yourself in thought, word or deed. It is a passive state which simply says that “I will not hurt you”.

Writer’s Block – Four Benefits of Using Yoga to Overcome Writer’s Block

As a writer, have you ever experienced writer’s block? Or lost the ability or desire to produce new work? Like most professions, there will be days, moments or even weeks, where you feel unable to sit down and write.

Hatha Yoga and Conscious Movement

What is there to be conscious about? Don’t our bodies almost move automatically? The signal get’s sent so fast from the brain that we hardly notice that all our bodily movements happen simultaneously and without much effort, depending on the activity.

Yoga Travel – Resource For Yoga Vacations and Retreats

Yoga travel vacations are an amazing way to merge two of life’s most wonderful gifts, yoga and travel. Imagine a vacation characterized by the calm and serenity of a savasana after an exhilarating yoga practice. Whether your goal is to expand your yoga practice or simply relax with some like minded yogis, yoga travel is one of the most potentially life-changing rewards you can give yourself.

Relax! Overcome Writer’s Block With Three Deep Breathing Yoga Exercises

If you are a writer, chances are you have suffered from writer’s block. You sit at your desk, stare at your computer or blank sheet of paper, and wonder, what will I write?

Tips For Making Yoga Poses

The purpose of yoga is to attain a balance of healthy mind and body. Taking it a step further, yoga can be the route to self-enlightenment. Yoga poses focus on a variety of things – meditation and relaxation, a good posture, your breathing and flexibility.

Yoga As an Exercise Routine at Home

There seems to be somewhat of a disconnect when we only lift weights to concentrate on the exterior, while there are all of our organs breathing with life on the interior. Somehow, there should be a type of fitness that unites both together as one whole body (as we all have one body in this lifetime).

Can Yoga Give Athletes a Competitive Edge?

Athletes have to be in the best shape possible to perform well in their sporting disciplines. Sports can be very difficult and demanding. Good athletes should be able to find personal time for his or herself and experience a moment specifically dedicated to his or her own well being.

Yoga For the Nurturer

Even though yoga was “invented” and practiced by men for 1000’s of years nowadays it has a huge female following. There is really no mystery why- women need the benefits that yoga can bring.

Yoga is Healthy For a Heart Disease Sufferer

A study states that doing yoga every 8 weeks is proven to give benefit for a heart disease sufferer. It is known that more than 5 millions of Americans get heart disease, so in the long term, the heart cannot pump the blood into the other parts of the body efficiently.

Mastering the Craft of Teaching Yoga

Did you ever question your devotion to teaching Yoga? Have you ever internally questioned the devotion of another Yoga teacher? It is only human to question and make comparisons. Making comparisons, and judging, has kept you alive up to this point. Every step in life requires you to make some form of judgment or a decision.

Three People Most Unlikely to Become a Yoga Teacher

Ben practiced for 16 years, with three different teachers, but never considered Yoga teacher training. He states: “I was always too busy with my job, working toward my master’s degree, or spending time with my family, to think about teaching Yoga classes.” The last time Ben found himself unemployed, he decided to become a Yoga instructor.

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